Mobile Event App

Mobile Event App: The Smarter Route to Attendee Engagement

December 7, 2018

We have talked about it time and again, event technology has come a long way since its inception. In this Internet of Things Era, the online shift has now transitioned into the smart world. We are in that era of technology where things are done on the go with a smart-phone and an internet connection.

Introduction to a Mobile Event App

Event planners are definitely abreast with the trend, stepping into the world of smart solutions themselves with a handy tool called a mobile event app.

The most used technologies by event planners are photobooths (45%), event apps (44%) and live streaming tools (44%).
-Engaging Events

What exactly is an event app?

The basic definition of an event app is a ‘tool’ that is used to communicate your event to the audience. The idea for developing an event application still remains the same; interacting with the audience, the modes of which have far evolved. The initial event app contained a defined list of features that were enough to help attendees out with the basics of the event such as agenda, schedule, speakers, etc.

With time, event app developers have experimented with the tool. In the current scenario, there is a range of best mobile event app providers who create white-labeled event apps with features at par with the recent technological advancements.

Event app has now become an event tech tool meant not only to communicate the event to attendees but also a platform to engage them, maximizing their convenience while gaining valuable real-time feedback. A range of event app features have been developed for the same, we shall delve into these event apps features further in the article.

Types of Mobile Event App

As event apps became a mainstream event-tech tool, event app developers began refining the tech resulting into multiple types of event planning apps with different functionalities and purposes.

From mobile event and conference app, event networking app, social event app, event registration app, a range of event management apps exist in the market for multiple types of events with set event app features.

- Conference Apps

Conference apps are one of the most popular types of event apps used in major business events including conferences, seminars, summits, workshops, etc. Mobile conference app features generally include those that help attendees navigate such events easily simultaneously gaining valuable takeaways from the same.

Hence features such as Q&A, itinerary management and yes, networking, are of prime importance in such a mobile app for conferences.

- Incentive Apps

Incentive apps are targeted towards corporate incentive trips, corporate retreats, etc. These apps are meant to help corporate fulfill their goal of engaging their employees and helping them conduct multiple activities in order to achieve their goals such as team building, value addition, etc.

Incentive app features are based around this idea hence these features include event feed, gamification, travel and accommodation details, document sharing, etc.

- Association Apps

These apps are meant for larger associations and platforms belonging to a particular niche that conduct multiple events within a year for their members. Association apps help these organizations in managing all their events and member interactions from a single platform.

Hence event app features for association apps include multi-event listing, member listing, in-app chat, etc.

- Check-in Apps

Check-ins are indefinitely one of the most tedious parts of any event, no matter the event type. It is also the first point of interaction before the event actually begins. Having an event registration app with a check-in feature in such a situation can be a life-saver.

Hence, it is indeed a crucial stage of any event and has to be managed impeccably. Here is where check-in apps play an important role, helping event planners conduct hassle-free check-ins with features such as on-spot registrations and check-ins, manual check-ins, QR code check-ins, notifications, etc.

-Event Management Apps

As I mentioned earlier, with the world getting smarter, apps help simplify a lot of tasks on the go. Talking about the types of event apps, while the rest are meant exclusively for the attendees to utilize on the day of the event, there are certain apps i.e. event planning apps that are meant for planners to utilize behind the scene in order to better plan and manage the event.

The features of an event management app usually include venue management, budget management, event team management, etc.

- Lead retrieval apps

These apps are meant mainly for events such as tradeshows, expos, exhibitions, etc. organizers who conduct such large-scale events try to maximize ROI for their exhibitors as well as their attendees in order to achieve maximum event success. This is where lead retrieval apps come into the picture. Lead retrieval apps help exhibitors capture leads from events.

They can include custom surveys, questionnaires or capture leads simply through a QR code scan. Furthermore, the app also helps them in managing their team as well as nurture their leads for conversion.

46% of event managers view lead generation as a top reason to attend events.
Exhibitor ROI at Tradeshows

Selecting the perfect type of mobile app for your event depends on multiple factors including the type of your event, mobile event app pricing and its consistency with your budget, the event app features you would require etc. There are also a few solutions that can provide free mobile apps for events including free mobile conference apps, event registration apps, etc.

But with such free solutions, the event app features provided are quite limited which may at times defy the purpose of facilitating the app in the first place. I’d suggest you make the investment.

