Integrate two-way engagement into hybrid events with Hubilo

December 4, 2021

Events bring people together. And hybrid events do so in such a unique way that it can create challenges for event planners and organizers. For instance, in addition to all the moving elements, the audience will be a mix of live and virtual attendees. Replicating the way an audience engaged during a physical event solely won’t deliver the best experience for audiences attending hybrid live and digital conferences.

So, how can event planners ensure that they connect in-person and virtual audiences, as well as offer an engaging event, without sacrificing the entire event experience or making things too complicated?

The answer is simple: find a unified event platform that enhances events, advances audience engagement, and delivers seamless integration.

Hubilo’s hybrid solution serves to meet the needs of event organizers to ensure flawless execution and increased engagement, and here’s how.

Touchless check-in and badge printing for on-site attendees

Check-in lines can be extremely inconvenient. Having a secure and quick check-in process can create a great first impression of safety and thoughtfulness. With Hubilo's hybrid platform, you can now offer a touchless check-in experience and badge printing to your attendees using QR code scanners. Attendees can also be given customized badges during this process.

It gets better! The check-ins work without WiFi to ensure a failsafe registration. Also, you can enable walk-in attendees to register easily on the spot and boost your event attendance.


Personalized attendee experience and analytics

Maintaining relevance improves the attendee experience. Hubilo enables audience segmentation and administration, allowing for customized experiences like restricted access to specific groups in certain event sections, VIP experiences, and curating relevant experiences for different groups. Organizers can even track on-site participants' attendance at the event and use marketing automation to boost attendance by targeting registrants who haven't attended previously.

Simplifying hybrid for everyone

While the speakers are streamed in for the audiences, they can interact with both the virtual and in-person audience using the Hubilo app using Chats and Polls and can see the questions the attendees are asking- all from one place. The sponsors get access and visibility to both sets of audiences, leading to more leads from the event.


Engage and connect audiences with our mobile app

Disconnected audiences lead to sub-par audience engagement. Hubilo’s mobile app allows in-person and virtual audiences to identify and connect with one another from any location.

Both audiences can participate in different areas of the event, such as the Event Feed, Polls, Chats, 1-1 Meetings, and discussions in Rooms or Lounges, saving event organizers time and effort in dealing with the two audiences separately. It also serves as the central ‘knowledge hub’ for all ongoing activities, both in-person and online. What’s more, in-person attendees can schedule meetings and will be informed of the location where their meeting will take place.

Seamless on-site lead retrieval for sponsors

Prioritizing leads is crucial for sponsors. Delivering ROI and empowering sponsors is easy with our on-site lead retrieval solution. Sponsors can use the Hubilo app to gather lead data and lead quality, as well as retrieve the data in real-time. The leads exported from the virtual and in-person booth can be accessed from one place. On exporting the analytics, nurturing qualified leads becomes a lot easier.

Meaningful engagement with connected audiences is achievable. The right hybrid platform will enable seamless and simple execution for your in-person and virtual events.

Unleash the power of hybrid events with Hubilo.

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Hubilo is the event professional’s event platform for live, hybrid, and virtual events. Founded over 5 years ago to revolutionize engagement at in-person events, the company makes it easy to bring people together anywhere, anytime. Hubilo’s powerful engagement features, personal client experience team, and custom branding tools have helped create over 12K events and counting. Headquartered in Bangalore and San Francisco, Hubilo’s nearly 400 employees are dedicated to co-creating the world’s most important events: yours.

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