Why an event website is necessary

Jay Sitapara
March 11, 2017

With everything going digital around us, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if we say that modern technology is making an appearance in the world of events as well. In an attempt to capture a growing and very lucrative online marketplace, event planners have also come up with dedicated event websites. (This website is one of the best examples.)

Organisers are just not planning an event anymore but rather an experience for their attendees.

An event website is the virtual equivalent of the physical event in the real world though most of the organisers neglect this online real estate. HubSpot tells us that 78 percent of people search on the internet for events.

With the number of global internet user reaching to 7 Billion, it is easy to argue that event website is indeed a potential marketing tool.

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The convenience and potency it offers to both organisers and attendees are outstanding. Not having an event website directly results in decreased credibility.

“The event website is THE place to show off your outstanding event design, distinctive activities and unique sessions. Show off your greatness in a way that shouts “Are you not entertained?”, Russell Crowe style.

Doesn't sound like you should also get one for your next event? Without a doubt! Here are the 5 reason why event websites are inevitable:

1. Broaden your audience spectrum- If you are searching for something, what would you probably do? Google it, right? In this Internet of Things era, people turn towards Google for searching events of their interests.

If an event doesn’t have an event website, it has closed the door to a good number of potential attendees by not having an online presence. You should be where your attendees are, hence, open the doors where your attendees can reach you.

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2. Communicate your brand - Immerse your customers into a stimulating experience through an aesthetically appealing website while also promoting your event. Make your website your event brand advocate. This is only achievable if you have a website with a lively layout and handy interface.

Nothing can go wrong if branding is done right! For that, don’t forget to include must-haves in an event website and you’re good to go.

3. AAA: Analyse your active audience- One of the major benefits of having an event website is insightful event analytics. This will provide you audience demographics which in return will help you in understanding your audience.

Event analytics will give you an in-depth analysis of your event as well. Event analytics includes comprehensive data on various aspects of event management such as event marketing, event registrations, event promotion, etc.

4. Answers to Questions- Answering inquiries related to your event manually can be time-consuming and stressful. An essential, detailed and organised date, when mentioned on your event website, can save you a big time from headaches.

Not only it is a good way for a detailed navigation to an event and a good way to keep attendees updated.

5. The Internet is the best sales person- We are sure you must have heard about digital marketing. Your event is near and selling tickets are one of your primary concern and everything seems fine but it isn’t best, is it? This is the time when you should replace manual ticketing with automated one.

According to the survey by TicketBooth, most of the people prefer buying tickets online. It not only gives them a personalised feel but also builds trust as they are not redirected towards a 3rd party for buying tickets.

6. A key to win attendees- Event website will help you in creating buzz about your event. Entice your attendees through videos, image galleries, speaker interviews and much more.

Let your attendees know what’s in store before redirecting them to buying tickets. The more they feel excited about it, the more word of mouth spreads.

7. For integrating networking platform- Networking platform is one of the top 8 technologies that event planner must embrace. Networking is one of the main reason why people attend an event. Are you going off the edge by facilitating this and enhancing the event experience?

If no, it’s high time you should upgrade your event. Integrating networking platform into your event website and engage your attendees before, during and after the event. After all, an event is not just a one-time transaction.

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8. For building post event connection- Have you integrated social walls on your event website? Social Media channels have proven to be a real-time marketer and the best way to communicate after an event which keeps their experiences afresh.

Also, it increases the event longevity and helps in enhancing the brand value. Keep your attendees connected with your event through your event website.

Remember — Engaging sites are more likely to increase your fan base.

At the end of the day, you want your potential audience to easily identify the value of your event and hit REGISTER, full stop. Want to get your event live within 24 hours, visit us. We are always here to help.

If you liked this or found it helpful, please share or if you have better suggestions then please comment. Thanks!

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Jay Sitapara

Jay Sitapara is an engineer having an inclination towards innovation in technology. Jay is a guest contributor to the official blog for Hubilo, an event-tech startup which aims to change the way how events are organised and people network at events. Jay is particularly passionate about crafting stimulating, resourceful and in-depth guides for Event Planners. He is specifically interested in effective use of event technology and social media for greater ROI through innovative thinking and skills. Jay is also a Digital Marketer, Editor, Community Manager and a regular contributor to Hubilo Blog. His philic nature is prone to dogs, poetry, coffee, friends and coffee with friends. If you're on Twitter, say Hello to him @jsitapara and follow his articles on blog.hubilo.com

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