The Ultimate Event App Features List

Talking about event app features, planners are often overwhelmed by the features that event apps provide and the mobile event app features that are actually available in the market. From personalized agenda, event information, content management, exhibitors and sponsors, interactive venue map to push notifications, here’s your guide to the event app feature list:

The most used technologies by event planners are photobooths (45%), event apps (44%) and livestreaming tools (44%).
Engaging Events

Create Your Event App

Even when event professionals are thorough with the basic concept of event apps, the types and technology, they get overwhelmed as to where exactly do they start when it comes to getting their own, mobile event app. We will break down the entire process of getting started with facilitating your own mobile event app.

Event App automation

While facilitating a mobile event app, event professionals can go about it either way:

- Get your own custom app built entirely by event app developers

- Go for an event app automation solution

Event app automation solutions are on the rise in the market for obvious reasons. Before I explain the benefits of automation, let’s first delve into what exactly is an event app automation solution? Similar to the event automation software, the event app automation software helps planners create an event app by themselves, tech-savvy or not.

The features that are supposed to be included, the information that needs to be displayed, login settings, notifications, banners to a color scheme, planners can do it all on their own with just a few clicks.

Why exactly should you go for the automated solution?

One of the most significant benefits that an automated solution provides is saving up on time and money, especially when it is a part of an already existing feature set such as the all-in-one event management software. The entire process that may otherwise take days to develop can actually be done within minutes.

Another important benefit in case of using automation software is the level of involvement that you can have as the event planner in your event technology. It is you who builds your mobile event app. Hence, you can be entirely involved in the development right from the features to the look-feel as well as the customizations that come with aligning the event app with your event branding strategy.

Once you decide upon the type of solution that you would like to go for when it comes to your white-labeled mobile event app, it is now time to get started on finding vendors and get the development process going. Here are a few tips on where to begin:

1. Select vendors

Selecting the perfect mobile event app vendor is crucial to the success of your app. There are a lot of great event app vendors in the market providing the product across multiple regions. It is important that you research thoroughly before picking your event-tech vendor in order to find the best fit for your event. First off, you must list down all your requirements in order to get a direction in which you would want to research.

Understand the event app that fits your type of event and decides your event app budget. Post that, you must source your vendors. Try all the platforms including social media groups, consult your colleagues and shortlist your top 3 event app providers. Your research must include their overall appeal, their previous clients and the events they have powered along with past feedback.

You can also take help of software listing platforms for the same. Take demos of your top vendors, understand how far their product can meet your requirements and then pick the best fit. You can check out more tips on selecting your perfect event app vendor here.

2. Event App design

Once you are set on your vendor, you should begin working on the event app. Prepare a blueprint of how you would like your app to be. Look at other apps for similar events, features that would be of help to you and your attendees.

We will elaborate upon different types of event apps that got it right further in the article. Take reference from existing apps and read up on what’ new in the market. Detailed planning when it comes to building your event app goes a long way in getting things done on time and in the right manner.

Adoption of event technology is increased by 35% when an event app and attendee portal is integrated.
Global Experience Specialists, 2015

3. Picking the right features

The success of your event app does rely heavily on the feature you choose to integrate with your event app. It is common to get confused when it comes to which features should you keep within the app and which features you should ditch.

While referring to existing event apps in the market for inspiration is helpful in getting some clarity, it also sometimes leads to a dilemma in terms of whether certain features despite your liking would be relevant or not to your event.

In such a situation, you must first define your exact list of goals that you are willing to achieve by facilitating this mobile event app and how each feature weighs against these goals. Keep only those event app feature set that adds value to your mobile event app and overall to your event success.

Check out our guide on the ‘Anatomy of a Perfect Event App’ to gain further insight into this.

4. Oversee the process

Irrespective of whether you get your event app developed through a custom build or use event automation software, it is important that you oversee the entire process at regular intervals.

You must make sure that the process is going smoothly as per the plan so that the app matches the blueprint that you had in mind exactly. If you are going for the prior option, be sure to get regular updates from your event app developers. If you’re building your mobile event app through event automation software, be sure to coordinate with your event team involved in the process including banner designers, content writers, and IT team.

Set goals in terms of timelines through which you can get it published via your vendor. Post getting the app live; do test your mobile event app yourself as well as through your vendor to avoid contingencies and to debug your app if needed early on itself.

