October 17, 2022

Augeo lands tech consistency and client support with Hubilo

Augeo hosted virtual and in-person conferences with Hubilo to improve virtual networking. Learn how Hubilo solved their challenges with reliable tech & client support.
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As a marketing service provider specializing in enterprise engagement, Augeo knew something more was needed to host a superior event. A post-conference survey showed networking as their lowest-scoring area through their previous event hosting solution, so new tech was needed. 

Moving into 2022 with plans for a high-interest hybrid event, which would be their second hybrid event and their largest one, Augeo wanted to cater to audiences by improving virtual networking. Two main deliverables were required: reliable tech and client support. Their own clients—including over 65 of the top Fortune 500 companies—expect much from the company that touts these deliverables, so tech and support were non-negotiable mandates.



Augeo has high standards for a reason. The relationship-focused leader knows all too well the value of fostering meaningful connections. For them, it isn’t about amassing a community in one fell swoop (think LinkedIn connection invites sent in bulk with the default messaging still intact). Rather, it’s one connection at a time, formed thoughtfully for lasting effect.

The main reason Augeo selected Hubilo? Intentional networking, according to digital manager Presley Wehrle. They needed to up their score for valuable attendee interaction and found the Hubilo feature to achieve it.

“I've never seen a technology like the lounge feature that was baked into the actual platform,” said Wehrle, who herself has completed about 200 virtual events on 20 technologies in the past couple of years. “And it wasn’t like hitting a button that went out to a Zoom.”


Their hybrid event’s agenda was Augeo’s top priority with 10 concurrent sessions planned. The company was challenged by making sure virtual attendees could navigate the platform while in-person attendees navigated the venue.

With a tech solution in place, Augeo needed downloads. There’s a concern when launching a new technology that you’re asking for an influx of user questions in your inbox. So Wehrle was pleasantly surprised by the mobile app’s reception, finding herself only needing to help 10-15 people. The app’s usability made supporting her clients a breeze, which reflected her own experience of being supported by Hubilo throughout the process.

“One of the things that really stood out to us in the partnership agreement was Hubilo’s commitment to us and overall response times,” said Wehrle. “I never felt ghosted. … The response times were kind of silly how quick they were. That was a major goal, and that was also part of client reassurance.”

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EOS 2022 Hybrid Conference hosted on the Hubilo Platform


Using Hubilo as a database hub, Augeo took into account both virtual and in-person conference participants for their client’s two-day event, directing all parties to the one place where information was collected and stored. Caring for all event attendees, no matter where they sat, was vital for business health: With 1,600 in-person attendees—one-third new and two-thirds repeat—Augeo had the opportunity to turn those newbies into annual bookings.

Creating virtual and in-person experiences that mimicked one another was key. While on-site attendees naturally networked over a shared meal, Augeo used the lounge feature as a pseudo lunch table with a facilitator for table topics. Simulating this smooth experience translated into value for participants conference-wide.

Reliable tech

Wehrle, who was on-site managing the app and the sponsor room stream, called the adaptive app a success for Augeo’s needs. Accounting for the technology-averse or those who simply don’t like a mobile app, 91% out of 2,000 registrants downloaded the branded app. Conference attendees noted that the app was easy to download and log into.

“From a back-end user experience, it was a piece of cake. I feel like it is built really intuitively, and that’s coming from someone who builds on, like, 25 different technologies.”

Being intuitive is essential for a tech product supporting a client’s clients. Wehrle noted that Hubilo strengthened Augeo’s client relationships specifically because of the technology’s consistency. When it looks the same and works the same for each of the 20 webinars, she said, the platform investment makes sense.

Client support

That thread of consistency is woven through how Hubilo supported Augeo during the event when unanticipated questions inevitably popped up. Wehrle was using WhatsApp with a developer and her account manager to gain confidence and peace of mind instead of her questions sitting in a support ticket queue, waiting to be assigned.

“I thought that was magic,” she said of Hubilo having her back when unexpected issues arose. Support is ongoing and the relationship evolves even after—or especially after—the contract is signed.
EOS 2022 Conference - Mainstage, Polls, and Leaderboard


As Augeo grows and scales, they’re on board for Hubilo’s continued innovation. It’s a good look, Wehrle said, when her company is “not afraid to operate on a technology of this caliber.” It’s been a selling point for clients to see Augeo working on “next-gen techs.”

Additionally, Wehrle appreciated the purpose and care behind each update, especially coming off of Augeo’s experience with their previous virtual event technology. They had gone with an option that established itself as a go-to solution during the pandemic, enjoyed success, and then halted any exciting innovation.

Not so with Hubilo.

“It’s constant product releases, and they’re intentional,” Wehrle said of Hubilo’s ongoing work toward serving clients to the utmost. “They’re not fixing bugs on top of bugs on top of bugs.”

Thoughtful innovation, for a company that’s thoughtful in all of its approaches, makes this partnership between Augeo and Hubilo a successful one.


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