7 Creative Corporate Event Ideas for Your Next Event

Eleanor Caines
May 31, 2018

There are so many brilliant ways to engage team members during a corporate event. These get-togethers can encourage creativity, increase productivity and build morale. But how can the next event you organize be the best yet? You’re going to want to pick a theme. Take a look at these ideas and let your creativity flow.

Using these seven event ideas as inspiration, start jotting down your thoughts in a notebook as they come to you. Don’t worry about reigning in your imagination at this stage, just go with it. And don’t worry about getting carried away and drawing on things other than paper, as you can easily learn how to remove pen stains from clothes afterwards!

From holding events outside and setting up sports events to focusing on food, volunteering or fun, here are seven ideas for your next corporate event, and how other companies have implemented them.

1. Get outside

As so many companies are office-based, it’s a welcome change for their corporate event to be held in the great outdoors. Nature-inspired events let the guests get some welcome time in the fresh air and can also have a positive impact on the environment.

It could be a gardening project with the focus on team building, or just a fun day out to raise team morale, like taking to the water on a boat cruise.

Companies have organised guided walks around interesting areas, as well as full-on orienteering expeditions. There are also building projects that encompass everything from making sand sculptures to boats.

2. Sport with a twist

If the company that’s hosting the event is all about sport, then it’s a safe bet that team members will enjoy a straightforward sporting event. But many other businesses can benefit from the obvious team building and morale-boosting aspects of a sports set-up, even if the attendees aren’t sporting superstars.

Sports that suit all levels of fitness and ability include kayaking, trampolining, table tennis, zorbing, belly dancing, cricket and go-kart racing. Of course, you could arrange a sports event that is about being spectators rather than participants. Just be sure that there are plenty of opportunities for team bonding too.

3. Focus on food

Food events are always great for team building. It can be as simple as a picnic or as fancy as a tea party. Of course, rather than just eating, it’s great for productivity and creativity to get the guests involved in making the food too.

It can be a straightforward cooking workshop, class or demonstration, or you can increase the stakes by making it a cooking competition or cook-off.

You could take the lead from other companies that have held successful corporate events with unusual foodie twists, like hosting a nitrogen ice cream bar or bringing in molecular gastronomists who can make food do all kinds of fascinating scientific things.

4. Appeal to the big kid inside

Events based around activities that kids typically enjoy will evoke happy childhood memories in the team members taking part. These kinds of events can also aid creativity and problem-solving skills when they involve classic activities such as scavenger hunts and board game tournaments.

If the focus is on fun, then magic shows, circus performances and trips to the theme park all score highly with staff satisfaction too. High profile businesses have thrown events for their valued workers that have included all the fun of the fair, with rides, food stalls and games.

5. Give back

Volunteering is a real win-win option for a corporate event. The guests get to give back to the local community, the local community benefits, and the profile of the company positively increases. These kinds of charitable or volunteering events raise the feel-good factor for everyone involved.

Companies have held clean-up events and placed staff at hospices, but there are also lots of ways of combining this kind of approach with the other activities in the list. You can organise a fundraising event that involves sponsored sports like bike rides, or charity auctions.

6. Be creative

All business sectors require creativity, in all of its guises. So even if your client isn’t obviously in the creative sector, their corporate event could still benefit from a creative theme. Sometimes all you need is an interactive board and the imaginations of the attendees.

A company hosted a corporate event that incorporated an interactive art installation, which turned the tweets of the guests detailing their dreams into artworks. Another business turned stories submitted by its employees into a poem and got an urban poet to craft a narrative from it and perform it live at the event.

7. Party time

It’s often the case that companies are open to the idea of throwing a party for their staff, so that’s always a great fall-back position. This option is particularly useful around the holidays, as annual celebrations often lend themselves to themed parties quite easily.

Costume parties with a fancy dress area, funny props and a photo booth are ideal for events where the objective is to de-stress and unwind. A masquerade ball or music concert is also always well received.

If your client is holding a conference and wants to add an interesting introductory event or grand finale, then this party-style theme can work really well. A company kick-started its conference with a morning carnival parade to really amp up the energy levels.

So, there are seven ideas for the next corporate event you’re organizing. Take your starting point as the goal of the day — whether that’s boosting creativity, productivity, morale or team spirit — and then pick the perfect theme for the occasion.

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Eleanor Caines

Eleanor is a freelance writer. She likes to write about everything from creative writing to wellness and loves discovering new things. She draws inspiration from her surroundings and spends her free time reading everything that comes into her hands. Eleanor works mainly with digital agencies to create amazing content.

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