Why Your Event Needs Event App

Why Your Event Needs an Event App?

Jay Sitapara
October 17, 2017

In 2008, Apple and Android’s app distribution services were launched in the market simultaneously. This brought about a new era of mobile application. Since then, the concept of apps for mobiles has transformed the communication industry.

Have a look around! Tell me how many people have a phone in their hand at this time?

The number of smartphone users is about to reach 2.53 Billion in 2018 worldwide. This shows that we are addicted to technology and especially smartphones, aren’t we?

This is why event planners have realized that mobile apps are unavoidable to take the event experience to the next level.

As of 2015, 85% of event planners were using mobile event apps for meetings and events. And why wouldn’t they?

Attendees find them convenient and engaging, they reduce printing costs, empowers organizers to accumulate data and opens more doors to sponsorship opportunities.

Apart from that, event organizers have one of a kind opportunity to offer attendees an intuitive and personal alternative to mundane program brochures and to associate with them in a more straightforward manner.

Choosing to get an event app can be a speculation which requires numerous considerations, for example, cost, advantages and adequacy.

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So, let’s get started and examine 10 reasons why an event app is an absolute necessity for your next event.

#1. It’s where the attendees are!

Yes, true! It is of utmost significance to be available in front of your participants. It is the era of connectivity and if you are losing the connection then you're losing the game.

87% of mobile time is spent in apps. Mobile users spend over 3 hours a day in mobile apps so meet your attendees where they are- on their mobile devices.

#2. Stay current.

In 2017, more than 86% of planners will be using event apps. To ensure events are keeping up with the trends, organizers need to have mobile apps for events.

You cannot expect epic accomplishment with basic things. Keeping in mind the end goal to make your event stand out, an event app is a must. Keep yourself always updated and you’re good to go.

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#3. You’ll save money. That’s right!

I am certain a significant part of your event budget is allocated to printing enrollments forms, leaflets, signage and other material. Imagine a scenario where I disclose to you that you can spare a decent lump out of this cash! Surprised?

Well, a fundamental event app can cost you under 1000$ which is basically not as much as what you’ll need to spend otherwise. Also, sustainable event planning is the new trend this season. Get your attendees on board and make your event green!

#4. You’ll increase sponsorship revenue.

Battling in finding better approaches to promote your patrons? Try not to stress! An event app will open numerous entryways for you to advance your sponsors. 75% of event sponsors are constantly looking for new partners.

Event apps provide organizers with different options to feature your sponsors or other key partners so that you can wow them. It could be a sponsored piece in the activity stream, banner ads or selfie contests.

#5. Have a flawless schedule.

It is highly unlikely that your attendees will love vague information on the proceedings of your event. According to a survey, access to schedule is extremely important to 88% of attendees.

All things considered, event app is your ultimate solution. Ensure that they have the most up-to-date agenda with instant publishing. Plus, attendees can personalize their schedule. Where to go? When to go? It is all simple.

#6. Get real-time analytics.

What gets measured, gets improved! What if I tell you that there is room for optimizing your event experience during and post the event?

And what if you can actually gauge whether your undertakings are going in the right direction or not? 82% of marketers can’t quantify data from attendee interactions at events.

Mobile event apps give you real-time event analytics so you can make changes to the app, enhance the attendee experience, and draw learnings for your next event. Track app downloads, engagement and much more.

#7. Enable networking.

75% of attendees say that networking is important to them. If you are not providing the networking platform then your attendee will find the new technology and events to network.

But don’t make that mistake. Networking platform has built-in features like an activity stream and attendee profile through which attendees will be able to network easily and make new connections.

#8. Keep attendees informed.

Push notifications are 1 of top 5 app features for the planners. They allow organizers to instantly connect with attendees to keep them informed about any changes or key happenings, even when they’re not in the app.

Sounds like magic? Give it a try!

#9. Reduce stress and time.

Event planning is not an easy job as it looks like. There are tons of things to make sure they get executed perfectly. Event planning is the 8th most stressful job.

But mobile apps make the event planning and management process as well day-of logistics dramatically easier. With event app, everything is in your hands!

#10. Engage younger audience.

60% of the world smartphone users are between the age group of 18 to 34. In fact, most of them can’t live without their phone which means they are bound to be on their phone during your events.

Apparently, no mobile phone at an event is an ancient thing. An event app ensures they’re still engaging with the event. Not only does it make your audience glued to your event but also transforms an ordinary experience into an intriguing one.

An event app’s extensive list of benefits is reason enough to convince any organizer to get an app for their event.

Convinced about investing in an event app? Transform your next event with Hubilo’s event app, all set with a multitude of dynamic features.

Know more about it here.

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