Tips to Boost Your Event Tickets Sales

Juhi Purswani
December 21, 2017

Any event is a success with the presence of a huge crowd. Audience engagement reflects a great deal of the event management and organization. Ticket sales reaching the 100% pinnacle rate is rare even if the price drops to half at the end moment.

Now just hold on for a moment and think what will your event or firm benefit from having such huge crowd? It is quite simple, isn’t it? The cause for which the event is being held will reach more audience and hence awareness will rise.

This, in turn, creates more future opportunities and potential clients for the firm. Your brand name will gain recognition. And last but not the least; you will have a list of long loyal customers.

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Today in the fiercely competitive world, where plenty of events are targeting to get the maximum audience and attendee engagement, some firms follow few steps to ensure the achievement of this target.

The first and the foremost task is to identify the target audience, which usually takes up the most of the efforts as well as time. Research can be a tiresome and time-consuming thing but is worth the wait to see your event succeed.

Here is a list of highly researched and tested points that can ensure a rise in the sale of tickets of the event.

1. Bring to advantage your speaker’s follower list —Influential speakers have a huge fan following and the public would go an extra mile to get a hold of the event tickets. A sweet invitation from the speaker himself/herself will elevate the booking rate of the event.

Speaker's audience

Event planners and organizers can convince the speaker/s to advertise the event via a video to gain more audience.

For more information on this point, you can go through this blog.

2. Discounts attract a decent crowd —

There are different sorts of discounts to gain the attention of a different kind of public. People levy group discounts, promo code discounts, the initial number of seat occupancy discount, and so on.


These tactics are used to engage more audience with the event and hence increase the sale of event tickets. The interested ones will for sure attend the event and become a regular attendee of yours.

3. Hierarchical pricing of the tickets —

The tiered style of ticketing helps to elevate the sale of event tickets and gather more crowds. A pre-sale offer limited just to the members of the event organizing company at a fair price with incentives included like better seats, free beverages or snacks etc. can effectively increase the attendance.

If your event is of more than one day or includes many small events; then pricing of individual events. Conference, workshops, presentations will help gain more attention as all the people might not be interested in attending the entire event.

Event price fluctuation based on date and time the sale started matters a lot in gaining more audience engagement.

4. Event website with an eye-catching name —

A striking name always attracts the eye of the user and if it turns out to be of his interest, he/she can become your attendee. Name of the website plays a great role as it must be appealing to the audience. The website should be attractive as well as have all the essential details such as the event, date, time and venue of the event listed on it.

A clear CTA such as a ‘BOOK NOW’ button must also be included for people who are amazed by the website and the content so that they can book an event ticket directly from your website. If possible, add a list of previous events with images and videos for better understanding.

5. The past event attendees are a head start audience —

You can start to organize attendee list for the event by arranging the past attendee list information. Start your promotion by prioritizing them and eventually increase the network of people.

That’s why it is said, old is gold. The past attendees who have been impressed by your event may also promote the upcoming one themselves gaining more public attention.

6. Social media group, advertisements, and e-mail marketing —

It is all about creating a hype with the perfect blend of long tail keywords and hashtags. This is how online marketing and promotions work.

People are engaged in social media platforms for their day-to-day tasks, and using this wide platform as promotional ground certainly reaps out benefits.

online marketing

Facebook event page creation and a notification display is a great way of engaging a person’s attention in browsing through the event page. Inserting a clear CTA i.e. Call to Action also helps users to directly sign in or register themselves if interested.

Proper usage and promotion of hashtags are a boost in increasing your Twitter outreach. If a keynote speaker is attending the event, tagging them in the posts is definitely useful.

Creating versatile e-mail campaigns for your event, for e.g. event newsletters also help increase the sale of event tickets. Prepare a list of e-mail ids for the same. It is generally targeted to the past attendees as well as the potential leads who can become your event attendees.

LinkedIn Groups are another way of spreading awareness about your event and reaching out to the audience who might be interested in being a part of it. Linking the group with your event platform or website will also give your event the exposure it needs.

7. Early bird tickets —

Early bird is a sales time period where the tickets are sold before the official date of the start sale, usually at a lower price. Although it is not suitable for all the events, the ones that they are compatible with, hold an advantage.

These tickets are not directed towards the general public but to special customers like those who are subscribers of that event, members of that event, attendees of the past events, and so on.

Early bird discount is also a feature whose benefits can be levied at the initial stage of the release of tickets.

For example, if event tickets window starts in January and is open until April, the people who reserve their seats initially in January will have to pay less price for the tickets.

8. Event organizers can do a pre-sale of the next event’s tickets in the previous event —

If the organization has already planned for various events in the coming few months then pre-sale of the upcoming event’s ticket is a good choice. Uncomplicated, the event organizer and planner just have to sell a portion of tickets to maximize the number of visitors.

The attendees who are thrilled by the ongoing event will for sure want to be a part of next one as well.

9. Motivate your attendees to become the inviters —

After a certain amount of audience is attained, you can effectively put a new play in action. Inspired by some famous apps like Tez and Hike, you can go on and tell your attendees to invite more audience.

And in turn, they’ll be provided with basic incentives like food court coupons, discounts on certain products, merchandise etc.

10. Contests and competitions engage people —

Creating contests on social media and giving the winners a ticket or few other incentives will gather an interactive public.

It will be a contest cum promotion of the event with various posts gaining the attention of the public and seeding an interest in them regarding the event. A link attached to the website of the event with the contest promotion might increase the ticket sales.

Online event ticketing is gaining momentum at a pace that is quite unbelievable. The ticketing section is inbuilt in event management software nowadays, simplifying the task for event organizers. The organizers can inhibit this feature in their event websites and applications increasing the number of attendees and keeping track of them.

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