Takeaways from a Mega Education Technology Expo: EdTech Review Summit 2019

Juhi Purswani
March 12, 2019

Brief on EdTech Review Summit 2019

A major event covering 2 major sectors — education and technology i.e. e-learning. The summit was held in Bengaluru on 14th and 15th Feb. Expected attendees included EdTech stakeholders like e-learning startups and their founders, publishers, investors, venture capitalists, educational institute owners, heads, board members, educators, and many more.

For education technology centric events, event networking provides a great opportunity to global leaders, education heads, and investors, e-learning startup founders to interact and provide insights and learn about the current landscape of EdTech.

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The event had global participation from EdTech sector. There were many interactive sessions, keynote speaking sessions, demos of the latest EdTech products, startup ideas, pitches and so on. Around 100 internationally renowned thought leaders and speakers shared their insights and perspectives on the future of education and technology.

Apart from pitches and expo, awards were also a huge part of the night of the event where selected EdTech startups and attendees whose contribution was worth in the sector were awarded and appreciated.

Attendees who were a part of this great event were also given an opportunity to learn about the Indian and global landscape of education technology landscape. Various sessions and discussions focused on the future predictions and insights from the global leaders.

Exploring the current changes in the EdTech sector and being aware of the emerging trends that will overtake and improvise on the present status of the EdTech sector was one of the crucial parts of the event.

What Hubilo provided?

Integrating event technology to showcase the education technology sector development in India and across the globe is a smart decision. Event technology solutions help in easing the work of event planners, increase the event ROI, manage attendee engagement, helps attendees explore business opportunities etc. Here are a few exclusive solutions that we provided to the event organizers of EdTech:

1.Event Registration and Ticketing

EdTech used Hubilo’s hassle-free event registration and ticketing solution. Event Organizers create multiple ticket types for different kinds of attendees that may attend the event. The organizers also opted for multiple currency feature provided by Hubilo's Event Registration and Ticketing module.

2. Event Web App

With DIY dashboard the event organizers were able to create a web app choosing the theme of their choice and integrating various features like Event description, banners, venue, social profiles, event highlights, tickets, speakers list, event schedule of 14th and 15th Feb etc.

EdTech Schedule

The web app also has a direct link to the networking section so people who have registered and bought paid tickets can straight away start networking with other attendees at the event.

3. Attendee Engagement Features

One of the major benefits of opting even tech solutions is encouraging effortless audience engagement. An event like EdTech motivates attendees, speakers, global leaders, industrialists, educators to mingle with one another, discuss business opportunities, discuss the ideas, pros and cons of the current and future expected scenario of the education-technology sector.

Attendee engagement features included Push Notifications, Agenda Live and live polls. Push Notifications helped in alerting the attendees on what sessions, conferences were about to take place. Live polls also saw a massive interaction from attendees.

4. Event Marketing Campaigns

For any event to invite as many attendees as possible, email and SMS campaigns are a must run by the event organizers which comes under the Event Marketing module. Sending regular updates, newsletters, e-mails, highlights and so on often bring around plenty of interested users to the website.

5. In-app Chat and Meeting Feature

Event Networking feature included attendee list, chat option, setting up meetings with the attendees and so on.

Networking offers an opportunity to all the event attendees in building their network with educational influencers, speakers, institution heads; discuss the trends in the E-learning industry and so on.

Takeaways and Learning from EdTech Summit 2019:

Every corporate event has a takeaway or learning for event organizers, vendors, speakers as well as attendees. Some of the major takeaways from the EdTech review summit 2019 for Hubilo were as follows:

1. EdTech leaders focused on technology and used event tech solutions fully

With brilliant minds, global leaders, educators and EdTech enthusiast, the event tech solutions offered a way to take the expo to another level enabling the event attendees a single and simple platform to view the schedule, network with other attendees, post on the event feed, take part in the polls and so on.

2. Easy registration and ticketing helped in creating multiple tickets for various categories

EdTech Ticketing

Many times it has been observed that creating multiple ticket types may create confusion amongst the buyers and they may not be able to choose the correct ticket to be it free or paid. Hubilo offered a better registration and ticketing platform, where the EdTech organizers were able to effortlessly create tickets integrating multiple currency features and various discount types created by them.

With such a convenient event ticketing and registration, the analytics were amazing.

3. Opportunity to meet with EdTech industry leaders using networking platform

Networking platform feature is highly used by event attendees. The unique event tech feature provides varied opportunities to the leaders and industrialists to connect with one another discuss the trends and ideas about the e-learning industry and EdTech, brainstorm and discuss with international leaders as well. Networking is an integrated part of any event as many attendees come with the motive to widen their network and build new opportunities.

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Juhi Purswani is a major in Information Technology. Currently a Content Developer in Hubilo, she is a passionate writer and loves to research and explore new and unique topics. Working in an event-tech company, she is getting accustomed to the technological revolutions that are taking place in the event management industry. Fond of Dan Brown books, she is an avid reader of fiction. In her relaxation moments, she pens down her thoughts in the form of poems and quotes. You can follow her on twitter on @19_juhi.

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