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Hubilo Technologies Inc, is a Delaware registered C-Corp based out of the United States. We are in the business of providing a virtual event platform on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. As a corporation we are required to collect sales tax from our customers in certain states where the SaaS service that we are providing is a taxable service and wherein Hubilo has a nexus. The determination of whether sales tax is supposed to be collected is based on a number of aspects (activity in the state, sales earned in that state and whether the state collects a tax for Software as a Service).

As a customer, if the “Ship to” address on the order form is in any of the below mentioned states* then Sales tax at the following rate (The exact rate will be determine based on the Zip code) will be added to the invoice which hubilo will send: whose billing address is in the following states*,

*This is a not a static list and only an indicative as on today, at the time of invoicing based on nexus, sales tax will be added in the invoice.

We will collect the tax from our customers and remit it to the state/city/counsel that is requiring us to collect it.


Please write to for all sales tax related questions