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January 20, 2022

How to amplify event engagement is a question we’re often asked at Hubilo.

What if we told you that you can now engage attendees with a live social media feed during the event? And what if you could host this experience within your event platform?

Isn’t that the dream?

If used correctly, your social channels can become an excellent source of user-generated content, which can be used in multiple ways even after the live event has ended.

Let’s take a look at how to use social media to amplify event engagement with and Hubilo’s Embed Your App feature. and Hubilo integration - how does it work is a social media aggregator. It curates and displays event-related posts from various social media platforms into a unified social feed.

By integrating with, Hubilo enables you to bring this unified feed to the event platform. Attendees can now follow your social media posts without ever leaving the event.

To set up a social wall, you can use your existing account or create a new one. Follow this up by adding the social channels you want to aggregate and pull specific event-related posts through the use of unique hashtags.

You can assign moderators to review posts and decide which ones appear on your event's social wall. You can also highlight specific posts and customize the social wall layout to match your event.

Benefits of using at your events on Hubilo

1. Increase attendee participation

With a live social feed, attendees can see what others are discussing about the overall event or a session they are attending and join the conversation using event hashtags.

2. Improve engagement

You can organize ice breaker games, conduct interactive contests, take questions or get responses from attendees using specific hashtags during the event.

3. Boost revenue from sponsorships

Allow your sponsors to buy ad space on your event social wall, promote their posts, and help them get more visibility at your event.

4. Promote your next event

Create a community and keep the conversations going between your event participants. Get feedback about your event, or sell tickets for your next event.

5. Improve brand awareness

Use the content, images, and videos from your social feed to share curated information about your brand, product, or service. Leverage the use of specific hashtags and branded posts to increase top-of-mind recall.

6. Use with other Hubilo integrations

You can also use along with other integrations available on Hubilo. For example, you can add a virtual photo booth via Snapbar in combination with your social wall to deepen engagement and provide a memorable event experience.

What if attendees are not active on social media

Direct Posts available on allow your attendees to post text, photos, and videos directly to your event's social wall without using their social media profiles.

This can be helpful for some of your internal or private events, where your attendees might not want to use their social profiles or might not have one.

Direct Posts can also be mixed with content from your social media channels to create an engaging feed of user-generated content at your event.

Learn more about integrations available on Hubilo

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