What is a Virtual Event & Different Types of Virtual Events?

Murtuza Ali
May 26, 2020

Events are an integral part of any business, be it brand awareness, product launch, business networking, knowledge-sharing sessions, building community and many such objectives are achieved through events.

Businesses aim to do something different with events every year in order to scale them and subsequently its impact. But physical locations and venues have their own limitations.

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This is where the idea of virtual events come into the picture, taking it beyond a physical location, making it accessible to people beyond their travel & safety limitations and offering high scalability.

Hosting virtual events is easier and more cost-effective than ever as a lot of software and event technologies are available now to help you.

Comprehensive virtual event planning and execution will pay you off huge and transform your event business into a whole new event world for you and your attendees.

Virtual events will give you and your attendees flexibility, visibility and reach to scale up your events.

Which is better to build an online community? Hubilo or Bevy? Read to find out.

The internet has disrupted the way we used to meet and gather at a physical venue for any purpose. Being online has leveraged so many benefits for all people.

What are Virtual Events?

Virtual events are events that happen over the internet (online). No matter where you are in the world, what kind of devices you use, when you’re available, virtual events come with great benefits and scope for everyone — attendees. event organizers, speakers, etc.

As the internet and technologies become more affordable, the future of human to human interaction will become more and more remote participation centric.

With the changing landscape of digitalization and the key developments in digital events management, it’s going to revolutionize the entire event fraternity, so event technology.


Virtual events will outweigh physical events. They are more value-based events. People get to scope out the way they want to do. Flexibilities are immense. And it’s a tremendously cost-effective solution.

Virtual reality-based events will get bigger.

Note: Virtual Reality is the term used to describe a three-dimensional, computer generated environment that can be explored and interacted with by a person. A virtual event may or may not have a virtual reality environment. Both are independent of each other and do not resemble at any point.

What are the different types of virtual events?

Any events that take place physically at any venue can be transformed into virtual events.


Virtual conferences allow people to attend their sessions over the internet. They can interact with their fellow attendees and network throughout the conference. People can use their computers or mobile to attend the events no matter where they are.

You can live-stream your speaker sessions for your attendees and keep them engaged during the conference.

Develop your virtual conferences into a valuable asset for your business.


Virtual meetings are interactions between two individuals or across a group of people online. They can communicate or e-meet with each other and share their insights, experiences, or anything.

Any project team meetings, sales meetings, internal review meetings and/or corporate meetings can be virtually held seamlessly.

Virtual meeting

Meetings that demand minimal interaction or meant just for educational purposes can be held using tools like Skype, Zoom or Go-to Webinars.

However, for meetings that require much active interaction and engagement among the participating audiences organizers often take the help of a virtual event platform.

Keynote speech

A keynote speech is the “feature speech” that sets the tone for the entire event. This is crucial as it lays down the objective and purpose of the event.

It is not necessary for a keynote speaker to be present at the venue for his speaking session. The internet and video conferencing, on the contrary has provided a shortcut to it. The key-note speaker can be anywhere and speak virtually.

Technologies enable remote delivery of keynote speeches through various mediums such as Skype, Zoom, etc.

Follow these best practices for virtual meeting engagement.

Partner events

These web-based events are ideal for keeping the valued members of your partner program engaged.

Your partners can attend your events online and meet their fellow members.

The objective of such an event generally is to share product knowledge, product use cases and future roadmaps with partners.

Often these events hold a discussion forum, where your associates come up with their queries related to the product, services, market scenario, or pricing, the scope is vast and every organizer should dedicate time to set the scope of such meetups.

50% of marketers have attended a virtual or hybrid event. Those that have attended a virtual event are 51% more likely to attend another one. (Westuc, 2015)


Organizing workshops online is quite effortless. While setting up a presentation, the speaker utilizes a laptop and a projector screen so the attendees can watch and learn comfortably.

Virtual workshops

Webinars, on the other hand, are one of the greatest examples to host virtual workshops. You just need a hands-on tool, a walk-through it and there you go. All ready to present a live workshop for your attendees!

Note: Also, some of the virtual platforms like GoToWebinar and Hubilo’s Virtual Event Platform has an integrated functionality of having a Live QnA, Live Polls and so on.   

Product launches

Virtual product launch events allow you to manage and extend the exposure and reach of your new product/service to international audiences and viewers. You can do it in a cost-effective way and in a timely fashion.

It can help you decide on how you want to do it. Whether you want to go as a stand-alone product launch event or mix it with your standard event program.


A virtual trade show is an online version of an event for demonstrating and exhibiting your goods and services (specific industry).

Attendees can watch the product demonstration online and can also e-meet exhibitors.

Trade Show planners are leaning towards virtual tradeshow events to keep up with the new trend and tremendous ROI opportunities.

Virtual event platform
Murtuza Ali

Ali brings 12 years of rich experience in sales and marketing domain. He is passionate about following and writing new trends in consultative sales, event & digital marketing. He is an avid follower of cricket and loves following IPL matched while he’s away from work. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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