The Ultimate Event App Features Checklist

Jay Sitapara
November 14, 2017

Every event app provider is going to be different. From creating a social stream, including games and more, monitoring all of it can be difficult. Use this checklist to make sure you have all the essential features you need to make your event experience personalized and extraordinary.

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This checklist is divided into 5 primary categories to ensure we cover smallest of the smallest feature. 

#1. Technology: Is the technology you’re being provided innovative enough and will it be meeting your event demands?

Mobile platform: Native (iOS & Android); Web (HTML)

Customization: Branding options with logos and banners, colours, screens, etc.

Registration Platform: Easy method to preload attendee information or register through the app.

Offline mode: Access to event app without data network connection.

Multiple event access: Access to multiple events from a single app.

Admin panel: Ability to update event data in real-time through CMS.

Closed network: Open or closed registration options and ability to retain attendee privacy.

Last-minute activation: Ability to keep certain features/content hidden until showtime.

Security: Ability to ensure third-party security services.

Location-based messages: Send push notifications to attendees present in nearby areas of iBeacons.

QR Code scanning: Built-in QR code scanner for games, exhibitor booth check-ins, etc.

#2. Content management: Can event app be updated in real-time and easily managed?

Agenda/Schedule: Ability to personalize schedule, check-in, filter sessions and track time and date.

Attendee profile: Ability to search other attendee and sort according to their name, interest, etc. and personal messaging.

Speaker profile: Speaker profile, bio and other relevant information, access to their content, rate & bookmark their sessions.

Exhibitor/Sponsor list: Company profiles with relevant information, access to their content, bookmark and easy to navigate map layout to their booth.

Venue map: Interactive map with point-to-point directions.

Documents: Uploading content and downloading it via email.

Video: In-built video player.

Photos: Ability to upload photos to the activity stream.

Promotion: Easy to add images or sponsored content in the activity stream at a specified time and its scheduling.

Push messages: Push notifications with custom messages for a specified group of attendees.

#3. Audience engagement: How helpful will it be for attendee engagement?

My agenda: Personalize your agenda.

Activity stream: Personalization of activity stream with favourited speakers, attendees, exhibitors, etc.

Bookmarking; Bookmarking speakers, exhibitors, sessions, sponsors, sessions, etc.

Live polling: Conduct real-time polls and discussion forums.

Surveys: Ask multiple choice or subjective questions.

Rate & Review: Rate speakers, sessions and many other things based on a 5- star review system and include a text review as well.

Activity feed: Show all the status updates & images, promoted messages, upcoming sessions reminders, etc.

Social Media Integration: Allow status updates to be shared simultaneously on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

Attendee profile: Include basic attendee information with social media accounts, topics of interest, designation and company name, etc.

Status updates: Publish status updates with text/images/videos.

Comment/Like: Like or comment on other people’s status. Indication of popular topics or influential people on activity feed.

@mentions/#hashtags: Ability to tag people with @mention and use of #EventHashtag.

Attendee match-making: Ability to suggest people to the network based on their interest, designation, etc.

Following: Ability to follow attendee and their activity.

Private message: Allow attendees to send in-app private messages to other attendees.

Session check-in: Allow attendees to check-in at the sessions to track their attendance.

#4. Event App Analytics: How easily can you access analytics in real-time and generate actionable data?

Post-event app engagement: Report of event data including the number of active users and total in-app actions. View total number of bookmarks, status updates, comments, likes, check-ins, surveys, photos and ratings. View breakdown of device, speaker, exhibitor, sponsors , etc.

Event performance: Real-time event app analytics to depict important engagement going on at the event. View event app adoption score and engagement score.

Recommendations: View recommendation for improvements on event performance.

App adoption funnel: View email invites sent, open rate, click-through rate, app logins and overall conversion rate.

Attendee experience: View overall attendee engagement score.

Usage stats: View total number of users, actions taken, status updates, likes, comments, bookmarks, check-ins,  surveys, polls, impressions, engagement rate, etc.

Downloadable reports: Generate data reports on overall attendee engagement with respect to each actions takes.

#5. Revenue generation: Can you generate revenue from the app?

Lead Generation: Scan badges containing QR Codes, Add notes to scanned leads and update instantly. Grant or remove booth staff permissions to scan leads. Booth admins can export lead leads anytime.

Sponsorship opportunities: Promotes status updates in the activity feed. Sponsored content- surveys, polls, badges, push notifications, documents, iBeacon. etc. Highlighted booth in the Interactive maps.

Evaluate the mobile app based on this features checklist in order to create the perfect one for your event. 

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Jay Sitapara

Jay Sitapara is an engineer having an inclination towards innovation in technology. Jay is a guest contributor to the official blog for Hubilo, an event-tech startup which aims to change the way how events are organised and people network at events. Jay is particularly passionate about crafting stimulating, resourceful and in-depth guides for Event Planners. He is specifically interested in effective use of event technology and social media for greater ROI through innovative thinking and skills. Jay is also a Digital Marketer, Editor, Community Manager and a regular contributor to Hubilo Blog. His philic nature is prone to dogs, poetry, coffee, friends and coffee with friends. If you're on Twitter, say Hello to him @jsitapara and follow his articles on

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