Top 17 Virtual Event Management Companies to Host Successful Online Events

Murtuza Ali
August 5, 2020

Being challenged to get your virtual events done?

Tired of searching for the best virtual event management companies for your events?

Struggling to make the right decision to partner with the most suitable virtual event planners & organizers?

If you’re facing these tough questions, this blog/article is for you that could potentially answer all your questions about the best possible online event management consultants, companies you may want to partner with.

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What are virtual event management companies?

Since the COVID-19 began, the actual definition of virtual event management companies has radically changed.

Now, virtual event management consultants/companies are those firms that are managing clients’ online events from start to finish - full project management. 

They have become one of the most indispensable partners that provide information, build strategies and execute virtual events for their clients and customers who want to get their online events done easily and successfully. 

Anyone who is new to virtual events certainly needs to get at least help and direction from them and try to put it into practice for the goods of events. 

Virtual event organizations develop the finest of approaches, make the process easy and use the best virtual event software to plan and execute events smoothly.

Event Planners

Whilst most of us are facing an enormous challenge and huge pressure to keep clients, audience and stakeholders happy, the same applies to event management companies to do it.

Hence the situation has really forced them to develop divergent thinking and come up with the full and most effective solution for online event management and delivery. 

The biggest thing I have ever heard from virtual event planners is - 

The major change that has come into existence over the last 3-4 months is pushing the customers’ demands to higher levels for their virtual events (new things are constantly on demand). Virtual events are also playing a role in increasing technological literacy for both planners and clients. 

What is the role of virtual event management companies during the current pandemic?

Let’s accept the fact that everyone’s role has immensely changed during the current pandemic. 

Irrespective of the industry you work in, you had to bear that change - to your role, work, output expectations, etc. 

So why does that change not apply to virtual event management companies? 

Yes! The role of the event consultants has changed - things have changed.

Tight budgets, high demands and fast delivery expectations from their clients have made it extremely challenging for virtual event planners to cope up with the requirements. 

However, good online event management companies are smart and thoughtful. They have learnt the craft profoundly - and are sure of how to make money, save money, where to pour money to achieve fantastic results and outputs. 

All this with the pure intent of solving the problems of their customers and helping them deliver memorable events online.

Role of virtual event companies

Virtual conferences, summits, exhibitions, trade shows, meetings, trade fairs, educational fair events, anything - they have to be detail oriented and snappy with the planning and execution of events at the same time.

They know and must know about the latest event technologies, easy-to use virtual event management platforms and keep themselves abreast of the new trends and perspectives that are shaping up in the event industry.

How are they measured?

Earlier event planners were measured on how they deliver in-person events at venues and their outcomes.

Now they are measured on their ability to execute events online and how much success they deliver with the highest possible use of their teams and the most recent event technologies that are appealing to their clients, sponsors and attendees.

How do they strive to make their clients and sponsors happy in the changing landscape of the event industry?

I am absolutely confident that this is the most interesting question you would like to know the answer to.

We serve and manage a lot of clients from various industries (event organizations, associations, corporates, media houses, non-profits, etc.) who have fire in their belly to deliver their virtual events in the most entertaining way possible using the best virtual event software

We encourage them to tell their stories to us. They express their an eager want to solve their problems. They want to fulfill their desires and level up their virtual even game.

Customer Satisfaction

From there, I would like to consider this opportunity to explain the answer to you.

Remember - event organizers and professionals are thinking or working to get either of these 2 things done when they land to us (in any way, they approach us or we approach them) - and yes, we surely take pride in helping them.

1 - They want to avoid potential problems they may not be aware of. So we illuminate light on it so that they become aware of the possible harm.

2 - They want to get better at what they do - level up and achieve new heights.

What is the 3rd point that they and we should be talking about? We would appreciate it if you could tell us what you think.

How do virtual event management companies make their clients and sponsors happy?