Benefits of an Event App

“75% of event professionals who don’t use event apps intend to adopt them.”
Event MB, 2017

With the benefits that this tool provides, there is no doubt that the majority of event professionals are willing to adopt the technology and invest in the same. Have a look at the benefits one gain from facilitating a mobile event app:

- Maximize Attendee Convenience

Event apps are a really handy tool, for the organizers as well as the attendees. One of the primary focuses of planners, as mentioned before, should be on maximizing attendee convenience through their event app.

This will definitely go a long way in ensuring the success of your event app as well as your overall event. Attendees who gain valuable ROI from the event and the app are bound to spread the word about your event.

Moreover, for event planners that conduct multiple events within a year or conduct, such annual events are bound to gain loyal attendees.

- Attendee Engagement

Event Apps are extremely handy in terms of engaging attendees and having them interact with the event as well as the event app. Majority of event attendees use their smart-phones during the event. What better way to leverage this fact than to engage them through an app itself?

Gamify your event app by putting in features such as Social Media integration, leader-board, scavenger hunts, integrate AR/VR, integrate live polling along with Q&A features so as to actively have your attendees participate in your sessions and interact with your speakers in real-time.

“The top benefits for event technology adopters are; improved ability to track and measure their events (40%), increased process productivity (31%), and a better attendee experience (30%).”
-Harvard Business Review Analytic Services

- Simplification of Planning and Execution

As mentioned before, there are multiple types of apps with multiple features. Apps such as event planning app or an event management app with features including venue management, event team management, event budgeting, etc. can actually help simplify your entire event planning and management process and save your time and resources.

With an event planning app, your tasks can all be done on the go with detailed analytics to boot. Event app analytics can further help you strategize your event plan, making it more data-driven and therefore more effective.

- Event Data for Success

Elaborating on my earlier point, event app builders usually provide detailed event app analytics including engagement analytics, downloads, some go as far as providing detailed content analysis in terms of what attendees are talking about and engaging with on your app.

This analytics can help you strategize for event success. Maximize attendee ROI, promote your event and engagement using the data you gain from your event app in order to maximize your event ROI and to break even with the money and time invested in building the mobile event app.

Moreover, this data can also help you in planning future events based on the learning gained from this particular event and event app data.

- Event & Sponsor Promotion

A mobile event app can be really handy in terms of event promotion, especially through user-generated content. Social media is a key platform for event promotion.

Integrating social media within the event app through custom hashtags, social media walls integrated within the app, integrating platforms such a tweet wall or Instagram, etc. can help event organizers get the word out about the event through their attendees in a very effective and engaging way.

The content generated on the app through features such as the event feed can also help in your event marketing strategy. Apart from this, event apps can also help you promote your sponsors in-app. You can have a separate section for your sponsors with sponsor profiles or go a step further by enabling in-app attendee interaction with sponsors as well. Thus, mobile event apps can be a great tool to help in your event promotion plan.

“App powered events generate 42% more social media impressions. “
Global Experience Specialists, 2015

- Easy Feedback

A mobile event app makes it even easier to gain feedback from event attendees. One way to go about it is to have an in-built audience polling system whereby event organizers can pose questions about the event as well as the overall event experience.

Apart from this event organizers can also integrate custom event feedback and surveys within the event app in order to have attendees quickly fill up the forms and provide instant feedback.

Event App Marketing Strategy

Event Apps are essentials and useful for event professionals. But what if no one knows that such an app exists? It is crucial to market your event app to target the perfect audience. To increase the event app adoption rate, proper marketing strategy much be designed in order to increase the event ROI and attendee engagement.

Hence, some additional efforts must be put into event app marketing. Managing events for sure is an incredibly strenuous task,

- Decide upon the platforms:

It depends a lot on which platforms you are going to market your event app. Social media is a vast pool of platforms with each platform having its special promotional element. Like Twitter is famous for making hashtags famous and LinkedIn popular to build professional and business contacts.

Twitter word limit allows drafting a crisp promotional message to market the event app and gains attention with the use of hashtags relevant to the event. Twitter hashtags can go trending and viral in no time!

70% of top companies and brands ranked social marketing related to event
programs as “extremely” or “very important” — 
Freeman XP & EMI, 2014

LinkedIn is a perfect platform to share and market the mobile event app for conference and business events. You can put on the attractive captions like Best Mobile Event App and gain audience’s attention!

