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Increase Engagement at Your Webinar with These Fun Icebreakers

Boost engagement with 50 dynamic icebreaker games! From Charades to the Marshmallow Challenge, these activities ignite interaction and create memorable webinar experiences
May 31, 2024

Increase Engagement at Your Webinar with These Fun Icebreakers

Webinars can be challenging environments for fostering interaction, especially when attendees don’t know each other. However, this creates a perfect opportunity to use icebreaker games to kickstart engagement! There are numerous fun icebreakers that can make your marketing webinar more interactive and enjoyable.

The Power of Icebreaker Games

Icebreaker games are fantastic tools for helping attendees feel more at ease and open to participation. Here are some benefits of incorporating these games into your webinars:

  • Fun to Play: They add a layer of enjoyment and excitement.
  • Break from Routine: Provide a refreshing break from the usual flow of the webinar.
  • Build Comfort and Trust: Encourage a more relaxed and trusting atmosphere.
  • Enhance Communication: Make it easier for participants to interact.
  • Boost Engagement: Prompt active participation and interaction.

Icebreakers not only make attendees comfortable but also facilitate creative thinking and collaboration. Whether you’re asking participants to share a fun fact or work together to solve a puzzle, these activities can transform the dynamic of your webinar.

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50 Fun Icebreaker Games for Your Next Webinar

1. Two Truths and a Lie

Everyone in the group says two truths and a lie about themselves. These truths and lies can be as weird or wacky as you want them to be! The rest of the group can then try to decipher which one is the lie. 

2. 10 Things In Common

You can start by separating your large group into smaller groups. From there, each smaller group can find 10 things that everyone has in common. Aside from the obvious (we’re all humans, we all work together, etc.) try to find out of the box things that everyone has in common!

3. Whodunit

Start by separating into small groups. Next, have each person write down one weird fact about themselves. Once you have every fact, put them into a bowl and read them outloud. After each fact, try to determine which weird fact belongs to who!

4. Scavenger Hunt

Split your large group up into smaller teams, depending on how many people you have. Provide each group with a list of items they need to find, and whoever has the most items at the end of the end of the scavenger hunt wins!

5. Human Rock Paper Scissors

Everyone loves a rock, paper, scissors game! Take it up a notch by creating full body motions for each motion. Play a best of 5 rounds to determine a winner. Make sure you have your phones out, as this is sure to be a funny moment to capture!

6. One-Word Icebreaker

Separate the large group into smaller groups and ask the groups to use one word to describe something, like the company culture or the event itself. Let your guests know that they can’t repeat the same word, so try to think outside the box!

7. Marshmallow Challenge

Each group needs to try to build the tallest, free-standing structure! Each team gets 20 pieces of spaghetti, 3 feet of tape and string and a marshmallow. See who can build the tallest structure that stands up for the longest time.

8. Charades

Charades is one of the best old school party games! Each person can act out, without words, the prompt they receive. Try to think of some unique prompts for your guests to act out, as it makes the competition a little tougher.

9. Have You Ever?

As you begin the icebreaker, have every guest hold up five fingers. Go around the room and have every guest say one thing they have done. Every guest must put down a finger if they have done the mentioned topic. This game helps you find out a bit more about your colleagues.

10. The Hot Seat

Every person in the group can ask a question to the person in the hot seat, and they have to answer the question. Don’t make it too personal though, as it can become uncomfortable quickly.

11. Would You Rather?

Have one person asking the questions to the group, and make the questions with two choices. Each guest can choose which one they would rather do, and give an explanation as to why they chose that answer.

12. Pop Quiz

Pop quiz is a simple question and answer game, with all types of question categories. Each player can buzz in with the answer, and whoever has the most correct answers wins!

13. Birth Map

As the entrance of your event, have a giant world map with pins. As each guest enters, have them place a pin where they were born! At the end of the event, present the map to show the diversity of everyone in the group.

14. Movie Pitch

Separate into groups and give them each a movie genre. For 10 minutes, the groups have to create a movie plot using the genre provided. Each group can then present their movie pitch to the crowd.

15. Stretch Break

Meetings can become long and monotonous. Encourage your guests to stand up and take a long stretch break to focus on their breathing and stretch every part of their body.

16. Rose, Thorn, Bud

Each person describes a rose, thorn and bud in their professional life! A rose is a positive aspect of work, a thorn is a challenge you have with work, and a bud is an idea or thought you have. This can help colleagues create solutions for problems.