  • Being a good listener rather than a good talker
  • They are genuinely concerned about the problems their customers and sponsors face, not they face
  • They understand their clients’ requirements and goals
  • Believe in teaming up
  • They follow a universal rule of “interest” - to be interesting, be interested first
  • When they talk about their program and package benefits, they also talk about their flaws.
  • They are proactive and assertive
  • They are solution-oriented
  • They are honest and tell the truth
  • They build trust and credibility
  • Make communication flow easy and continuous with their clients and sponsors
  • Event organizers create value by going beyond expectations
  • Believe in word of mouth
  • Using the most suitable virtual event technologies
  • Always evaluate themselves and their work
  • Always willing to receive feedback and improve 
  • Keep themselves updated with the current event trends and industry

Top 17 virtual event management companies (event planners & organizers)

Top Virtual event companies

I would love to share the top 17 virtual event management consultants below for you all. These companies are really on their toes and pulling off their clients' virtual events successfully. 

They provide clear information and knowledge to their clients about how to execute virtual events and conferences.

These event, marketing, media agencies and tech & digital innovation firms are clever and keep themselves apprised of the latest trends of the event industry and ever-changing customers’ demands. 

They understand their client requirements, commit to event delivery and create memorable event experiences for both their clients and attendees. 

Let’s unveil those companies now.

Note: This is not a ranking of any companies or agencies. We do not rank these companies. This is an easy-to-use list we have created for our readers.

South Africa

1. Pace Digital 

PACE Digital has been a leading force in creating and managing Digital development and Marketing strategies since 2014. They have had many highly successful campaigns working with industry leaders, and our track record speaks volumes.

PACE provides full virtual event services as well to their clients. 

They believe live conferences and expos, the lifeblood of communication, showcasing products, brainstorming and networking, were thought to be a thing of the past, but this is not so, as shown by the emergence of effective Online Conference and Online Event Solutions.

Contact Pace Digital.

2. The Collaborative Exchange

The business offers independent strategic advisory and retail implementation strategies for asset managers, investment platforms and wealth managers within the South African retail landscape. Through our specialist skills in all aspects of the investment value chain, we help companies plan and execute strategies to penetrate key retail market segments.

Contact The Collaborative Exchange.


3. Target Exhibitions

Target Advertising & Marketing and been in the Exhibition Business since 1983 and specialise in building customised exhibitions stands globally. They  are a rapidly growing company and have been constructing stands - be it in Middle East, Asia, Europe or North America.

Target Exhibitions has expertise and tremendous capabilities to organise & execute mega events that have become a real trendsetter such as Vibrant Gujarat Global Investment Summit, Sparkle- a GoG sponsored Gem & Jewels Mega Show and Home Expo to name the few. With all in-house infrastructure backed by qualified manpower, they are capable of turning the basic brief to a resounding mega event.

Contact Target Exhibitions.

4. Showcase Events

Showcase Events provides end-to-end solutions for all your event needs, Pan-India. The first step is getting to know you, your vision, and your event goals then we create an innovative concept and work plan so that on the day of your event everything is executed flawlessly and professionally.

Portfolia: Corporate events, social & cultural events, artists, social media management, corporate videos.

Contact Showcase Events.

5. GPJ India

GPJ India is a subsidiary of GPJ worldwide, the world's #1 ranked experience marketing agency. Established in 2002, GPJ India is one of India’s leading experience marketing agencies and is built on a reputation of sound strategic thinking and innovative experience marketing solutions that have led to winning many industry awards and best practice awards.

They have delivered more than 700 events, exhibits and activations annually for blue chip clients in IT, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Telecom and Healthcare sectors, in more than 80 cities and towns.

Contact GPJ India.

6. Yash Infosystems

Yash Infosystems provide Websites, Software and Customized Mobile Apps for Events. Whether it is a Medical Event, tradeshow or any other Registration Website with Payment Gateway Integrations, they do it end to end with perfection.

Get in touch with Yash Infosystems.

7. Morph Digital Solution       

Morph is a creative technology company that produces ‘Next Gen’ experiences for brands and enterprises around the world. 

From Films and Applications, Spatial Experiences for experience centers, Phygital Experiences for events, to Immersive Experiences for story-telling, they curate the best technology and make it relevant to your objectives.

Contact Morph Digital Solution.

