Maiden Virtual Conference in India the “Lockdown Summit” by Tessarakt Experiential entrusted Hubilo’s Virtual Event Software

Archan Dholakia
April 14, 2020

Case Study Overview
About Tessarakt Experiential
About Lockdown Summit 2020

Case Study Overview

Name of ClientTessarakt ExperientialLocationBangalore, IndiaName of EventLockdown Summit, 2020IndustryMedia & Production AgencyHubilo Product UsedVirtual Event PlatformNo. of Attendees300+

ChallengesSolutionBringing all event industry professional together but not physically Virtual Conference held on a Virtual Event platformGo live in 4 days !!!Hubilo Concierge ServicesOrganize multiple sessions with multiple speakersVirtual Session halls on Virtual Event PlatformEngage 300+ attendees virtuallyVirtual GamificationShow sponsors the worth of Virtual ConferenceExclusive Virtual Sponsor Booth

About Tessarakt Experiential

Tessarakt Experiential is a creative event production company based out of Bangalore, India. The organization offers event productions and media services to some of the world’s leading companies.

Tassarakt has maintained a high reputation with corporates when it comes to organizing events that propel the brand visibility and creates a strong foundation for enterprises to build a stronger consumer community.

About Lockdown Summit 2020

The purpose of the event was to bring all the stakeholders of event experiential industry together and showcase what changes are happening across the board during lockdown be it work, engagement, virtual, experiential events and other stuff.



Bringing all of the event industry professionals together but not physically.

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Tessarakt Experiential conceptualizes events, conferences & summits for some of the leading enterprises and also often hosts & organizes summits that address ongoing industry trends. With the uncertainty within the events industry about the event strategies and the future of experiential marketing, the Tessarekt team wanted to assemble every influential and experienced event professionals to share their experiences and ideas on the same.

The idea came around a time when the entire nation was observing a precautionary lockdown because of the global pandemic. This restricted team Tesserakt conducting any sorted to a physical conference.

Go live in 4 days !!!

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Tessarakt team conceptualized the idea of having a summit virtually during the lockdown and announced the “Lockdown Summit 2020”.

However, while exploring the market with all available video conferencing and webinar platforms they realized that these tools while great for video communications they fell short of taking over the experience of physical to virtual. This was important for Tessarakt since they as an organization is focused on delivering an experience, not just host communication.

With the last 5 days remaining for the date announced, they were yet to finalize a platform for their summit that not only could deliver the experience of a physical event online but also become easy to manage.

virtual event platform

Organizing multiple sessions with multiple speakers

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The Lockdown Summit 2020 was originally planned to host 8-9 different sessions one after the other with a show anchored by a professional just like any physical summit but with speakers delivering their sessions sitting home. At the same time, they wanted to ensure that the attendees could network, participate in Q&As and also get to view sessions agenda and their chronology with the ability to register separately for each session.

Engage 300+ attendees virtually

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Tessarkt conceptualized events often see a large influx of participating audience, for the Lockdown summit the organizing team was anticipating anywhere between 200-250 attendees.

With the summit being held physically, they would have had enough tools to design the engagement experience but with the summit being conceptualized online the major challenge organizers had was to plan the audience engagement.


Virtual Conference held on a Virtual Event platform


A virtual event platform with the ability to host parallel speaker sessions, Agenda-wise session tracks, one-to-one chats, networking set-up, integration with Zoom for video communications and Eventbrite integrations to import registration details. The feature-rich virtual portal was an apt alternative to the actual physical event.

Hubilo Concierge Services

Hubilo offered a specialized concierge service to the organizers for managing the entire portal and assisting the event’s MC to host the entire virtual event.

Hubilo’s expert event consultants smoothly handled it or the complete event tech set-up under the timeframe of 4 days.

Day 1 - Hubilo’s support/operations team onboarded the event organizer and get them acquainted with the virtual event platform that was created considering their needs and interests.

Day 2 - Our event technology experts provided meticulous supervision to the client in managing and publishing the full event content, consisting of all presentations and other sponsored documents.

Day 3 - All 7-8 event speakers along with the show’s emcee were given training about conducting their sessions remotely.

Day 4 - The entire event was rehearsed just like they do for a physical event.

As a result, the summit was smoothly and successfully ran for an entire day and the virtual culmination ceremony was held in the evening

Virtual Session halls on Virtual Event Platform


The virtual summit used Hubilo’s Agenda module to layout a session track with “One Click” registration capabilities.

  • Attendees could view timings of various sessions
  • View session agenda in detail
  • View speaker’s profile and credentials
  • Register for sessions of their interest with a single click
  • Take notes using a built-in feature
  • Post experience and other media on the live feed.

Virtual Gamification

To lift-up the experience of around 300+ attendees and that too virtually, Hubilo’s contest module along with the networking was used.

Lockdown Summit 2020 had 3 different types of contests planned after consulting our team of event tech experts.

  1. Entry Contest
    For this contest, the attendees needed to sign up for the event competition and participate based on the rules. Attendees need to sign up for the event and enter a selfie or photo as per the rules to participate.
  2. Best Response Contest
    This contest was very simple and needed no pre-registration from the attendees. This module is best when the reward system for your gamification activity is based on attendee engagement.
  3. Quiz Contest
    This is one of the most common and most well-known modules for event contests; the quiz. Planners actively engaged with attendees in quizzes and trivia at the end of each session. They could add as many questions as they want and set up the rules as required. Attendees could participate and get a spot on the leader board accordingly.

Exclusive Virtual Sponsor Booth


Whenever Tessarakt does an event it involves multiple sponsors & so was the case was Lockdown summit as well. When you go virtual, you need to offer more value than just a Sponsor logo to lure sponsors.

Virtual Platform provided by Hubilo offers an exclusive space similar to a physical booth during an offline event. Sponsors could set up their profiles, list services, and their associates could send and receive meeting requests and business cards.


Experience of organizing Virtual Events and Taking Experiential Marketing Online

The event industry has been hit hard due to the pandemic, this posed a challenge for the event production and conceptualization at a physical level.

To be able to organize virtual events and take experiential marketing online for themselves and their clients, Tessarakt has now found a trusted and proven virtual event solution provider, Hubilo online event platform.

This enables them to keep up with the expansion of their service portfolio and build even better relationships and credibility with their target audience.

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