[New Feature] Use Real-Time Translation to Make Your Virtual Event Multilingual and Globally Accessible

Falguni Jain
March 30, 2021

We’ve experienced firsthand how virtual events provide an opportunity to upscale and extend the event’s reach, making it possible to invite attendees and speakers from across the globe. Yet language can be a major barrier to entry.While English is the primary language used at many events, ideas and thoughts are better communicated if there is the option to present the session in one’s native language. Similarly, when attendees are able to select the session language of their choice, their comprehension improves, due to which their engagement rates increase dramatically.You’ve spent all that effort and money in setting up the event because you want attendees to appreciate and take away some learnings. Why let it all go to waste when your virtual event platform can address this issue?Even more so, in some cases, having multilingual interpretation is an actual requirement and not just an add on. You worked hard on your content, make sure you nail the delivery. Your message and branding deserves to be diffused, that too in a way that makes a meaningful impact.But independently sourcing live interpreters and managing the cost and complexity around arranging additional software, hardware, and service (along with the stressful process of hosting the event itself) can be one of the biggest challenges for any virtual event organizer.To solve for this, we’ve partnered with Interprefy – a Swiss remote simultaneous interpretation platform that offers a cloud-based solution for all kinds of meetings and events.This partnership will enable you to use the services of Interprefy to translate your virtual event into multiple languages, through Interprefy's real-time translation service.

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How does it work?

All you need to do is reach out to your customer success representative and provide them with the session information (such as date, time, source and destination languages). Post this, an Interprefy team member will reach out to you with a payment link and then provide you the token link. You just have to add the token link in the Sessions tab's Advanced Settings (in the Organizer Dashboard), and you are good to go.Pro Tip: Make sure you also add Interprefy’s project manager as an attendee to your event, so that they can access the live session and facilitate remote interpretation. [caption id="attachment_8488" align="aligncenter" width="640"]

Organizer View While Enabling Interprefy

Organizer View While Enabling Interprefy[/caption]Once set up, your attendees will be able to listen to a live translation of any session by clicking on Start Interpreting, then selecting a language of their choice in the Interprefy widget and muting the video player.Also, attendees will have the option to change the interpretation language or disconnect at any time.Yes, it’s that simple![caption id="attachment_8489" align="aligncenter" width="640"]

Attendee View Post Enabling Interprefy

Attendee View Post Enabling Interprefy[/caption]

Key benefits of multilingual session interpretation with Hubilo + Interprefy:

  • Real-time translation for your event.
  • Multilingual interpretation by professional, conference-level interpreters.
  • Makes your virtual event accessible to a diverse and global audience.
  • Crystal-clear audio quality for your attendees with high translation accuracy.
  • Easy to set up so that you can focus on running an amazing event.
  • End to end support from Hubilo and Interprefy teams.
  • Compatible across web and mobile.

Want to activate multilingual interpretation through Interprefy in your next virtual event? Reach out to your customer support representative or drop us a mail on support@hubilo.com.

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Falguni Jain

Falguni is an MBA graduate and a Business Development Professional turned Content Marketer. She has experience working in Tourism and Event industries. She is passionate about writing various types of content, from quotes, epigrams, micropoetry and short stories to long-form content on Branding, Digital Marketing and Event Technology. Having spent her life living in different parts of the world, she is always fascinated by travelling, meeting new people and learning about their cultures. Connect with her on <a href="https://www.linkedin.com/in/falguni-jain/"> LinkedIn</a>.

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