Takeaways from EDII Empresario Startup Summit 2019

Juhi Purswani
April 9, 2019

Having powered various entrepreneurial events, corporate events as well as incentive travel events, Hubilo has diverse event software solutions for all business events. EDII stands for Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India which is a nodal institute under the government of Gujarat startup which supports the dreams of entrepreneurs.

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Empresario Startup Summit 2019 is the 8th Annual Event of Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, Ahmedabad. All the startups, entrepreneurs, industry mentors, investors, students; come at one place, explore opportunities, discuss their ideas, present their startup ideas on a platform provided to them. People gain amazing insights and pledge to provide value from their work to keep the startup ecosystem flourishing in India.

Empresario being completely focused on startup competitions; it has been observed in these events huge turnout from Angel Investors, startups and students from PAN India. They also become a part by participating in Speaker sessions, conferences, panel discussions, workshops, pitching events for startups and competitions.

takeaway tuesday - EDI Empresario

The EDII Empresario Startup Summit 2019 had a special section for The Big Pitch 3.0 wherein the new rising entrepreneurs pitch their startup ideas who are probably looking for funding to help and support their growth. Another major section was Startup Exhibition where the registrations and ticketing for the event were. There were many categories of event tickets like Foodpreneur Stall, Startup Exhibition, Summit Registrations, Run for the Brave Hearts Marathon, ESS 2019 Team Registration and so on.

Another section, NRDC: Innovate India 2019 was a special add-on section to confer Annual NRDC National Award for Innovations for their admirable inventions. The conference and its own schedule with its aspects being different from the rest of the event. The main goal of the NRDC conference was to praise the innovations and value creations, support inventors and startups, etc.

What solutions did Hubilo provide?

With the requirements stated clear by the event organizers, Hubilo was all set to make the event tech experience of the attendees notable. With numerous features provided, these were the main highlights from the event tech perspective of the event.

1. Multi-page Event Website — Event website is one of the most basic calls of a requirement made by the event organizers. Since there were so many sections to be included,, the event organizers went ahead with the Multi-page event website for EDI Empresario Startup Summit 2019. The selection of theme was according to sections they wanted to display. With a customizable dashboard, and a DIY solution the website was easy to develop.

2. Ticketing platform — Since the organizer had already bifurcated the type of attendees and startup that were to attend the Summit, tickets were also created accordingly. Event Ticketing and Registration is an essential part of any event, EDI Empresario Startup Summit 2019 chose Hubilo’s hassle-free event ticketing platform. The tickets were also embedded in the website with the button Register Here linked to the event tickets. The form for all the tickets was also varied.

The Empressario Startup Summit 2019 Registrations had RSVP-enabled within while The Big Pitch 3.0 registration forms were linked with the type of Waitlist Forms. With all the required customs forms and fields, Hubilo provided the best event registration software suite to the event.

3. Onsite Checkin — Hubilo’s onsite check-in solution provides a convenient solution to the event organizers to use the same dashboard and send the attendees QR Code with which they can check-in on the venue.

4. Event Schedule — The schedule of the event with all the sessions mentioned also embedding the list of speakers in a particular session and the theme of the session simplifies the task of attendees to shortlist the sessions that are must-attend.

takeaway tuesday - EDI Empresario

With the custom provided sections in the multi-page event website, the event organizer could upload the entire schedule with all the details and also select an option wherein the users and attendees can download the entire schedule in the PDF format if required.

5. Event Engagement — To amplify the attendee engagement at corporate events so that the bidders and startup pitchers may get a chance to interact with investors and with business delegates to gain insights and knowledge or to discuss the business startup ideas.

takeaway tuesday - EDI Empresario

The Event Networking Platform of Hubilo accessible on both event website and event app provides the attendees with an immersive attendee engagement experience. It had the following sections:

- Agenda Live: This feature enables the attendees to drop questions on a particular session of the Event Schedule if any doubt.

- Live Polling: To interact attendees on the web, event organizers can post live polls and also display the results live on the event venue.

- Activity Feed: On the event feed, attendees can post certain status, images and videos related to the event or describing their startups. The event organizer also has the authority to reject any post from the dashboard which may be irrelevant.

6. Analytics — To compare the event with a previous one or to analyze the data of the event, Hubilo Event Analytics Feature gives insights to the organizer. Few of the analytics that helps in determining the event ROI of the EDII Empresario Startup Summit 2019 are 8026 website page views, 223 tickets sold worth 42.4k payable amount, 171 check-ins at the event venue, 569 form submissions and 613 total active users on the web app.

takeaway tuesday - EDI Empresario

Takeaways from EDII Empresario Startup Summit 2019

Well, planned startup summits do engage and bring a lot of attendees as well as attention. Introducing event technology products and features at such events make the attendees praise your technological advancement.

Startup summits are a great platform to explore new inventions in technological era enhancing their on-venue event experience. Every event has some takeaways and learning to provide to the attendees, speakers, and organizers; some of the learning from EDII Empresario Startup Summit 2019 are:

1.Simplified networking helps startups grow:

For the startup students and community, it is essential to have a knack for networking with the people attending such big events, to gain insights from the business community and to present your ideas of innovation. Attendee Engagement features helped entrepreneurs to interact with the investors as well.

2. Download schedule - A smart feature:

To view the schedule online and to download a copy are two varied things. For the attendees, a downloaded copy of event schedule in the form of PDF helps as sometimes, the mobile battery may die or you may not get good network coverage everywhere. For a backup option, the downloaded copy comes in handy!

3. Dedicated platform to present unique ideas:

EDII Empresario Startup Summit 2019 is an exclusive platform which allows new idea, emerging entrepreneurs, student community to present their ideas. This ensures a set direction in which they have to move forward, like whether to raise fundings, pitch to investors, and so on.

4. A sole conference to award and praise the innovations:

The NRDC: Innovate India 2019 was a special section which praised and awarded special people for their innovations and contribution to the startup sector.

These are just a few essential takeaways that we hope would help all the corporate event planners out there implement better events.

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Juhi Purswani

Juhi Purswani is a major in Information Technology. Currently a Content Developer in Hubilo, she is a passionate writer and loves to research and explore new and unique topics. Working in an event-tech company, she is getting accustomed to the technological revolutions that are taking place in the event management industry. Fond of Dan Brown books, she is an avid reader of fiction. In her relaxation moments, she pens down her thoughts in the form of poems and quotes. You can follow her on twitter on @19_juhi.

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