The recipe to be a successful event planner

June 15, 2016

Over the last decade, the Service Industry has seen a sudden upscale of events as an industry. This positive drift for the demand of events lead to the creation of many event planners and hence has glorified the world of event management.

People attend various events and enjoy their time doing so. But it is the event manager who ensures that the attendees have a gala time at the event and have everything on demand as required by the attendees.

To ensure everything is on time and in place, the event manager has to pull certain strings combined with his qualities and skills as an event manager.

To some people, these qualities and skills could be innate and nature’s gift but some only acquire them over a period of time and with an exertion of effort, along with experience.

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Let’s take a look at some of these cardinal qualities that are a must for being a successful event manager.

1. A good communicator

An event manager always has to work with a team of people who have their personal inputs to make the event a success. Regardless of the personal inputs of these team members, it is the job of the event manager to give instructions and supervise their subordinates.

To perform this activity, the event manager must be capable of delivering orders clearly and should be able to listen to the queries and concerns of his subordinates. This is possible only when the event manager has good interpersonal skills.

2. Energy on roll

Events are highly demanding. In order to fulfill all the requirements of the event, the planner must be ready to take up challenges with a lot of zest and passion. There is a requirement of high levels of energy.

3. Bend it like Beckham

Events are very unpredictable as they engage a lot of people. There could be sudden changes of plans but this shouldn’t bog the planner down. The event manager has to be efficient in his dealings of such sudden rise of a situation and should be able to think on his feet. Hence, calling for flexibility.

4. Fuel your imagination and creativity

To give your event a different edge, the planner must think of his concepts creatively. These concepts should be fresh and original. The planner is expected to come up with unusual ideas and be innovative to display his inventiveness. So, creativity is a very integral quality of a good event planner.

5. Watch like a hawk

It is necessary for an event planner to look at things minutely and anticipate the pros and cons of a situation by looking at it in detail. Such kind of a quality would prevent the event to run into disasters or situations of scarcity. Thus, the planner must have the “Hawk’s eye”

6. Juggle better than a clown

As you are aware by now, that an event is very demanding and consists of various aspects which need to be fulfilled equally. This implies that it needs a planner who can multi-task and fulfil various jobs at one time. This will save time, money and lead to efficient use of the available resources.

7. Make it your passion

Now, this point pertains to anyone in general. If you love what you do, you will never have enough of it. It is absolutely necessary to be passionate about being an event manager to be able to be a successful one.

There are many out there trying to make it big but they skip on the smaller values like loving your work. The more you love it the more you step higher on the ladder of success.

8. Be the leader no one has ever seen

A team always needs a leader to guide and motivate them towards the end goal. An event never goes without having teams, so leadership is one of the most important qualities that an event manager “needs” to have in order to navigate its group to the end and make the event a roaring success.

9. Harmony is the key to success here

An event has to be a choreographed harmoniously. For the harmonious synchronization, it is very important to make a perfectly organised plan along with contingency plans, so that if one plan fails then the manager is ready with another one. Such flawless execution needs excellent organisational skills.

10. Be a Gizmo Geek

Technology has changed the face of events. It is very rare to find a person of today’s time to be unaware of the usage and functions of technology. So to keep up with the pace, a good event organiser has to be well versed with the use of Event Technology which will ultimately help him create a bigger, better and diverse event. Not to mention, it will save a lot of time, energy, and money.

All the aforementioned qualities are a must and determine how good a planner can be at his work. These qualities are of great value and are an emphasise to better event planning.

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