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5 Key Reasons that BrightAV chooses Hubilo

Bright AV is a full service AV event production company that offers solutions for meetings and events of any size, in any venue, throughout Southern California in addition to nationwide coverage for medium+ events and repeat customers.

"One of BrightAV's core values is customer service and Hubilo shares that passion with us" - Michael Arp, President

Highest level of customer support

A lot of work goes into pre-production planning and the Hubilo team is always right there when we need them. "They always comes back with ideas and brainstorms with us on how to accomplish our event goals."

Plug-in capabilities

"We needed to be able to connect our Virtual Studio-which allows us to bring in remote presenters, add graphics & lower thirds- and push that through the Hubilo platform via their streaming functionality, so that the attendee sees television-quality production."

Ability to stay in the session

Hubilo allows the mainstage audio and video to stay with the attendee as they navigate around the platform (outside of the main session), so that they can explore break-out rooms, booths, and other functionality without missing out on any of the session content.

Functionality far-and-beyond other platforms

"The platform is simple to use, easy to manage, has a lot of customization- like QA, polls and moderated chats - and you only need 1 administrative login to manage the front- and back-end systems."

Your own event mobile app

Whether the attendee is watching or listening in from the main event venue, the lobbies, their hotel room or virtually from home, Hubilo's mobile app allows all attendees to watch the livestream from wherever they are. All attendees have the same experience.

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Customers share their success with our platform

“Hubilo has given me unparalleled opportunities for growth, both on the personal and the professional front. Our company culture is really inclusive and there is always room for open dialogue. Our team environment drives me to strive to do more and be better.”
Amy Bricks
Head of design
“The best part of working at Hubilo is the newness of the market we are operating in. The challenging work & the freedom to experiment have helped me grow as a marketer. At Hubilo, we truly work and party together.”
Greg Badros
Event manager
“There is ample flexibility and availability of leadership opportunities at Hubilo. We work at a crazy speed and people across teams are always ready to help. The opportunity for individual growth here is immense.”
Steve Gunn

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