The Virtual Conference “Code Beam LITE Virtual” for Erlang Solutions was powered by Hubilo’s Virtual Event Platform

Archan Dholakia
April 10, 2020

Case Study Overview
About Erlang Solutions
Code Beam Lite

Case Study Overview

Name of the ClientErlang SolutionsLocationUnited KingdomName of the EventCode Sync LITE VirtualIndustryIt & Software ServicesHubilo Product UsedVirtual Event PlatformNo. of Attendees221

ChallengesSolutionResultsAlternative to Physical Conference  Hubilo’ Virtual Event Platform with Concierge Service and Zoom Integration Easy migration of conference to Virtual conference
Offer strong value to Sponsorship Partners Dedicated Sponsors Booth

Smart Match-making functionality Consistency and Continuity in the Conference series Attendee Engagement Similar to Physical Conference Live Q&A and Live Polling

Virtual Contests Extension in community benefits

Data Analytics about Event Engagements and other dimensionsUse existing registration setup for Virtual Conference registration Eventbrite Integration Improved event scalabilityOne-to-One Networking for Attendees Virtual Meeting & Networking  Chat Rooms Better Sponsorship Experience

About Erlang Solutions & Code Beam LITE

Erlang Solutions is a global technology company working with clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. They provide a wide range of products, on-site/remote consulting, support to architecture/code reviews and training that are based on open-source technologies like Erlang, Exilir & BEAM technology.

Code Sync Beam Conferences are a family of global conferences powered by Erlang Solutions, consolidating the tech conferences we’ve been organizing since 2008.

Creating Code Sync was a part of the commitment they made to open their tech conferences to a global audience and to spread the culture of Learn. Share. Inspire.

Code Sync also retains each conference’s individual personality, identity and focus as:

Code BEAM - Discovering the Future of the Erlang Ecosystem

Code BEAM Lites - Satellite events of Code BEAM

Code Elixir - Connecting the Elixir Community

Code Mesh - Exploring Alternative Tech​​


Alternative to Physical Conference

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Erlang under Code Sync Lite organizes anywhere between 5 to 10 conferences dedicated to the community of software professionals working on the Erlang, Elixir and BEAM ecosystem. The idea is to share new technology updates and learn from the best use cases of using these programming languages.

However, Erlang solutions and Code Sync had a serious question posed about hosting these events amidst the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns that followed it.

Soon it seemed clear that many of their upcoming conferences under Code Sync brand would be impacted due to the pandemic. While marketing presentations can be delivered over a webinar, a community conference with a detailed and exhaustive agenda cannot rely only upon a webinar platform.

This is when a team from Erlang’s conference organizing committee started to explore an alternative to a physical conference that was not a webinar.

Offer strong value to Sponsorship Partners

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Code Sync conferences have a strong and consistent sponsorship for years with a variety of its sponsorship partners. Ensuring a greater value for money to sponsors regardless of the nature and medium of the event was another challenge.

Code sync had been consistently providing their sponsors with a superior platform to scout professional talents. Sponsors every year apart from getting brand visibility also hired filtered talent for software development. Webinar platforms failed to provide any similar match finding feature to the team.

Apart from this, a webinar as an alternative offered little or no value that could be extended to the sponsors.

Attendee Engagement Similar to Physical Conference

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During every Code Sync Beam Conference, the entire community of Erlang & Exilir developers would engage at various levels. Any conference would have the following activities being done offline:

  • Technology Updates delivery by Erlang & Exilir veteran professionals
  • Team of professionals would provide updates about key projects
  • Experts would share client/user stories to extend the exposure
  • A group activity that involves a real-time coding challenge
  • A panel discussion on trending tech topics

A webinar restricted them to just One-to-many communication and hence failed to deliver an experience no way near to a physical event.

Use existing registration setup for Virtual Conference registration

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Code sync has been organizing BEAM LITE and other conferences for the last 8 years. The team had been using Eventbrite for registrations. Moreover, they had already begun taking registrations for future conferences in advance through Eventbrite, already.

Any solution opted for against the physical event required capabilities of integrating with the Eventbrite registration portal.  

One-to-One Networking for Attendees

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Live physical conferences allow every member of the community to have one-to-one meeting opportunities to expand their network.

A webinar did not allow them to offer the same networking opportunity to its members for 1-to-1 networking.


Hubilo’s Virtual Event Platform with Concierge Service and Zoom Integration

A virtual event platform with the ability to hosts parallel speaker sessions, Agenda-wise session tracks, one-to-one chats, networking set-up, integration with Zoom for video communications and Eventbrite integrations to import registration details. The feature-rich virtual portal was an apt alternative to the actual physical event.

Additionally, Hubilo offered a specialized concierge service to the organizers for managing the entire portal and assisting the event’s MC to host the entire virtual event.

Dedicated Sponsors Booth and Smart Match-making functionality

Virtual Platform provided by Hubilo offers an exclusive space similar to a physical booth during an offline event. Sponsors could set up their profiles, list services, and their associates could send and receive meeting requests and business cards.

Additionally, Hubilo mapped all relevant profiles and suggested a perfect match as sought by sponsors for their open positions. This was one thing Code Sync Beam sponsors use to do at every conference while offline.

Live Q&A, Live Polling and Virtual Contests

The virtual platform allowed organizers to conduct Q&A during the the live sessions to bring to life the interaction with attendees and speakers.

The team also conducted polling to understand audiences’ opinions about the future event’s timings and other technology related sentiments that were captured through polling functionality.

Finally, to boost the participants' motivation and add fuel to their enthusiasm, Code syn organized contests and rewarded winners all managed through Hubilo using the contest module.

Eventbrite Integration

Hubilo has a tight integration with Eventbrite. Organizers had to just connect their Eventbrite accounts to add attendees to the platform directly as and when they registered on Eventbrite.

Virtual Meeting & Networking Chat Rooms

Code Sync used Hubilo’s Virtual meetings session rooms to allow attendees to network with each other during the course of the event.

Attendees can see their fellow attendees either by visiting “Attendee Section” or by “Profile based Suggestions” provided by Hubilo’s matchmaking engine.

An attendee can view the profile of another attendee and send a meeting request. Once the request is accepted both parties receive a Google meet link which they can use to conduct 1-1 networking meeting.

Bonus offering 

Taking the conference online brought another advantage to them. The virtual event has the ability to let attendees watch all the sessions on-demand throughout the event and even after that. This allows organizers to offer access to their conference content to be accessed over the period of time as an addition.

Note: Images used in solutions are indicative yet similar to the actual client’s event. We have used illustrations to abide by the information & privacy of our clients

It takes months to plan, a lot of hard work to bring forth an event that is meant to let people interact, network and share knowledge. There has to be a better solution than cancellation.

A virtual event works very well during such times. Consider taking your event digital with Hubilo’s Virtual Conference & Meeting Solutions.

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