Client Experience Vs Client Support What Really Matters

You deserve more – how client experience delivers so much more than customer service

Senior Copywriter
May 19, 2022

In a recent pulse survey conducted by BizBash x Hubilo, 22% of enterprise event professionals expect to host 20 or more virtual and/or hybrid meetings this year. At the same time, event organizers are facing major headwinds. Global economic factors are causing budget cuts and staffing setbacks. With a reduced headcount and financial resources, event professionals are having to get creative with managing the need for hybrid event structures. So how do you deliver a virtual experience worth attendee engagement while juggling a tight budget and staffing constraints? 

By partnering with an event tech platform focused on offering an enhanced client experience instead of just traditional customer service.

What does “client experience” mean?

Client Experience Team

In the virtual event industry, client experience is when solutions and traditional tech support come together to provide live assistance before, during, and after your event. With client experience, your support is present from the outset– in the form of a client experience manager at the strategy table, on hand during dry runs, in the green room with you for day-of-event execution, and delivering insightful post-event analytics. This winning combination is what defines support as a client experience vs. “customer service.”

Twenty-five percent of the C-suite (CEOs, CMOs, and CFOs) and their events teams state that their virtual and hybrid events ARE NOT meeting their organization’s goals and expectations. Which begs the question: were those 25% of C-suite respondents and their event teams getting the client experience they needed to be successful? Are you?

In  American Express’ 2022 Global Meetings and Events Forecast, it is projected that a little over a third of virtual and hybrid events will need the "services of a full-service agency, [including] presenter training, pre-recorded interviews, virtual studio space, and post-event, edited sessions made available to attendees." A modern client experience team opens the door for event professionals to focus on high-priority responsibilities. In short, anything less than enhanced client experience won’t do.

Tips for fully leveraging a virtual client experience platform

Map your event strategy to your company’s goals.

Event mapping is when the client experience (CX) manager partners with you and has a discovery meeting to understand your needs and build strategy. Then, they help you plan your ideal event. 

Client Experience Solutions tips By Yuvraj
“We spend a lot of time and effort on execution readiness with our customers. We help them pre-plan [and get] them ready for the event day, including [covering] the possible issues that might come up and last-minute changes that they might have to make…that’s pretty much the world of event professionals, I would say: that everyone out there has to be ready to make last-minute changes. Stay flexible.”

- Yuvraj Saxena, director of client experience, Hubilo

Test and prep to ensure execution readiness.

Setting up your event and then working with a CX manager to fortify your event happens at this stage. Your CX manager ensures that you’re covered on all bases– dry runs, speakers, exhibitors, etc. This provides a game plan for any issues that may arise on your big day.

Take full advantage of live, team support during the event.

Feel confident from event launch to sign-off. With a CX manager by your side every step of the way, you can relax and enjoy the hard work you’ve put in knowing someone else is there to put out the fires.

Enhance your delivery of ROI via post-event analytics.

Client experience doesn’t end once the big day is over. In fact, that’s when a CX manager kicks into high gear, providing a comprehensive visual of the event’s data by helping you give it context and clarity so you can make the best business decisions.

Your virtual and hybrid events deserve more than the limitations of customer service. And creating successful hybrid and virtual events in the current economy, demands more. Now is the time to leave traditional customer service in the dust and move boldly into the world of enhanced client experience. With a Client Experience Team that provides by-your-side support before, during and post-event, Hubilo is the virtual, hybrid and in-person event platform that can do that. 

Hubilo is hyper-focused on the client experience. Hubilo is built for you.

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Jasmyne-Nicole Walker is a Senior Copywriter at Hubilo with nearly two decades of wordsmithery experience, ranging from blog posts and brand bibles, to push notifications, spoken word, and stand up comedy. JN works hard to maintain depth and breadth in her field. In her previous position, she was a Senior Copywriter and Technical Writer at the world’s largest HR, payroll, and benefits company. In her spare time, you can catch her reading, hiking with her two retriever-pit mixes Treble and Bass, or curled up on the couch with her two orange tabbies, Kash and Keisha.

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