-Use multiple channels: Email marketing is tried and tested way of increasing the reach of event app at all rates. Post banners on your website (who, what, when). Launch teaser emails and post social media tweets (who, what, when). Send “App is Live” emails and post social media tweets (who, what, when).

Instagram is becoming one of the strongest platforms for social media marketing with 62% of the 300 million monthly users following brands. — Iconosquare, 2015

Continue promoting your event app on social media. Event promotion and marketing can be done through multiple channels.

- Contests and giveaways:

Online users go crazy over online contests that provide free gifts and since there are no extra efforts spent in the same, people often take those contests. With the use of such contests, event organisers can display advertisements of event apps to expand the market of event app users and maximize the event app adoption rate.

Contests, games may also require the users to share the app, invite friends to download the event app and eventually increase the reach with the target audience who are actually interested and share with their network.

- On-site marketing:

To join the sustainable events movement across the world, event organisers are cutting off the use of paper overall. Paperless conferences mean event app adoption rate can be maximized if marketed properly. Lessening the printing will not only help in the growth and promotion of Sustainable Events but also increase the number of app users.

The on-site marketing team for maximizing the mobile event app adoption by the event attendees and making them aware of the event app features is a great alternative for your event.

You can promote the essential features like QR code scanning to simply the registration and entry process at events, put on screen at event venue showing the pros of digitalized events and how you can make the most of your event by downloading and using the mobile apps for events and conferences.

Train your on-site team on how to guide the event attendees to use the app and how to resolve any issues they come up with. Social media promotion can also help your cause from beforehand. Put up posters, banners, and standees with an eye-catching graphic to help attendees understand the use of event app.

You can also collaborate with speakers and event organisers to talk about the same while interacting with the attendees. Also, you can provide digital how-to guides and a quick go through video with a glimpse of all the event app features.

- Personalize and customize your app

Every event is unique and has special requirements according to their agenda and the target audience. We are in the age where event attendees and app users focus more on the experiences and the element of surprise that every event has to offer them. Event planners and event organisers continuously put on efforts in gathering and tailoring the event with out of the box ideas that will enhance the attendee experience.

Integrate chatbots within the mobile event app can prove to be quite beneficial to the attendees as they just need to type out their doubts and bots will reply to their issue.

Event apps can integrate a wide range of features from displaying the agenda, event information, speaker list, and attendee list to helping in audience engagement via the app at events by providing an option like to chat with other attendees, set up meetings, share business cards. Also to keep the attendees involved, gamification feature was introduced keeping the score with a leaderboard.

With the option of event app personalization provided to the clients, increased number of app downloads has been observed at events. Event attendees also provide feedback so that event organisers can include and improvise on the features on event app in the next event.

Event App Examples

Events adopting event apps require varsity of features depending on the type of event and attendee requirements. Some events may just require a simple mobile event app for a conference and corporate event with all the details of the event, event agenda and speakers list while some events may also require an event networking community integrated into the event app with features like in-app chats, setting meetings and sending business cards included.

Event profs, as well as event attendees, must know how to leverage an event app with all the features that are being provided.

Let’s quickly browse through some amazing examples of event apps that have been launched by Hubilo in recent years:

1. MIA Conference App — The event was held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center on 9th and 10th October. With various kinds of contests and activities happening on the venue, organisers kept the track of event attendees who were winning and scoring the most by displaying the results on the leaderboard.

With the main feature being the Gamification and Leaderboard, the event app engaged almost all the attendees and set a perfect example for attendee engagement at events.

The scorecard PDF was a custom module added by the event organiser for the event attendees to know the scoring pattern. Along with the outstanding gamification feature, the event app included all the other general features and networking integrations.

2. Vibrant Gujarat Startup and Technology Summit — The event app at VG Startup and Technology Summit did get a load of downloads while entering the venue as the attendees could enter by scanning the QR code that they received upon downloading the app. The Scan QR code feature thus made it a lot effortless for the attendees to enter the venue.

The networking platform within the app was a feature that provided not only the list of all the attendees (including organsiers and speakers), also gave an option to attendees to chat with the attendee they may want to and set up meetings and request a business card if a meeting couldn’t be scheduled.

