How to write an event proposal

How to Write a Winning Event Proposal Template

The first step to creating a memorable event is getting your proposal approved. In this guide, we will share how you can create your own, perfect event proposal template.
October 31, 2022

We all know that throwing a great event- whether virtual, in-person, or hybrid-  is no easy task. However, what not many people understand is that there’s an even bigger step before you start planning that event, and that’s getting an event proposal approved. You could have the best event concept in mind with great features and speakers , but it will not happen if you’re not able to sell it well enough. That’s where we can help - in this blog, we’ll go over everything you need for a great event proposal to fast track your way to event success. 

What is an Event Proposal? 

An event proposal is the document that you present to important groups or individuals to encourage them to participate in your event. There are different types of event proposals based on who you’re presenting it to; there’s proposals for potential sponsors, ones for potential speakers, proposals for clients and vendors, or even proposals for your company’s internal higher-ups. No matter who you propose your event to, there should be certain measures taken to ensure you present your event in the best and smartest light. 

How to Write an Event Proposal in 6 Steps

Before we get into the exact formula for writing an event proposal, there are a few key details that you should plan out beforehand or include in the proposal. 

1. Double Check Your Bandwidth

The last thing you want to do is present an elaborate event proposal only to realize the event itself is unrealistic for you or your team's bandwidth. Before diving into the details of event planning, double check to make sure your company also has the resources required to put on a great event; this can make or break your decision to move forward. 

2. Know Your Target

A key part in presenting an event proposal to a group or individual is doing your research on each potential partner. Assuming they are a great fit for your company or business- and therefore, your event - you’ll want to see how you can further make your event be even more attractive to them. With sponsorship proposals, for example, check their website, look into their social media pages, or check any published news pieces on them to get a better understanding of who you’re proposing to. The more you can cater certain details and aspects to their needs, the more inclined they’ll be to agree to your event proposal. 

3. Know Your Budget

Before you get started on drafting up your event proposal, another key detail to have ready is your budget. Check to make sure you know your event’s different budgets so you can present the numbers correctly to your clients or sponsors. This is a requirement of any event proposal, so having this piece of information first and foremost will make drafting up your proposal a lot easier. 

4. Include A Timeline 

Something helpful that you can provide in your event proposal document is an event proposal timeline. This will not only help you set loose deadlines for details as you plan, but it will also give potential clients or partners an estimated idea of how things will run. You can add in details such as the date you’ll choose a venue or the cadence of when you’ll meet with partners to show how you and your team will handle future details. 

5. Include Your Team

You have an expert team behind you that will help you achieve every event goal you have - so show them off! In your event proposal, introduce key players in the event process and a little bit of background on them and their expertise to show clients or sponsors that they’re in good hands. Showing the team members that’ll have a heavy hand in planning the event with you or working directly with clients will build a sense of trust between you and potential partners. 

Creating an event schedule

Event Proposal Template Example

There are a number of ways you can go about writing your event proposal. If you need some extra inspiration, we’ve included a brief example of what you can include for a great proposal!  

1. Section One: Introduction 

This section is considered your cover page and should include things like the event name as well as the company name, any social media page links, and contact information.

2. Section Two: Event Outline (1-2 pages)

This part will go over the important details of your event, such as the date, time, and location of the event if it’s in-person. In this section you’ll also want to include a brief description of your event with as many enticing descriptions as you can. Some additional details that should be included in this section is the number of attendees, speakers, and vendors you plan to acquire. For sponsorship proposals, it’s also important to include your budget as well to remain transparent.  

3. Section Three: Your Details

This section will go into detail all about you and/or your company; this includes your resume and any past events related to the one you intend to put together. The more credentials you can place in this section, the better. This is where you can prove to the reader why they should join your company for your event as well as impress them with you and your team’s professional background. The goal in this section is to both convince and prove to them how great of an event you’d throw and how beneficial it would be for them. Make sure to also provide in this section your company’s name, logo, and contact information. 

4. Section Four: Target Audience 

In the target audience section, this is where you’ll be explaining everything about the attendees. Explain to the reader what demographics you intend to attract, including their ages, what industry they’re in, interests, and more. The number of attendees you plan to turn up at your event should be included as well with plenty of data to back up why you’ve chosen that number and how you can make that happen. 

