15 Virtual Fundraising Event Ideas: Raise More & Have Fun

Oliver Portwood
April 24, 2019

Fundraising, in general, is great and can attract a lot of money for your cause. But with the right idea, you can do much more than that — you can get people to care, get engaged and donate for your cause at the same time.

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Here are some ideas to help you get started with your fundraising:

1. 5K Race

This is a classic idea for fundraising and a favorite among many groups. You can raise huge amounts of money this way. So, instead of relying only on entry fees, you can implement other types of fundraising like peer-to-peer and they can start raising money as soon as they enter the competition. You can set a goal and prepare incentives.

2. Video games

Everyone likes playing games and it can be turned into a fundraising activity. A gaming night where people can play and enjoy while collecting money can be a real success that can help you gather a lot of money. You can create individual or team contests which can create excitement and competition so donations can just keep flowing.

3. Board games

Old school gaming is one of the best ways to raise money as well. It’s friendly for people of all ages and you can gather a lot of money. You can charge for entry and host tournaments for different players of different ages and then reward winners.

4. Concert

This is a great idea for everyone who loves music. You can host a concert in the local venue and then charge for tickets. This can lead to a huge audience and people can donate money to the cause they care about while still having fun. Creating a donation landing page for the time before or during the concert so that people who can’t attend can donate is also a good idea.

5. Host a bake-off

This is a tasty competition where people can compete in baking and then win rewards. Guests should be able to donate to taste the food he participants bake and this can be great for donations and winning a lot of money for your cause. People should also be able to vote for their favorites. You can create specific competitions like for pies, cakes, cookies or any other treats.

6. Spinning

This is a great indoor activity for fundraising. You can partner with a local gym and then ask riders to spin for a great cause. They can participate for a donation and your gym instructor can lead the class through exercising and proper spinning. You can play some music, involve some treats and so on.

7. Gambling

You can host a casino night in your town and have the participants and guests play games like roulette, blackjack, poker and so on. You can invite your guests to dress up nicely and come to this party as they would in Vegas. All the money spent can go towards the cause you care about. This is one of the most successful models for fundraising.

8. Football

You should host a football tournament and charge for entry for each team. This can be a fun way to enjoy a great time and gather money as well.

9. Have a silent auction

Plan an auction as an event or add it to any current event that you are hosting. It can act as a single fundraiser or be a complementary revenue driver. You can reach out to your network and start working on different items that can be sold in the auction.

Get creative. You can sell really valuable items or have someone create art for you. However, travel items and tickets for various events tend to be more popular than other rewards.

10. Pub crawl

“This is another fun option that can help you raise a lot of money. A pub crawl is a great idea which can turn a night of drinking into something more meaningful. You can plan a great route with local bars and breweries, charge for entry and then ask people doing the crawl to give donations at every stop,” says Michael Brown, a business writer at Draftbeyond and Lastminutewriting.

11. Trivia

This event can be a weekly occurrence because it’s easy to organize, set up and host. It also appeals to different audiences. You can host an event in a local bar, restaurant or any other similar establishment.

Set up different types of questions and choose a light theme so it’s fun for everyone. You can also offer rewards or bragging rights. Entrants would have to pay to play or they can donate by buying drinks.

12. Ice cream event

This idea is great for families where the local community could donate the space, supplies and spread the word. You can charge for ice-cream and get donations that way or create an ice-cream eating contest. This event is a great one for summers, beach towns, and similar areas.

13. Eating contests

These are always popular and you can get people to compete in eating many different things like hot dogs, pies, doughnuts, pizza and other types of food for an entry fee. This is another tasty fundraiser and you can get plenty of audiences.

14. Barbeque competition

“Get locals to compete in making barbecue for an entry fee. This can be a great event where you could receive a lot of funds, especially if you charge people for tasting the food the chefs prepare,” says Stephany Jonas, an event manager at Writinity and Researchpapersuk.

15. Host a movie night

You can host a movie night in your town and charge for tickets and snacks. This can be even better if you host a movie marathon or ask your friends and families to create their own mini-screenings and then charge for the tickets and snacks that they make at home. All of these options are great because they involve food and movies, a fan favorite combination.

These have been some of the best ideas for fundraising and you can use them to collect a lot of money for your cause. All of them have been used in the past to raise plenty of funds for various causes. Hopefully, they will help you too.

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Oliver Portwood is a contributor to Lucky Assignments and Gum Essays with a background in marketing for fundraising events. Specializing in non-profit marketing strategies, he engages with marketing events and offers his expert advice through online magazines and blogs.

Oliver Portwood

Oliver Portwood is a contributor to Lucky Assignments and Gum Essays with a background in marketing for fundraising events. Specializing in non-profit marketing strategies, he engages with marketing events and offers his expert advice through online magazines and blogs.

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