To Fight Coronavirus Affected Events Through Tech, Hubilo to Launch a Virtual Event Platform in Record Time.

January 1, 1970

Coronavirus has made an adverse impact on the event industry. A recent estimation made by Vox anticipates around $666 million+ as the cost the entire industry is likely to face due to this pandemic.

The major challenges event industry facing due to coronavirus outbreak includes; sponsors pulling out money, venues becoming inaccessible, travel bans leading to logistical challenges, insurance & legal issues, payments, and refunds causing blow on revenue and payouts. These just the ones we could jot down, but the fact is neither are events happening and so is the business dependant on them.

The next logical step is to switch digital, however, switching a sales meeting or a panel discussion to digital is different from switching an entire conference or an event to digital.

“Digital conference calls and webinars are analogous to using N-95 masks, they are precautionary but not a permanent solution, Virtual Event Platforms are. Virtual Event Tech takes your entire experience of the physical event online”, says Vaibhav Jain, Founder & CEO of Hubilo.

To fight this and let event professionals shift to the entire experience of any live event online, Hubilo will be launching a virtual event platform in a record time of 10 days by next week.

“Virtual Event Platform is a product for the future we had initially planned its launch a year or so down the line. However, if the event professionals community is in need of a solution right now it is our responsibility as a technology product to work out the solution”, said Mayank Agrawal, how is the Chief Technology Officer at Hubilo.

About the Virtual Event Platform here is what they said:

The Virtual Event platform allows corporate conferences and meetings to reach beyond a single location, allowing people that cannot make it to a physical event to participate. More importantly, it allows you to stick to your course even during crisis times like a recent coronavirus outbreak with complete safety.

The software application recreates the entire experience of a physical event.

Event attendees can enter the Virtual Event Corridor and Set-up Attendee Profiles, Access, Open Sessions, Buy Tickets to Special Sessions, Visit Sponsor Booth, Post on Social Wall

Go to Virtual Session Rooms attend Digital Keynote Speakers, also they can conduct Virtual Networking just like the real one.

The software is made available to event professionals across the world. Event coordinators can request for product demo by sending emails to or by visiting

Introducing Hubilo Webinar+


Hubilo is the event professional’s event platform for live, hybrid, and virtual events. Founded over 5 years ago to revolutionize engagement at in-person events, the company makes it easy to bring people together anywhere, anytime. Hubilo’s powerful engagement features, personal client experience team, and custom branding tools have helped create over 12K events and counting. Headquartered in Bangalore and San Francisco, Hubilo’s nearly 400 employees are dedicated to co-creating the world’s most important events: yours.

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