September 13, 2022

Bringing IRL energy to virtual learning experiences

The Missouri Institute of Mental Health matched and enhanced their formerly in-person learning conference with a virtual event hosted on Hubilo with gamification and interactivity tools.
unique chat interactions
Virtual booth visits with 200+ info exchanges
live & replay streams from a single session


Like many in-person event planners, Kelly Gregory was skeptical of being able to bring the same energy and interactions to a virtual event. “We were looking for a platform that could mimic a live experience.” said Kelly Gregory, director of professional training for the Missouri Institute of Mental Health.

Gregory was keen on providing an exceptional experience for his audience  at the University of Missouri St. Louis. He wanted to make sure they could all enjoy and learn from the training sessions easily and free from any technical distractions.

With the mission of improving lives through the promotion of mental health via research, evaluation, professional training, program development, and community outreach, the MIMH team needed a reliable platform to engage their audience in critical training activities. MIMH was able to do so seamlessly with minimal learning curves for organizers and attendees alike. 

“Engagement in the conference was fantastic… with the Hubilo system, there is built-in interactivity.” - Kelly Gregory

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Formerly in-person University of Missouri's Mental Health Institute moves training online


With gamification, lively chat functions throughout, and content-loaded exhibitions, MIMH successfully carried on their familiar activities in a new way, virtually. 

Along with a smooth livestream via Hubilo Broadcasting Studio, the event resulted in 500+ chats and 200+ business cards shared. “It's those kinds of fun little interactive portions that really bring people into the virtual environment and make it so that it's fun to be there rather than being kind of a chore,” Gregory says, “Hubilo does that with those different features.”

Using Hubilo’s event data, the organizers at MIMH have access to review their dashboard or dive deeper into each attendee analytics. This means they are fully equipped to keep surpassing expectations for their next learning and training conference.

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