Another amazing feature that helped a huge audience was the Way Finder. Since the venue of the event was huge and contained hundreds of exhibitions stalls and booths, one could enter the start point and where did they wish to go and the feature would lead the way to them.

Check out few amazing mobile event apps and conferences in 2018 on BusinessofApps.

3. APSC 2018 — APSC i.e. Asian Paints Sales Conference 2018 which was an incentive event including activities like contests, entertainment, motivational speeches and so on. We provided an incentive event app that would make their event planning much simpler and the best part was that there were 2 apps within one app.

APSC can be considered as best event and conference app for incentive travels. The organizers had a lot of mini events and games planned to engage their employees prior to and through the course of the event.

Event app features included photo contests, selfie contests, quizzes and so on under a Contests section for which the rules were also mentioned in a separate Rules of the contest section in a pdf form.

Another amazing feature that event organisers included in the event app was an Attendees section through which all the employees who came to the event could interact with one another with ease. The event app also had a live event newsfeed, venue layout and leaderboard section to keep the attendees busy and interacting on the event feed.

4. Global Mobility Summit — The MOVE summit was an incredible planned and executed event which promoted safe, smart and sustainable transportation solution for future generations. With huge events come huge event tech responsibilities and hence, the MOVE Summit app included many custom features along with some of the already existing feature sections.

GMS could indeed be considered one of the best mobile event app that has been used in 2018. The event app for MOVE Summit consisted of Summit themes which provided a brief description of all the main summit themes with their role in the overall agenda of the event.

Next new section which encouraged the event audience to engage in a session was of Participants. It included the list of speakers who were mostly delegates and VIP’s which indulged the event attendees to hear to them.

Live polling feature was also added to the Summit’s app wherein the audience attending the MOVE Summit could answer and poll into the questions asked during the event. Other features included event feed, event agenda, networking section and so on.

The top benefits for event technology adopters are: improved ability to track and measure their events (40%), increased process productivity (31%), and a better attendee experience (30%). — Source: Harvard Business Review Analytic Services

5. GES — The Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 event app was the combination of best technologies integrated together. It was one of the best mobile event apps which included an inbuilt networking platform which facilitated in-app chat amongst attendees and provided a feature for setting up meetings with influencers, speakers and other attendees.

Event newsfeed is similar to a social media newsfeed where the app users can post status, pictures, videos, and announcements regarding the upcoming sessions.

The best part of the GES event app was wearable tech integration. Each attendee was given a band with a built-in tracking system at the beginning of the event. The badge was highly personalized with each attendee having their own unique bands. With this, they were able to track their activity throughout the event.

Attendees received ‘karma points’ for the distance they covered walking through the event premises, an initiative by the wearable tech provider and the event organizers, if the attendees covered a set amount of step during the event, a certain donation amount would be given to a pre-decided non-profit for a good cause.

Countless events are organised, planned and executed every year which includes corporate events, exhibitions, conferences, meetings, trade shows, expos and festivals across the globe. The entire events industry is on the verge of becoming fully tech-savvy.

Apart from the events that have used Hubilo’s event apps, here are some famous events that have also used the event app to enhance the event experience.

1. Cannes Film Festival — Developed in partnership with Orange, the Festival De Cannes 2017 app has a lot of interesting features including live video streaming, hour by hour updates of the event, and permanent access to the festival’s TV channel as well as access to its radio and podcasts as well as the geolocation feature.

The app also gives personalized features to its users in terms of inculcating a diary and a wish list into the app. The app has gained major popularity with more than 10,000 downloads on the Android Play store alone. It has a 4-star rating on both Apple and Android platforms.

84% of marketers say that attendee engagement solutions are the biggest trend in maximizing event success — Event Genioso

2. MPI Toronto Education Conference — The official event app for the MPI Toronto Education Conference can be downloaded from the Android app store and is named TEC2017. It is quite interactive and personalized with essential features like the speaker info, venue map, and sponsor details.

Along with it, the app also facilitates the attendees to the network through the messaging app. They can create their own schedule based on the overall event schedule, take notes along with storing and reviewing their documents. All in all, it is quite an interactive app.

The Future of Mobile Event Apps

Event Technology holds a very bright future in the development of events industry. In the past few years, the graph of event app usage has increased definitely and will continue to grow in the future as well. The rise of mobile apps for conferences is a great way to go paperless at corporate events.