8. Green Aims

Green Aims provided reliable web hosting, specialized website designing and principled search engine optimization.

They also provide event services for their clients.

They are dedicated to providing innovative and high quality convention website designs. They ensure that all our sites are reachable to the widest possible audience, easily updatable, and meet your business objectives by offering creative and productive solutions.

Contact Green Aims.

9. HMA Travels

HMA is a full services, IATA certified travel agency. A part of the Bajaj Group of companies, it is one of the most experienced travel agencies in the business with over 50 years of experience.

They organize retreat and corporate events for their clients. 

Contact HMA Travels. 

10. YDRA

YDRA is one of the finest event management companies based in India. With years of experience, they deliver full event services to their clients, ranging from event, exhibition and activation.

Their splendid team is always ready to accept challenges and provide solutions.


11. American Program Bureau

American Program Bureau (APB) connects you to the world’s foremost thought leaders and motivational speakers: former heads of state, champions of social justice, inspiring business leaders, futurists and one of the largest speaker rosters in the industry. Creativity is in our DNA. 

APB literally transformed the old “lecture circuit” into “infotainment” and the dynamic speaking experiences of today. They made our name at the height of the civil rights movement, providing a platform for voices that might otherwise not be heard, including Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Dick Gregory and others. 

With APB, you’re never on your own. If a speaker cancels at the last minute, they will work diligently to find a replacement or facilitate a remote solution. 

Get in touch with American Program Bureau.

Trinidad and Tobago

12. TCJ Management Company Limited

TCJ’s ultimate goal is to create lasting impressions for our clients - corporate brands and private individuals. We know that your event holds significance to you.

They pledge to help clients:
Achieve your event goals and objectives
Select the best vendors for your event
Develop and work within your set budget
Execute your event just as you envisioned.

TCJ’s Corporate Events range from Product/Media launches and Customer Appreciations, Ribbon Cuttings and Grand Openings, Staff Appreciation and Award Ceremonies to Event Marketing (Promotional Activities to support your marketing activities).  

Get in touch with TCJ Events.

13. Revolution CMES

Revolution CMES is a leading event management solution company. 

They provide great solutions for Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, Exhibitions, etc.  The teams believe in serving their clients with optimum quality and satisfaction.

They help their clients with full event services from concept, idea design, operations and delivery for their events. 

Contact Revolutions CMES


14. High Growth Partner Limited

High Growth Partner (HGP) is focused on operating business where technology & distribution makes a decisive difference.

The firm's distinctive advantage is the approach of the founding partners who believe in being "Hands On"​, bringing an Operating Edge to our involvement. The firm strives to build value by driving product/service innovation, process rigor and growth sustainability. 

Contact High Growth Partner.


15. Worldef Global Organization

WORLDEF is the first and only international education, event, and consultancy organization in Turkey, has focused on improving Turkey's manufacturing power and capacity by e-export with the support of Turkish Exporters' Assembly (TIM) and the Ministry of Trade. It has the vision of making Turkey a regional e-commerce center. It aims to make e-export more accessible to SMEs and retail brands.

Get in touch with Worldef Global.


16. VietApps Company Limited

VietApps has an expert team of business managers with years of experience combined with a team of programming experts from outsourcing companies. They have extensive experience in consulting, designing, programming and providing enterprise management software of all kinds.

The company provides a full virtual event management solution for their clients using an easy virtual event platform. 

Contact VietApps. 


17. BRN Associates

BRN Associates offers  client solutions in the field of Event Management, Exhibits, Ambiance, and Conventional as well as Digital Marketing Services.

They know very well about their clients’ interests & desires, what their business objectives are and how to support them. They work with their clients as a team and build up mutually beneficial long term relationships.

Contact BRN Associates

Final Word

You could find plenty of event management companies across the globe, that are providing virtual event management services. But the onus is on you to determine what types of event planning consultants are suitable to you and your events, kind of support you need, virtual event tech they use and overall event delivery.

It comes down to your research, findings and best decision making. Let's make sure you search for and work with the most suitable virtual event management firms that can match your event needs and help you deliver wonderful event experiences.

virtual event software

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