The Webinar Series Project Plan [Free Template]

Discover how to plan and optimize your webinar series with our project plan used for WTF News. From branding to budgeting, never miss a step.
Blair Arbuckle
VP of Marketing
May 9, 2024

So you want to plan a webinar series and/or optimize your existing webinars? 

We’re sharing (drumroll please) the project plan we use to produce WTF News. From branding to speaker management to budgeting to repurposing assets, our project plan will ensure you never miss a step (and squeeze every dollar from your webinar program). 

Watch the video for additional context, and download the full project plan below.

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Blair Arbuckle

With 10+ years of experience in strategic planning, operational effectiveness, and generally executing outrageous ideas, Blair is our VP of Marketing at Hubilo. She has a proven track record of delivering results and exceeding expectations in various roles and industries (read: she's a fierce generalist). Before leading marketing, Blair was the Chief of Staff at Hubilo, where she managed the global operations and stakeholder relationships of the company. Before Hubilo, she was the Head of Partner Success and Operations at Gooten, a print-on-demand platform, where she supported over 10,000 partners worldwide and led a team of 25+. She also has extensive experience in building and managing profitable communities, having worked at WeWork for more than five years. Her core competencies include relationship management, communication, strategy, and badassery.

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