The event industry has surely come a long way since the inception of the event apps and is now taking event experience at a new level wherein various tech can be integrated with the existing event apps. Mobile apps for conferences and tradeshows expand the horizons for the exhibitors to showcase their products. Mobile event apps definitely automate bundle of tasks for the event attendees as well as the event professionals.

Event technology can help increase event attendance by 20%, increase productivity by 27%, and decrease costs by 20–30%. — Enterprise Event Marketing

The future of the mobile event app holds a variety of tech integrations in the app. Few of which has already been initiated and got a positive feedback. Let’s have a look at all the tech trends that will take event apps to a new level:

- AI:

Artificial Intelligence is a sweeping change in the event industry. In upcoming years it is predicted that AI is going to provide personal assistance to the event attendees with the help of mobile event apps.

Automated bot replies aren’t a new thing for event attendees but an event chatbot that understands your requirements and leads your way into the event so you can make the most of it is phenomenal.

AI-integrated event apps will provide more personalized experiences to the attendees at an event with better matchmaking and event networking opportunities, increasing business networks or setting up meetings with the speakers. With limited budgets and time, the AI bot can connect your social accounts and handle marketing and your social existence while you are taking in the best at the event.

- VR/AR:

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are the topmost trending technologies that are gaining fame in the events industry. VR is an immersive tech which can be integrated with the event apps and provided amazing attendee experience to the event audience.

Event organisers can witness the rise in audience engagement at events and event attendance at next events. Virtual Reality headsets might not be affordable at all events, here comes Augmented Reality at the rescue for event organisers.

Augmented Reality provides a plethora of opportunities for attendees at the event to engage, network and interact with the audience present at the event, therefore, increasing the gamifications at events. VR gaming sets have become quite popular nowadays and you can find them everywhere. Use such sets to add a little interesting gamification corner in your event.

The importance of networking for any event is understood by all the event profs.

The use of devices like Google Glasses at events has gained a lot of popularity recently. And trust me, it is definitely worth it! One of the main features that such devices can add to your ‘attendee experience’ is better networking. You can design a virtual tour of the entire event venue which would orient your attendees with the place. Especially if you are hosting an event with a grand venue, virtual tours can come really handy for your attendees.

- Facial Recognition

Event Industry is a fast growing sector with the wide acceptance of the latest and trending technologies. Facial Recognition gained a fresh perspective in this year. It’s a revolution in the event industry simplifying the attendee registration and process. As they say, You face is the key to enter a conference.

The integration of facial recognition software in event apps have improvised check-ins and made the event registrations process simpler for the event organisers. Forget the badges or unique QR codes that attendees use to enter events or sessions. Attendees face is the new entrance unique code for events.

- Easy lead retrieval

The main aim of any corporate event, exhibition, expo, trade show or a conference to increase the event ROI, make sales, gather contacts and retrieve useful leads. Lead Retrieval Software has been introduced and adapted to the events industry.

Event organisers’ work is super tiring and keeps them occupied at all times. At that moment, if they are provided with an event-app integrated lead retrieval management system, their tasks for post-event will be drastically simplified.

Lead Retrieval system allows the event organisers and trade show exerts to filter out the relevant leads that they can have future business relations with. The Lead Retrieval App is a simple yet effective event app to capture the information of the event attendees and segregate the important and useful leads that may bring business to the organisers.

The lead database can be easily managed and downloaded by the event and trade show organisers as a CSV file with their required details.

- Integrations- wearable, beacons, etc.

With seamless all-in-one event management software, integrations with other software and hardware to enhance the event and attendee experience. Not just in fetching and gathering data to build an attendee database but also to bring something new to the events and implement out-of-the-box ideas.

2018 witnessed various integrations at corporate and business events like the use of wearable tech, beacons, proximity sensors, NFC, Blockchain, chatbots and so on.

Wearable tech includes wearable ranging from smart watches and Google glasses to smart apparel and accessories. Wearable smart shirts have been in the market for quite a long time now most of which are generally worn by athletes. Not only such wearable enhance the user experience but also when connected with mobile event app transmits performance feedback to the user’s mobile.

Integrations of hardware tech with the mobile apps for conferences thus escalates the possibility of increased downloads and maximizes the mobile event app adoption rate.

You can also check out other examples of events here - 8 Event Apps You Should be taking Inspiration From that have integrated and enhanced attendee experience at events using event apps.

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