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40 Virtual Fundraising Event Ideas

Create the perfect fundraiser that works well! Here’s the list of 40 fundraising event ideas for companies, and are guaranteed to raise funds for your company!
Oliver Portwood
April 24, 2019

Fundraising for your company can be done in a variety of ways. Your non-profit, no matter the size, needs funds for all sorts of reasons. The ways of fundraising have changed over the years, from simple telethons to multi-day conferences, and your company should keep up with the trends. Having virtual options for fundraising will ensure you get the most donors to attend your event or donate funds!

40 Virtual Fundraising Ideas

1. Virtual Auctions

Auctions are a classic way of raising money, through both live and silent auctions. Auctions can easily be transitioned to a virtual setting, thanks to the use of virtual event software. The use of a bidding tool system can help hosts with the bidding process for each item. Be sure to have a range of items up for auction, for both silent and live auctions. The more items you have to auction off, the more people will bid on these items!

2. Virtual Galas or End Of The Year Party

Galas are a wonderful way to dress up and celebrate. If your company chooses to have a virtual gala, encourage your supporters to dress up at home! They can purchase tickets to the virtual gala, which will give them access to any keynote speakers you may hire. Your guests can be comfortable in their own homes, but can still dress nice and fancy.

3. Virtual Concert or Stand-Up Comedy Show

Concerts, especially ones with local musicians, can create lots of funding for your company! When researching musicians for your virtual event, be sure to seek out local musicians who align with your mission. Not only will it be great exposure for them, but they can also say great things about your company. Tickets can be bought online by supporters, and once tickets are purchased, they will receive a link to enter the show.

virtual concert

4. Virtual Classes and Lectures

Virtual classes can come in a wide variety. Classes can range from exercise classes, like yoga or meditation, to teaching classes such as creative writing or art. When searching for teachers for these classes, reach out to local businesses to see if they have any teachers who would be interested in teaching these classes. Supporters can purchase tickets through your company website, and if the class requires supplies, the company can send those directly to you.

5. Virtual Game Nights

Who doesn’t love a game night? Game nights are easy to hold virtually, as most games can be played online. Be sure to have a variety of games available, so there is something for everyone. Players can purchase tickets to the virtual game night, and they can choose which games they want to play. Depending on the games, smaller break out rooms can be made so certain games can be played with the correct amount of people.

virtual games

6. Virtual Watch Party

Host your supporters for a watch party! The contents of the watch party can be as simple as a movie that everyone votes on, or even a documentary based on your mission. You can sell tickets to your virtual watch party and put those proceeds directly towards your mission. If you have some amateur filmmakers in your community, encourage them to make a small video documenting all of the good your non-profit does, and showcase it at the watch party. 

7. Virtual Walkathons

Virtual exercise became popular, thanks in large part to the pandemic. If your company chooses to do a virtual walkathon, supporters can pay by the mile for the walkers. Pledging a dollar amount per mile walked is the most popular way to raise funds for a walkathon. Walkers can add their activity within the campaign center, so everyone can see their progress.

8. Online Contests

Contests can come in many forms. For example, a picture contest is a fun way to have your supporters raise money. Contestants can pay a fee to enter the contest and can submit the best pictures they have taken. Once all of the pictures have been uploaded, supporters can vote on their favorite picture, and the winner will receive a prize! 

9. Virtual Tour

When it comes to raising funds for your company, supporters are more likely to donate money if they feel comfortable with you. By doing a virtual tour of your facility, and letting supporters in, they will feel more connected to your company. This tour can be done either in person or virtually, and when done virtually, you can reach out to a larger group of people who may not be able to attend in person.

10. Virtual House Party

Hosting a virtual house party is a fun way to have your supporters relax and unwind as you invite them into your “home.” Supporters can pay a fee to enter the party, and from there they can gather with other friends and supporters. Using a virtual hosting platform to host your virtual party will be easy to use for everyone!

11. Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is such an important part of the workforce. It encourages people to get out in their community and help in various situations. For example, if you want to help out a crisis hotline, you can do so by getting in touch with the local hotline. Supporters can be trained online for free, and the hotline is available 24/7, so it fits in with everyone’s schedule!

12. Virtual Roundtables and Discussions

Roundtables and discussions are usually done within upper management, and by hosting them virtually, anyone can join. Supporters can pay a fee to join the roundtable, and they are immersed in the conversation. Be clear about what topics are going to be discussed, in case any of the participants have any questions they want to ask!

