September 9, 2022

APAC media tech giant YourStory leverages Hubilo to create seamless virtual and hybrid events for a diverse community.

APAC media tech giant, YourStory, leverages Hubilo to create seamless virtual and hybrid events for a diverse community.
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YourStory is India’s largest media tech company with a reach of more than 60 million readers. Though the reach is inspiring, what truly differentiates them is their events driven community engagement model. They have hosted over 220 external events across different formats and have impacted a community that is 1.7 million people strong and growing. 

The team at YourStory strives to offer premium event experiences for their attendees to exchange ideas and network with the who’s who of the startup ecosystem. So when the pandemic hit in early 2020, they needed to quickly reinvent their strategy to incorporate virtual events.


YourStory is a leader in their industry and needed to pivot to virtual events without compromising on their values and goals. Like true pioneers, they had clearly defined needs and sought an event platform partner with the following criteria:

  • 50 to 100 internal and external events every year
    The goals for each event are different and they needed a platform that adapts to their wide range of use cases.
  • 100k+ attendees
    Their flagship events are the biggest in the industry. They wanted to provide a seamless and consistent experience for each one.
  • Ease of use
    Many community members had never attended virtual events before and YourStory didn’t want them to feel out of place.
“No matter if the attendees are tech savvy or not, we wanted everyone to have the same consistent event experience.”
Anish M, AVP of Events & Ops at YourStory

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Your Story hosts Creators Inc on Hubilo


The team at YourStory looked at several event platforms before considering Hubilo. Anish from their team summed up his experience of exploring Hubilo.

“I kid you not, with the first demo itself, we were sure that Hubilo was a platform that we had to go with.”

Two years later, YourStory is one of today’s leading brands on Hubilo with a full calendar of virtual and hybrid events. 

What are the three factors that delight their team and enable them to deliver one memorable event experience after another?

  • Flexibility - Hubilo empowers YourStory to deliver virtual events across a wide range of use cases and at scale - from 400 attendees up to a flagship event like TechSparks that can bring in 100,000 participants. The customizable themes help them deliver uniquely designed events each time.
  • Ease of use
    The YourStory team uses Hubilo to help their content reach their audiences in the most efficient and effective ways possible.
“Hubilo helped us deliver the same experience that we want them to have, throughout any given point of the event.”
  • Stress-free execution - As event organizers, YourStory knows how stressful it can get on the day of the event. With so much going on and everything needing to go seamlessly, stress levels are usually very high. They didn’t want to increase their anxiety due to concerns around the technology during the event. The client experience team at Hubilo onboarded them and ensured that they knew everything about the platform. They used simple processes to diagnose and fix issues with the help of Hubilo’s team. The YourStory team loved working with the customer experience team at Hubilo from day one. Anish, AVP of Events at YourStory, summed it up beautifully:
“As an organizer, it basically comes down to the trust that you have in the platform and how it helps you be calm. That has to be the main differentiator for Hubilo.”

Are you ready to keep your calm and trust in Hubilo? Request your very own personalized demo today.

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