User-Document- The Ultimate Event App Feature to Personalize Your App

Himani Sheth
November 15, 2018

Event apps have a range of purposes from attendee management to attendee engagement. The ROI that an event app provides when done right, is worth the investment.

Planners are often in a dilemma in terms of the event app features that they should include so that they maximize attendee convenience and interaction with the app leading to a higher event app adoption rate.

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One of the key factors in deciding upon the features to be included is attendee experience. Personalization is key to the overall experience that your event app provides to the attendees. We always try and keep in mind this aspect while we develop our event app features.

Our all-new event app feature i.e. the ‘User Document’ widget it the result of this process.

What exactly is the ‘User Document’ widget?

A part of our event app features, the user document widget helps organizers upload attendee specific documents to the app that can be accessed using the widget that can either be displayed in the side menu or within the bottom tab of the event app.

What can count as user documents?

User-specific documents are personalized documents meant for individual attendees or a group of attendees. These documents can be uploaded on to your event app in the form of PDFs. These can be anything from flight tickets, hotel details to instructions or guidelines.

What is the use of these documents?

User-specific documents make it really convenient for the attendees as it lets them access all the important details they require from your event app itself, making your app a handy, must-use event tech tool.

Here’s a scenario, for e.g. to give you some context as to how these documents can be used: You’ve organized a corporate incentive event at an outstation destination. Hotels and transportation have been booked for each of your attendees. You’ve also planned multiple activities, dividing your employees into teams in order to encourage corporate team building.

With user-specific documents feature, you can upload tickets and hotel bookings for your attendees. In terms of the activities you’ve planned, you can prepare detailed instructions for each of your teams and upload these instructions for team events for specific attendee groups.

Your employees can access it all directly from your corporate incentive app in the form of a widget, making it easier for you to manage it all instead of having a separate orientation session and a long mailing list.

How does it work?

To break it down, here is a step by step process of how user documents are added to the app:

Step 1: Add the ‘User Document’ widget from the App Builder

user document event app feature

Step 2: Name the widget and set an icon for the same and click ‘Save’

user document event app feature

Step 3: Link your Google Drive

user document event app feature

Step 4: Upload the documents required on your Google Drive folder

user document event app feature

Step 5: Map the documents to the relevant attendees using the sample CSV files

user document event app feature

In order to understand how exactly the user-specific documents works it is best to understand how the event app is personalized for each attendee in the first place. Event organizers can upload a list of individual attendees and have them create their own attendee profile within the app.

This way, each profile is specific to each attendee. In order to restrict access to the event app, organizers can set up an identifier using which, the attendee would log into the app. This identifier can either be an e-mail ID or a custom field such as username, employee code, etc. This could easily be done from our event app builder.

Attendees can insert their identifier and use either a password or an OTP as per process set up by the organizer and log into the app. Coming to the functionality of user-specific documents, the first, most obvious question would be, how would the system know which document is meant for which attendee?

In order to upload specific documents that only the attendee for whom it is meant can see, organizers can upload the documents using the identifier that they have set up for the app login.

So, for e.g., if you have set up the login process in a way where attendees can log in using their registered email ID, the documents can be uploaded against the same email ID for it to be displayed on their app.

How is this done? Through a simple CSV file upload and a cloud platform to store the documents. Hubilo’s user-specific documents feature currently helps event planners upload the documents on the cloud using Google Drive. Attendees can be added to your database using a simple CSV file.

Organizers can download a sample CSV format from their dashboard. Once the CSV is downloaded, they are required to write the name of the document as uploaded on Google drive with the extension of the file type.

user document event app feature

So, for e.g., if it is a PDF file named ‘Ticket’ that has been uploaded on the app, you’ll have to enter ‘Ticket.pdf’ against the email ID of the attendee for whom the document is meant to be visible. Voila! The system takes care of the rest. The documents shall be displayed on individual attendee profiles within the app as a widget.

This widget is one of the most user-friendly and handy ways to personalize your app for your attendees.

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