Streamlining Marketers' Time and Budget with AI-repurposed Content

Streamlining Marketers' Time and Budget with AI-repurposed Content

To discuss this in more detail, our VP of product, Shailesh Hegde, was joined by Stephanie French, Sr. Content Manager (Webinars), Constant Contact, and Josh Carter, Sr Marketing Manager, Demand Generation & Marketing Operations, Koalafi.
Nainika Sharma
Content Marketer
August 10, 2023

Repurposing webinar content is an effective technique marketers use to increase the shelf life of their webinars. However, with so much content to choose from and many resources, it is only sometimes possible for teams to gain the total value they intend to. 

Enter Artificial Intelligence, the game-changing force reshaping how we approach post-webinar content creation and distribution. To discuss this in more detail, our VP of product, Shailesh Hegde, was joined by Stephanie French, Sr. Content Manager (Webinars), Constant Contact, and Josh Carter, Sr Marketing Manager, Demand Generation & Marketing Operations, Koalafi.

As they talk about ways to streamline and optimize marketers' time and budget, we have collected all critical takeaways from the webinar for you. 

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Biggest challenges organizers face while planning a webinar

Planning webinars comes with a trio of challenges. Firstly, the relentless demand for time and resources is undeniable. The meticulous journey from detailed planning, live execution, and post-event data analysis demands an investment of around 6 to 8 weeks, if not more, to ensure a webinar brimming with value. Secondly, navigating the labyrinth of analytics and data poses a Herculean task. Proving program success and scrutinizing individual webinar triumphs necessitates delving into disparate systems, a formidable hurdle in itself. Lastly, the saga continues beyond the live event – crafting post-webinar content to stretch its impact. While vital, it's a consuming endeavor that extends your reach and repurposes your treasure trove of insights. The lesson? Don't let the curtains fall with the final applause; a web of challenges, but triumph is the ultimate reward.

Driving registrations and attendees to the events

Driving registrations and attendees to webinars requires a multi-faceted approach that conquers challenges head-on. One potent strategy is seamless communication, ensuring your audience stays informed about the latest events. Integrate webinar invites into your paid and organic social strategy by leveraging your mature marketing team's prowess in thought leadership content. This can yield impressive results by engaging your audience and amplifying your reach. Moreover, empowering your sales team to be well-versed in upcoming events is vital. It extends the educational cycle, adding value to prospects and nurturing relationships beyond the deal-making agenda. The triumphant trio of incorporating marketing emails, strategic sales touchpoints, and a harmonious blend of paid and organic social strategies holds the key to maximizing registrations and attendees, culminating in a thriving webinar success story.

Crafting a webinar strategy that drives attendance and registrations necessitates ingenious approaches. As the sands of time and resources continuously shift, harnessing technological allies such as artificial intelligence has proven pivotal. While some may fear AI, embracing it fuels productivity and success. Analytics emerge as a linchpin, ensuring optimal syncing across systems to unearth valuable engagement data. This treasure trove empowers sales and support teams for insightful interactions, whether cross-selling or upselling. Analyzing these insights fuels growth – even the most valuable customers, gleaned from post-webinar analysis, contribute to the journey. Turning prospects into thriving clients elevates the company's prowess, a success echoing through time.

Moreover, the post-webinar embraces derivative content, replacing manual toil with efficiency. Videos are trimmed and expeditiously delivered, leveraging AI's swift prowess. Seamlessly transitioning toward automated post-webinar content creation optimizes skills and capitalizes on timeliness. By deftly weaving these threads, attendance, and registrations flourish, leading to a symphony of success.

Bringing prospects and driving the pipeline with post-webinar nurture

Leveraging webinars to fuel your pipeline growth demands a strategic dance. Begin by crafting webinars that offer substantial value to prospects, ensuring the content resonates and isn't a mere sales pitch. Establish trust and credibility upfront by delivering tangible takeaways for job enhancement. Post-webinar, divide prospects into high-intent and nurturing buckets. Shower high-intent prospects with personalized attention, especially those interested in your product. However, the true magic lies in post-webinar maneuvers. Extract compelling highlights from the webinar, those that ignited audience engagement, and magnify their impact through marketing emails and nurturing series. Elevate these gems across organic and paid social channels to create an echoing resonance. Repurposing these moments across various mediums multiplies the value delivered, as illustrated by a remarkable 30% of A RR driven by educational webinars in a prior venture. So, unveil your webinars' true potential by delivering value and orchestrating a symphony of strategic follow-through.

Snackable Content Hub

Hubilo's Snackable Content Hub is a solution that addresses the challenges of repurposing webinar content efficiently. It automates the process and allows businesses to create snackable-length content from published webinars in just a few minutes. By leveraging the Hubilo Snackable Content Hub, companies can save time, reduce labor and agency costs, and get repurposed content to the market faster. The technology uses generative content AI to identify the most salient elements of the webinar and automatically create various content formats. This solution can provide a cost-effective and time-efficient approach to repurposing webinar content.

Snackable Content Hub simplifies the process of repurposing by automatically generating video shorts, text articles, social posts, and more from published webinars using generative content AI. This technology saves time, reduces labor and agency costs, and allows businesses to create numerous asset types for multiple channels and platforms. The Hubilo Snackable Content Hub enables companies to repurpose webinar content efficiently, reach a wider audience, and get content to the market sooner, ultimately delivering cost-saving and time-efficient benefits. To take advantage of this solution, businesses can join the Snackable Content Hub waitlist on the Hubilo website. By leveraging the Snackable Content Hub and implementing effective repurposing strategies, companies can achieve maximum value from their webinar content while effectively managing costs.

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1. How Can AI Help B2B Tech Companies Repurpose Content Efficiently?

Answer: AI algorithms can analyze existing content to identify key themes, patterns, and performance metrics. Based on this analysis, AI tools can assist in generating new content forms, such as turning a well-performing blog post into a video script or a podcast outline, thus saving time and maximizing the utility of existing assets.

2. Is AI-Repurposed Content as Effective as Human-Created Content?

Answer: While AI is powerful and increasingly sophisticated, human oversight is generally required to ensure that the repurposed content aligns with the brand message and meets quality standards. However, using AI can significantly speed up the content creation process, allowing human employees to focus on more strategic tasks.

3. What Kinds of Content Are Best Suited for AI Repurposing?

Answer: In the B2B tech realm, instructional content, FAQ materials, and data-driven reports are often well-suited for AI repurposing. These types of content can be easily reformatted into webinars, infographics, or social media snippets. However, content that requires a nuanced understanding or specialized expertise may still require a human touch.

4. How Can AI-Repurposed Content Help Me Stick to My Budget?

Answer: Repurposing content through AI can reduce the amount of time and financial resources needed to produce new content from scratch. For instance, you can turn one whitepaper into several blog posts, a podcast episode, and a series of social media updates, thereby maximizing the ROI on your original investment and reducing content production costs.

5. What Are the First Steps to Start Leveraging AI for Content Repurposing?

Answer: The first step is to conduct an audit of your existing content to identify which pieces have performed well and could be candidates for repurposing. The next step is to choose an AI tool that fits your needs. Many platforms offer content analysis and repurposing features tailored for B2B marketers. Once you have your tool and your content candidates, you can start the repurposing process, always keeping an eye on performance metrics to gauge the success of your efforts.

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