13. Telethon Live Streams

Telethons have been around for years, and they have typically been done in a virtual fashion. Volunteers sit at a table, answering phones, taking pledges, and the viewers at home can watch the total rise. With the technology we have today, we can do essentially the same thing! Supporters can either call or even text a number with their donation, and watch the total funds raised in real time. Be sure to have entertainment, speakers or a live Q&A session to keep supporters engaged!

14. Virtual Behind The Scenes Tour

Thanks to technology, you can now have a walk through tour of your non-profit facility. This can either be done live or recorded to watch at a later date! Be sure to go throughout your facility, speaking about your mission and how you choose to use the funds raised! Supporters can pay a fee to have access to this exclusive behind the scenes tour.

15. Virtual Happy Hour

Virtual happy hours have exploded onto the scene over the past two years. Companies can hold virtual happy hours for their supporters. They can pay a small fee to enter the happy hour, and you can relax with a drink and chat with other supporters. You can take this opportunity to talk about work, the mission of your non-profit, or just talk about anything that pops up.

16. Online Raffle

Raffles are the perfect way to raise funds for your non-profit! Be sure to have plenty of prizes, so everyone has a chance to buy raffle tickets for items they enjoy. Big ticket items will sell more raffle tickets, therefore raising more funds! Using a virtual platform to host the online raffle is a great way to host, as the outreach for supporters can reach a larger group of people.

17. Virtual 5K

5Ks encourage healthy activity, and virtual 5Ks are easy to host! Supporters can sponsor a runner and pledge a dollar amount for every mile run. Runners can track their progress through the campaign app, and supporters can also donate their funds right on the app as well! Running a 5K is a great way to raise funds, while also getting people out and exercising. 

18. Online Charity Auction

Online charity auctions can generate some great funds for your non-profit! Seek out companies who will be willing to donate goods and services for your charity auction; Bigger items will generate more interest, and therefore more people will want to bid on these items! The great thing about auctions is people try to outbid one another, and each time there is another bid, the price goes higher.

19. Multi Day Conference

Conferences can bring together all kinds of people from all over the world. Your company can sell tickets to this multi-day event, and they will have access to everything you have planned! Breakout rooms can be held for smaller groups, to work on team building exercises, problem solving and or even a meditation or yoga class. Once the conference is over, all of the attendees will have more information about your company and will feel more connected to it. 

20. Matching Gift Drive

Gift giving programs can help the fundraising team generate funds. Supporters can donate their funds, and the company can match the donations, which will immediately double the funds for your company, and it can be put to good use right away! 

21. Online Q&A Sessions

Online Q&A sessions with upper management, such as an executive or director, can be a great way to raise funds! Supporters can purchase a ticket to the event, and then be given a link that leads them directly to the session. Supporters can also think of thought provoking questions to ask the guest speakers, including both formal and informal questions.

22. Annual Giving Days

Giving back to the community is a pivotal part of fundraising. It gives companies the opportunity to give back while also raising funds! Make this event an annual event, usually around the holidays, when people are most in need. Be sure to add a sense of urgency when reminding people about the giving days, as in “tomorrow is the last day to donate!” It will remind people to give on the given day!

23. Wish List Fundraiser

Many donors wish to give in-kind donations, rather than monetary contributions. If they wish to donate in-kind items, be sure to create a wish list. Items on this list can range from new laptops to toys for children, depending on what your company is. When reaching out to potential donors, be sure to include your wish list, in case they choose to donate in-kind items. 

24. Online Game Tournament

Online gaming tournaments have been around for years, and they’re a great way to fundraise for your company! Supporters can purchase tickets to the online tournament, and from there they can pick and choose which games they want to play. Be sure to have a wide selection of games available, so there is something for everyone to enjoy!

25. Product Fundraising

As we saw at the beginning of the pandemic, companies were taking the opportunity to brand themselves on items such as masks. Companies were putting their logo and/or colors on masks, and selling them to the community. The money was going directly to the company, which then was put to good use. Your company can brand any product with their logo and sell to the community, and people will be more than willing to buy from a local or small business.

26. TedTalk

TedTalks are virtual meetings or discussions with one person informing the audience on a certain topic. If you choose to have a TedTalk virtual meeting, you can sell tickets through an online platform, and generate funds that way. Be sure to market the event to all company workers and supporters, while also providing a link to purchase tickets!

