The Future of Events: Our Exclusive Event On Hubilo's Virtual Event Management Software

Arushi Gupta
December 14, 2020

The only way to host virtual events successfully is to go through the drill on your own. We at Hubilo, have hosted more than 1000 events so far, but to up our game, we knew we had to step into the shoes of organizers. Hence came about the Future of Events, our own, exclusive event series dedicated to exploring the events industry's future state of affairs. The event was held on 11th of December, 2020 from 8.00 am PST to 10.40 am PST. The event is done. But guess what? You can still catch up on all the missed sessions.At the first episode of The Future of Events, we brought together industry leaders, subject matter experts and veterans of the event tech space on our virtual event management software. The purpose was to bring forth crucial discussions around the event industry and at the core of this idea, lied Hubilo’s primary principle- to re-imagine the marketing landscape that will emerge around virtual events and unlock massive insights for key stakeholders. 

Who, When, What?

The session began with a keynote speech by industry veteran Will Curran, Founder of Endless Events along with Vaibhav Jain, CEO of Hubilo. It was a 20 minute candid session with Will and Vaibhav lending their insights on reimagining the event space in changing times.

Future of events

Followed by the keynote session was a panel discussion on ‘Intelligence Is The Game Changer’ by the Head of Sales, Head of Marketing and the Product Manager of Hubilo, with each of them sharing their know-how about Hubilo’s smart virtual event management software.

Future of events

Next up was a panel discussion on ‘Industry Perspective of the Events Industry Pre and Post Covid’, with the session being graced by industry veterans like Keith Newsome- Manager of Event Operations, Smithers North America, Wendy Chou- CEO & Chief Curator, Dealmakers, Chandra Champion - Conference and Events Manager, AI.

The most awaited session and the featured session for the day, ‘Reimagine Physical experiences for your virtual events’ was the major highlight of the day. It saw our introducing Partners/ Exhibitors- Cassy Aite, CEO of Hoppier, Sam Eitzen, CEO of Snapbar, and Vaibhav Jain, Co-Founder of Hubilo, indulging in an enriching conversation on ‘Reimagining Physical experiences for your virtual events’.

On The Sidelines

Besides the sessions, the ‘Event Feed’ was buzzing with event updates, twitter posts, selfies and quirky posts by attendees, speakers and exhibitors. QnA, polls and contests ran alongside the sessions to keep the users engaged.In the Exhibitor Central, we had booths by Hoppier, Snapbar, Tessarakt Experiential and Hubilo. Each booth was provided with a chat and meet option, allowing attendees to talk, interact and take a demo of each of the respective virtual event management software.The meeting rooms were open after the event to allow attendees to pay a visit to and get a personalized demo. The networking lounges were put to massive use as attendees engaged and connected with fellow eventprofs. Conversations on event trends, intelligence and much more went on in the lounges.

Last But Not The Least

To sum up, the outcome of the event and the team’s collective work gave us first-hand experience of the nitty-gritty of hosting a virtual event. With so much effort in place, we realised the value of staying smart, embracing new experiments in the face of the unknown, and leveraging technology and analytics to enhance our attendees experience.We’re hopeful to host the next episode of the Future Of Events very soon, and this time it is going to be bigger, better and more valuable.The Future of Events is an extraordinary opportunity for event professionals to rub (virtual) shoulders with the industry's finest. This proprietary meet is going to be our milestone in the groundbreaking journey in the league of events.To host your next event, take a demo with us and go through our virtual job fair platform. 

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