Top 10 audience engagement tools for 2017

Jay Sitapara
February 18, 2017

Interactivity being a rising trend in the events industry, there are various audience engagement tools to benefit us. Not only they can make your event an intriguing experience but they are wonderful to keep an audience glued.

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Check out our list of must-have event engagement tools which help in increased participation of audiences- the goal of any event!

1.Mentimeter- Mentimeter develops a frictionless and easy to use software which lets presenters have an instant audience feedback at the button of touch. The audience obviously feels more involved when given a chance to affect the results. The real-time poll can be conducted and the results are declared instantly.


2.Glisser- Glisser is a tool through which you can share content of your presentation to the audience in their laptop, tablet or mobile. After being available to the audience, it can be used to take notes or make comments or share them on social media.


3.Hubilo- Hubilo is an amazing solution for networking. With their vividly catered networking platform available through website and app as well, every attendee is on a single stage. It is a total ice breaker as they can exchange messages, set up meetings, share their ideas on events, can create a poll, etc. to name a few.


4.Crowd Mics- Crowd Mics turns audience’s phone into a wireless microphone. Also giving users the benefits of participating in live comments and polls. This really boosts participants interaction.


5.Buzzmaster- Buzzmaster is known to have created Buzz in an audience. It's mainly a real time Q/A platform. People can upload a selfie, ask a question, vote, start a discussion, etc. It runs very smoothly owing to the dedicated WiFi it provides.


6.Catchbox- Engage your audience with world’s first throwable microphone. Instead of simply passing the stick microphone, simply throw the soft Catchbox and engage an audience in a fun game. Its technical fabric ensures that throwing it won't damage mic or the person catching.


7.Loquiz- Games are a great way to engage your audience. Loquiz is a platform which let you create the variety of quizzes and games with an inbuilt library. It also allows the use of photos and written clues to guide players. It uses GPS and is suitable for all types of events whether indoor or outdoor.


8.Purechat- It is a real-time chat facility available for the event website. It is basically a chat box which popups at the corner of the website. It also gives visitors analytics and a notification on your mobile whenever a new visitor wants to chat.


9.Power Vote- Instead of using audience’s mobile, Power Vote comes with dedicated handy voting keypad which is useful for a less tech-savvy audience. It allows participants to answer multiple-choice questions by selecting numbers or letters. Also, the responses can be displayed on the real-time basis.

Power Vote-audience engagement tools 2017

10.eventScribe- The mobile app of eventScribe lets users post comments, ask questions and connect with other participants on their social media accounts. They can also share notes and presentations with other participants.


According to Richard Miranda, Marketing Head at DigitalMums,

Engagement is not a hack. You need to put a lot of time and make your audience feel valued. An audience that likes what you do is more likely to talk about you and recommend to others. That means learning how to engage people should be high on organizer’s list.

Make sure you remember his words and give your audience an experience and not just an event!

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