27. Facebook Fundraising

As you may have seen, Facebook fundraising is new and allows you to choose which fundraiser you want to raise money for. Your company Facebook page can set up a fundraising page, and supporters can donate their money right on the Facebook page. Be sure to add as much information about your mission as you can, as people will want to see what they are donating to. Supporters also have the ability to share your fundraising post, which ensures hundreds of people will see your cause!

28. Virtual Cooking Class

Virtual cooking classes are a fun way to get your supporters involved in an out of the box way! If it’s possible, partner with a local chef from a small business and allow them to lead the cooking class. Supporters can purchase tickets to the event, and either purchase the ingredients themselves or they can be sent a box full of ingredients. The local chef will then instruct the class on how to make a delicious meal, which will give the local chef exposure and your company additional funds!

virtual cooking class

29. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is one of the best ways to raise money for your company! Crowdfunding allows your company to collect small donations from many different donors, all at once. There is very low risk of crowdfunding, so you can be sure that you will receive donations, whether monetary or in-kind. You can take crowdfunding to social media, so your supporters can share the post, and the cause will reach all of their social media friends as well. 

30. Birthday & Holiday Fundraiser

Thanks to social media, you may now choose a cause for your social media friends to donate money to on your birthday! Facebook does not have fees on these fundraising events. As employees of the company, you can make an event on your birthday for your friends and family to donate to your cause. As previously stated, be sure to include as much information as you can, so people know what they are donating to!

31. Webinars

Webinars are the perfect way to relay information to the audience, and virtual webinars make it even easier! Webinars can hold many people, from all over the world. When planning your webinar, think of who you want to speak at the webinar, such as the CEO of the company or another high executive. Selling tickets to this webinar will be the funds you need, and the participants can enjoy learning new information.

32. Virtual Bikeathon

As it seems nowadays, many people have a stationary bike in their homes. While it is a great way to get exercise, it can also be used to raise funds for your company. Like the 5Ks and walkathons, supporters can pledge a dollar amount for every mile ridden by the bikers. If the riders choose to, they can set up their computer near their bike, so people can watch their progress in real time!

33. Awards Ceremony

Your employees deserve to be rewarded as they work hard throughout the year! If you choose to have an awards ceremony to honor your workers, invite your supporters. You can sell tickets to the awards ceremony, and your supporters can watch as you hand out awards to your hardest working employees! The award recipients can also make a small speech as they receive their award.

34. Climbathon

Much like the bikeathon and walkathon, you can encourage your supporters to get out and exercise. They can get out and go on a hike, and provide a monetary value to each mile climbed. There are plenty of places for supporters to get out and climb, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a giant mountain! It gets your supporters out for exercise while also raising money for a great cause.

35. Movie Night

Most everyone has some sort of streaming service, and those streaming services can host viewing parties. Sell tickets to the viewing party, and let your guests choose the movie. You can also network this event to community pages, opening the event to movie lovers anywhere!

36. Virtual Conference

Conferences are typically large events, with people gathering together to receive information about new products or information about the company. By selling tickets to this virtual conference, you may reach a new audience that might not otherwise attend. When they register for your event, you’ll be able to see where everyone has come from, and you can get a better idea of how large your impact is!

37. Website Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are fun for people of all ages! If your company chooses to host one, you can partner with the web design team to hide certain items within your website. When participants register for your event, they will be given a list of items to search for that they can then check off once found. The individual or team who is done finding all of the items first wins a prize.

38. A-Thon Fundraisers

Almost anything can be turned into a fundraiser! As we have seen above, there are walkathons, bikeathons and even climbathons. As long as you have supporters who are willing to sponsor a walker or biker, your company is going to raise funds. A monetary value can be added to every mile walked or cycled, and the funds can be donated once the a-thon fundraiser is completed.

39. Google Ad Grants

Google ad grants are a fantastic way to market your company. Google gives your company $10,000 in ad credits, and you can market your company in the way you wish! Google provides this money to nonprofits all over the world. You will be able to directly market to your audience, and they will be able to see your company and your mission for themselves.

40. Virtual Sponsorship

When creating a sponsorship package for your potential donors, think about making sponsorship levels. Potential donors can choose which level they want to put their money towards, and they will get rewarded. Rewards can be as simple as their company names on t-shirts and other products. Not only will you raise funds for your company, but the donor companies will get tons of exposure. 


Virtual fundraisers can create lots of funds for your company, as long as you choose the correct method that works for your company. If your company is on the smaller side, you probably wouldn’t choose to host a multi-day conference. By choosing a virtual fundraising event that works best for you and your company, you are sure to get as many funds as possible! 

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