Top 10 Virtual Conferences to Attend in 2020

Murtuza Ali
April 3, 2020

Want to attend virtual conferences, but can’t go out of your city?

No trouble at all! The year 2020 is full of virtual events and conferences for you to attend. You can be anywhere in the world and attend events online.

Because virtually, you’re everywhere.

So grab the opportunities that come your way and be ready to make most out of your event experience.

Let’s get one point straight — Virtual conferences and events are more cost-effective than physical events by all means. In addition to that, you get your flexibility, freedom and multi-tasking while you attend online conferences.

Moreover, you’re guaranteed to get valuable content and amazing engagement opportunities because the trend is actively shifting to virtual conferences.

With the epidemic of the Coronavirus spread, both event organizers and attendees like you are highly concentrating on virtual events and their core benefits to exploit.

Virtual Conferences in 2020

2020 is going to be a celebration year for you. There are a lot of online events happening in various industries at moderate ticket prices. With the aggressive use of technologies and the internet, it has become easier for event organizers to host virtual conferences and provide their attendees and guests with seamless event experience and other event benefits too.

When you look to attend online events, you want to obtain different advantages of attending them. Event networking, engagement, content, 1–1 interactions with your fellow attendees, interactions with speakers too.

All these are great aspects of an event that organizers are striving to provide you with. They work on making it a thrilling experience for you.

To help you with a list of some top virtual conferences, I’m listing them down below. You can jump onto them and find more information to decide on which ones to attend.

Here is a list of top 10 virtual conferences to attend in 2020:

1. Facebook Developers Conference — F8 | May 5–6, 2020

virtual event and virtual conferences

Facebook F8 is an annual conference held by Facebook. This is aimed for developers and entrepreneurs who build website products and services.

This is an important event for Facebook and their delegates. Facebook will exhibit its new technologies and apps to you. And will help you better understand how to use them for your business.

Facebook is prioritizing the health and safety of their people and community due to the Coronavirus spread. Thus they have recently announced that the mentioned event will take place virtual by exploring new ways of live-streamed content, videos and some locally hosted events.

You can sign up here to receive important and latest F8 2020 updates as they roll out them.

2. Free STAREAST Virtual Conference | May 6–7, 2020

virtual conference and virtual events

This is one of the most popular conferences organized by TechWell on software testing and quality assurance subjects.

The STAREAST Virtual conference will be streaming live from the event Orlando, May 6–7, 2020.

It includes the below presentations:

Five keynote presentations

Select industry technical presentations

And dozens of interviews with speakers and other experts attending the event.

The virtual conference also enables you to chat live during sessions with your fellow online attendees. Visiting the virtual Expo hall to explore the most recent demos and offerings from solution providers will be a fantastic opportunity for you.

To register for the event, please visit the site here.

3. IBM Think 2020 | May 5–7

virtual events

This is one of the best conferences around the globe, hosted by IBM.

Think 2020 event will be an amazing combination of live-streamed video content, interactive sessions and certifications and locally hosted events.

Your takeaways from the event -

Learn about the latest advancements in open technologies from hybrid multi-cloud to data and AI.

Interact with the luminaries who are using this tech to transform our lives.

Root your reinvention in this year’s reimagined event experience.

Expert content.

Register and secure your pass here.

4. Collision Conference | June 22–25

virtual events and virtual conferences

Collision 2020, June 22–25, will still happen for our 30,000 attendees. But online.

Collision is a major US technology conference by the same people, Web Summit that brought you Founders and Web Summit. Founders of Twitter, Pinterest, Netflix, Skype, Zappos, Tesla, Dropbox and hundreds more have attended these events.

Join tech industry leaders, as well as a select group of early stage startups virtually.

Collision from Home attendees will participate from wherever they are in the world, live streaming talks from tech CEOs, international policymakers and global cultural figures.

They’ll chat and connect with each other through the bespoke Collision from Home app and they’ll engage with some of the world’s most influential companies and fastest-growing startups.

Register your interest here.

5. Katapult Future Fest 2020 | May 18–20

Participate in an initiative that gathers world leaders and global experts to address the biggest challenges our planet is facing through technology and impact investing.

As an international convener, KFF — like all other players in the field — are affected by COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Katapult Future Fest 2020 has decided not to go through with our annual physical event in Oslo this May as planned.

The KFF20 experience will not be cancelled, but to meet the current situation we are re-wiring KFF20 in a decentralized format.

More information will come soon on how to join this year’s initiatives, take part in the conversation and host local events.

Get more information here.

6. Free EA Connect Day US 2020 | May 20

This is a leading Enterprise Architecture Conference for enterprise architects, IT executives and CEOs, hosted by LeanIX.

LeanIX is bringing together more than 100 technology experts digitally to discuss, deliberate, and resolve the most significant topics and challenges of EA and beyond.

What you get:

Inspiring keynotes by the best speakers.

Practical advice


Get your free ticket here.


10th Annual Award Winning 2020 ENERGY VALUATION CONFERENCE is hosted by Houston Chapter of the American Society of Appraisers.

The event is designed to combine prominent energy valuation professionals with exceptional networking opportunities. The speakers are great leaders in the energy industry from the USA. They will demonstrate a variety of perspectives in Business Valuation, Machinery & Technical Specialties, and Real Property appraisals.

Buy your tickets here.

8. Free DevSecCon24 — virtual conference | June 15, 2020

DevSecCon24 is the first virtual conference in the DevSecCon global conference series — all from the comfort of your home or office.

DevSecCon is excited to expand its series of conferences into the virtual arena to bring together DevOps and Security in a unique event run by practitioners, for practitioners. Attend the event for 24 hours of inspiring talks about DevSecOps — the practice of building security into development processes.

This is your chance to learn from key industry figures in a virtual environment and learn how DevOps and Security can work together to make continuously secure development a reality.

What you get:

Expert speakers’ content

Industry insights

Virtual expo

Register with the event

9. Sellers Summit 2020 | May 6–8

The event is focused on the eCommerce learning experience. You will get inspired by gaining all of the knowledge that is required to establish and run your own successful eCommerce business in this hybrid competitive marketplace.

The 2020 Sellers Summit provides a curriculum-based experience. You will learn practical actionable eCommerce strategies that actually work. Gain access to successful entrepreneurs who know their craft and are willing to educate you.

What you get:

Find profitable products to sell online

Import or manufacture goods from Asia or source product domestically

Improve your Amazon sales

Run effective advertising campaigns

Develop a high converting website

Create email funnels that generate sales on autopilot

Implement up to date strategies that are working today

Take your existing business from 4–5 figures to 6–7 figures and beyond.

Register now.

10. Free C3 2020 | May 11–13

virtual events and virtual conferences

Grab the exciting opportunity to obtain great content as a free, online experience.

Join to hear from Conductor leaders on the future of search and Conductor’s product.

Some of the best marketers attend this event. You will be able to connect with marketers through a digital dedicated chatroom. E-meet them and network.

What you will get:

Networking opportunities

Learn new tactics and strategies around marketing

Marketing concepts and actionable insights to empower your marketing organization

Save your spot here.

If you are considering taking your event online, refer to this article on “How to Shift to Virtual Events Amidst the COVID-19 Outbreak?”.

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