5. Section Five: Your Event Promotion Plan

The logistics for your event is one thing, but how you’ll promote your event is another. The readers who you present this proposal to will want to ensure that you can gather the promised amount of people to attend the event, so having a plan to back that up will help. Using past event data in this situation will help as well; by showing promotional data based on marketing campaigns from any previous events, it will help solidify your claims about how great your promotions will be. Having your event marketing strategy ready to present is key to showing them how serious you are about getting the word out there about your event. This can include posts on social media, email marketing, contests, influencer marketing and more. 

6. Section Six: Unique Value Proposition (UVP) 

A unique value proposition is where you’ll really get to drive home how your company or event is better than your competitors. It’s for you to simply describe the unique value that you, your team, and your company as a whole bring to the table. Here you can talk about each part of your event and how it holds value; if your venue holds any historical importance, if your guest speakers are some of your industry’s top leaders, or how influential some of your partners are, to name some examples. Including any great attendee feedback about your event can also be beneficial in showing the value of your events! 

7. Section 7A (For Potential Sponsors): Packages & Benefits

An event proposal to potential sponsors should include certain details that you know they’d want to see. These packages should showcase how you’ll best incorporate them into your event, like how you’ll display their logo or how you’ll go about brand mentions in the pre-event phase, mid-event phase, and post- event phase. 

Section 7B (For Potential Clients): Your Complete Services & Policies 

The proposal you present to potential clients will be different than the one you present to other readers. For example, for clients you’ll want to include things like the budget of the proposed event, the services you’re willing to offer, and a deadline for them to decide.

Section 7C: For Internal Approval: Relevance 

The focus in this section is for the instances where the event approval is needed from higher-ups in your company. If this is the case for you, you’ll want to highlight all the benefits that this event could bring your company to show it’ll be worthwhile. It’s also important to include past event data to show the business goals or objectives you accomplished from an event like this one. 

8. Section 8: Call to Action

This section is where you’ll encourage all of the readers to agree to your proposal by providing a decision deadline and how they can get in contact with you.

9. Section 9: Closing

The final closing section is where you’ll emphasize all the key takeaways you wrote previously in your proposal. You can keep this section brief, but make sure to reiterate all possible contact information so readers can get in touch with you. 

Checklist For Your Event Proposal

  • Title page
  • Table of contents
  • Client name
  • Client logo
  • Event name
  • Event date
  • Your company name
  • Your company logo
  • Your company contact information
  • Company overview
  • Event overview
  • Team resumes
  • Event budget
  • Event timeline
  • Scope of work
  • Event experience (example events)
  • Check for consistency, grammar, spelling, and proper design
How to execute an event

3 Best Practices for Writing An Event Proposal

Although writing an event proposal can seem self-explanatory, there are considerations that should be taken when beginning the process to ensure you create a memorable proposal. 

1. Design An Eye-Catching Document 

Don’t underestimate the power of an aesthetically pleasing design for your document! Visual details are an important element to an event proposal when you present it to others. Adding different details like company logos, graphics, and pictures from past events will catch anyone’s attention and make it more enticing to read. Hiring a graphic designer to plan out your proposal isn’t a bad idea either if you want an eye-catching yet professional look to your event proposal document. 

2. Make It a Story 

In order for any client or sponsor to understand the full scope of your event, write it out like you would a story, including a beginning, middle, and end. As you write each section, the details that you include should captivate them and want to continue reading what great event you have planned. The key is to make your client or sponsor excited to join you as an event partner and believe in the vision you have for your event!  

3. Showcase Past Events 

A great tool in helping you secure event clients or sponsors is showing the results from your previous events. You can include logistical details like how much revenue the company brought in as well as how other clients or sponsors benefited from the event. Include pictures or videos to show how fun it was and how much the attendees enjoyed the event. Make sure to cater your examples around what you think the client themselves would like to see in order to build your case that you’d be a great event to partner with. 


Once you’ve checked all the boxes from the above checklist in your event proposal, you’re ready to send it off for approval! Keep in mind that this proposal is the first impression a company or person will have of you and your event, so you want to make sure it’s up to your company’s standards. An event is not just a one-time transaction; by reaching out to a group or individual for an event you could make a lasting connection, so you want to put your best foot forward with a great event proposal! 

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