Tips for Successful Corporate Event Planning- Learning from VOT 2018

Himani Sheth
November 6, 2018

Events are a great way to facilitate a lot of corporate benefits. Major corporate, no matter the industry they operate in from plastics to wealth management leverage events for various purposes. One such mega entity that has made events a major part of their experiential marketing strategy is IIFL Wealth.

What is IIFLW?

IIFL Wealth, a part of the IIFL India Group is a wealth management service dealing with a lot of influential clients. Operating in the Private Banking Sector, the organizer regards events as one of the most effective ways of reaching out and engaging their clients.

IIFL Wealth organizes a range of events for their clients as well as to acquire future clients. Among this vast portfolio of IIFLW corporate events is the Value of Things 2018 event that was organized recently. The event, powered by Hubilo was a great example of client events with esteemed delegates done right.

A well-managed affair, Value of Things (VOT) 2018, an annual client event was made even special this year with it being the organizer’s 10th anniversary whereby one of their major investors was to grace the event with their presence.

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IIFLW’s VOT 2018 Powered by Hubilo

Hubilo had the privilege to facilitate a part of event technology being leveraged at IIFLW’s events. In terms of this particular event, VOT 2018, following are the solutions provided by Hubilo at the event:

1. Event website:

A one-page simple and attractive custom event website was built for IIFLW that incorporates all the important information that the organization wanted to showcase to its clients. Event website being one of the most initial points of contacts for the clients with the event, the organizers made sure to include the aim of the event along with basic information including event venue, agenda behind the event as well as a venue map. In order to get their message across and promote their other events, the organizers had also incorporated a short video as well as a media gallery of their past events on the event website.

2. RSVP microsite

This is one of the most unique event invitation solutions that were built especially for the organizer by Hubilo which has now become one of our core products. IIFLW wished to quicken the process of event registration by creating a module that let its clients directly RSVP for the event by simply entering their email. The attendees would then receive a customer email based on their response. A specific RSVP module was built for the organizers keeping in mind these requirements. THE RSVP micro-site was then integrated with their main event website. Attendees could directly RSVP from the event website itself by clicking on ‘Yes,’ ‘No’ or ‘Maybe’ and entering their email ID. The link was also included in a custom invite sent prior hand by IIFLW to its esteemed attendees.

3. On-site check-in and support

Apart from the event website and an event RSVP module, Hubilo also provided an on-site check-in app to the organizers to further simplify the process of checking in attendees at the venue on the day of the event. An email was sent to all the attendees who had confirmed their presence through RSVP. Attendees could scan their QR code on the check-in app at the event venue on the e-day and check-in to the event.

In order to make it more convenient and easier for the organizers to manage last-minute registrations and check-in, the app also had an option to facilitate manual check-ins. To make it even more convenient, attendees received an SMS alert as soon as they were check-in to the venue.

As part of the on-site support, members from Team Hubilo had a chance to observe the event on the e-day giving us some really helpful takeaways that we would love to share with all you event professionals out there. Here are just a few things we picked up by powering Value of Things 2018.

corporate event planning

Learning from VOT 2018

1. Event agenda plays a major role in client eventsDeriving from experience, when it comes to client events whereby esteemed delegates are going to be present, IIFLW plans its event agenda to be short, precise and engaging. The event, quite the short affair with a lot of amazing speaker sessions, networking & interactions as well as entertainment packed within a matter of hours.In an event where you gather a lot of esteemed delegates who are your clients, time is of utmost importance. IIFLW hit the nail on the head in this aspect showcasing great time management skills when it came to the event. After all, events that do well in terms of time management are halfway through to success

2. Networking is an important aspect of corporate eventsWe have mentioned this before and with every event we attend, the fact remains, event networking is an extremely important aspect of a corporate event. Networking provides value to the attendees and maximizes attendee ROI. In client events like this particular event which was important to the overall success of the corporate, attendee ROI was definitely a priority. Therefore, it was important for the planners to facilitate interaction and networking among the attendees on the day of the event.

3. Technology can simplify and fasten the pace of your eventEvent technology is a great asset in event management. Event technology solutions such as online event registrations, RSVP module as on-site check-in help organizers save a lot of time along with helping in speedy and efficient attendee management. With the VOT 2018 event, the event check-in app helped the organizers to speed up the process of attendee-check-ins and orientation as QR codes were already sent to the attendees before the event. They were simply required to get their QR code scanned in order to complete the process. This made it convenient and hassle-free for both the organizers as well as their attendees.

4. Planning is just as important in terms of your event-techOne of our key learning from the organizers was to perform every task with precision. From the overall design and content placement on the event website to how all aspects of event tech will play a role throughout the process of event planning and execution up to the e-day, IIFLW organizers had a detailed plan set in motion for all their event-tech. This quality proved to be a major benefit leading to a smoother event execution and eventually event success. This is one important piece of learning that we would want planners to gain from this case study; always plan your event-tech with just as much precision as you would the rest of your event.

5. Orientation is an important part of logistics managementA part of the event-tech planning and execution, Hubilo had provided an onsite support team member whose responsibility was to provide orientation to all the volunteers present at the event in terms of how the check-in app operated and how they were supposed to manage the entire process. With prior orientation, doubts, confusions and blunders were almost none and the process was much faster and much more efficient. Not only in terms of event-tech, prior orientation in detail provided to the event team members, can help planners execute their event much some smoothly and avoid any confusions or mistakes leading to an overall amazing event experience for both, the organizers and the stakeholders involved along with the attendees.

Thus managing 900+ attendees successfully with well planned short and precise events, IIFLW’s VOT 2018 gave us a lot of important takeaways that we hope would prove to be useful to all the event professionals out there planning corporate client events on multiple scales.

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