Top must-haves in an event website!

Jay Sitapara
January 31, 2017

An event website is the internet presence which showcases the event. A website with an interactive user interface and precise information is bound to create buzz among the audience. It not only helps in building trust among your visitors but also depicts flawless planning and professionalism.

Talking about the industry trend, single page websites are a talk of the town. They are aesthetically vibrant and engage visitors in a unique way.

When a single page website is topped with distinctive features, every visit becomes more of a journey than a passive experience, which can do wonders for you!

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Hence, we have compiled a list of the must-haves for an event website which you can incorporate to create your next successful event website. Check it out:

1.Event Banner- It is the graphic image that announces the event name and purpose. It is the first thing which will create the impact on an audience. Hence, it should be a high-resolution image which is uncommon and inspiring enough to catch audience’s attention. A countdown timer is also a good option to create anticipation among the audience.

2. Event Logo- It serves as the emblem which will create the immediate recognition for the event. Therefore, it must be dynamic to encapsulate the essence of it. This identifiable piece of art must be simple yet connecting and appealing.

3. Event Highlights- This highlight showcases the data and figures about the event. It is recommended to add information such as a number of attendees, sponsors, speakers, etc. It should be just enough, not too much and not too little.

4. Participant’s profile- This part of the website is pitched to different strata of people to whom this event could be relevant and beneficial too. It clearly states what type of individuals, groups or communities are expected at the event by the organizers.

5. Agenda of the event- Nobody appreciates vague messed up agenda which fails to deliver clear schedule. Most importantly, it should be able to answer 4 basic questions- which event is happening, where is it happening, what time is it happening and who is speaking at it. We are sure nobody likes missing their favorite event.

6. List of speakers- In the flood of information, a well-defined list of speakers, their photograph with the summary is the must. A good summary tells readers enough about the speaker while keeping it interesting. Also, give the audience a chance by including ‘Be a speaker’ option. Keep it up to the point.

7. Include your allies- It is obligatory to give your partners enough space on the website. It gives them needful exposure while promoting the amalgamation of both the parties. This shows how you value contribution of others in making your event outstanding.

8. Contact us- Keep it easy for your guest to connect with you so that they can know that you aim to serve best. Be open to constructive criticism so that you can host the kick-ass event in the future.

9. FAQs- These are an integral part of good navigation and event presentation on the website. Most of the people visit FAQ page after Home. A well-curated FAQ will save a lot of headaches for both audience and organizer. The right Q&A can be instrumental in generating the potential audience.

10. Gallery of previous events- Pictures from previous events can familiarize the audience with the events you have conducted and the value your events hold. When this happens, your chances of converting an attendee into a lifelong attendee increases.

11. Major Events at the conference- It is an easy way to display the list of subordinate events with their titles, images and the brief summary. It should satisfyingly subsist all the relevant data so as to give the audience a smooth experience.

12. An exhibitor section- This rightfully conveys all the details about the exhibitors at the event with all their basic introduction. So that, your audience knows who is going to be the part of the event and where to engage. Invite exhibitors by keeping an option of ‘Register as Exhibitor’.

13. Organizing committee- This area speaks for the organizers. It is the committee which has planned, executed and successfully conducted the event. Generally, a brief introduction with their respective designation is included.

14. A clear-cut footer- This is the place where your visitor waited until the end to reach. Make sure its worth by including at least an email signup, contact details and embedded social media links. Keep it straightforward and you are all set to go!

Here is the list of top widgets you can’t miss on your next event website. Check it out:

1.Direct ticket box- Having direct ticket box not only builds trust but also shows legitimacy. There are going to be less number of people buying tickets for an event if they would be redirected to another website. Hence, integrate a ticket selling booth through which visitors can directly pay for the event on the website itself.

2. Integration with social media- Social media works no less than oral publicity. So, include all these links to a website, publicize your event and stay connected. It lets organizers talk, engage and get reviews from the audience. It is the smart way to give them a personalized feel. Click here to learn, Facebook page integration and Twitter timeline integration.

herePS: Want to know how Hubilo can help you plan a stress-free event? Know more about it Request a Demo.No longer you have to advertise your products or services in the television media for seizing the attention of potential consumers, here is the smart way to do it. Just broadcast it using on the Internet and you will be able to make the most of it.We, at Hubilo3. Facebook RSVP- 5. Add a reminder to- The best way to keep your attendee updated is to keep them reminded. Let them add a reminder to their Google calendar through this widget. You can also let them drop their number for reminder through SMS. Learn Feel free to contact us for help and let us know if you have some secret event website tricks up your sleeve we never stop learning! Happy planning!4. Include Google map of venue- herelive streaming This is the most important widget on your website. Make sure to deliver it precisely so that your attendees knows where to be and at what time. Don’t let them get confused or lost as you were too lazy to make a venue map. Including information regarding nearby accommodation to the venue is suggested. Click . to learn more.6. Live Streaming Widget- Social media is a game changer especially Facebook. Free tools like Facebook Events have enabled event organizers to increasingly extend their reach without spending a penny. This free tool which works like chain reaction is a must for digital marketing., are always more than happy to create such experiences for your attendees. The website of VG Startup Summit shown here was also powered by Hubilo. Keep yourself updated by connecting with us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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