17. Frivolous Debate

Debates can be healthy, especially when they are fun topics! Asking the group like “Does pineapple belong on pizza?” or “Which is better, cats or dogs?” Your guests can debate others and take a firm stand on what they believe.

18. Bad Joke Contest

Everybody loves a bad joke, and your icebreaker can be to see who creates the best bad joke. Everybody can vote on which joke was the best (or in this case, the worst!)

19. Tall Tales

One person starts off telling a story, 3 lines at a time. After the 3rd line, the story moves the person next to them, with them adding 3 lines. Go around the entire room until everyone adds lines and see how crazy the story gets!

20. Say Your Name Backwards

Have every guest write their name down on a piece of paper. Give each person someone else’s name and have them try to pronounce the name backwards!

21. Talent Show

Some guests may have hidden talents they can showcase; holding a talent show allows your guests to show off their talented creative side! Everyone can vote for their favorite and choose a winner.

22. Celebrity Impressions

Have everyone put a celebrity’s name on their back, and everyone has to ask questions to guess who the celebrity is. Do impressions of the celebrity to try and best guess who it is!

23. Red Light, Green Light

Red light green light is a game everyone played as kids! Have one person stand on one side of the room, everyone else on the other side. Green light means everyone moves towards the leader, red light means stop. If you move during a red light, you’re eliminated.

24. Icebreaker Bingo

You can create custom bingo sheets for your icebreaker. Your bingo sheets can be made custom, based on the topic of your event! Whoever gets 5 in a row wins!

25. Guess Who

Use your best acting skills to mimic celebrities. Unlike charades, you can use your words to describe these celebrities.

26. Things In Common

As your guests mingle with each other, encourage them to find things in common! This is a great way to get to know each other and learn everyone’s name.

27. Jigsaw Puzzle

Divide into two teams and give them the same jigsaw puzzle! They can work together to solve the puzzle quicker than the other team.

28. Personality Quiz

Find a personality quiz online and send the link to your guests. Everyone can share their results and agree or disagree if their answers match their real personality.

29. Trivia Quiz Game

There are tons of trivia quiz games you can play. Each team can make a unique team name and answer the questions in all categories. Whichever team has the most points wins!

30. Share An Embarrassing Photo

Everyone has an embarrassing photo of themselves, and they can be shared with everyone! This allows everyone to relax and laugh with their colleagues.

31. Show and Tell

Guests can show something meaningful to them, and they can explain why it is valuable to them. They can either tell a story verbally, or bring an object that holds value to them and describe it. 

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32. Phone Photo

Everyone in the group can share a photo from their phone that means a lot to them. You can get a better understanding of what is important to them.

33. Meet The Pet

If your meeting is virtual, you can show off your pet, if you have one! Show off your dogs, cats, fish or horse and be sure to include any cute pictures or videos you have!

34. Give Us A Tour

For virtual meetings, your guests can give them a tour of their home! This allows other guests to become comfortable with their colleagues as you have an insight into their home.

35. If You Could

Ask questions to the group like “If you could live anywhere in the world” or “If you could be on any reality tv show” and your guests can take turns answering the questions!

36. Lost On A Desert Island

This game shows off the survival skills of your guests! The prompt is, you were in a shipwreck, and every guest can only save one item from the ship. As you get to the island, you have to work together to survive using the items you saved from the ship!

37. Icebreaker Jokes

Allow everyone to tell their best joke to the audience. Once everyone has told a joke, everyone can vote for the funniest joke!

38. Icebreaker Short Story

Create a prompt for a short story, and allow everyone to add to the story, one line at a time. Go around the room however many times you want until the story is finished!

39. Make A Portrait

You can create a paint by numbers, and allow your guests to paint however much they want. The portrait can be hung in a common place where everyone can see it!

40. Foodie Icebreaker

Everybody loves food, and you can ask questions about your guests’ favorite food, their least favorite food and what their favorite weird food combinations are!

41. Solve A Murder

A murder mystery party makes everyone work together using clues to solve the mystery! 

42. Tea and Mindfulness

You can have your guests de-stress with a tea hour and mindful breathing. This can help everyone refocus and concentrate on the event!

43. Paint and Sip

With a paint and sip, there can be one paint instructor and they can lead the paint class. Everyone can have a drink while they create a masterpiece!

44. Escape Room

Your team members can work together to work their way out of the room. Using clues and brain power, you’ll be out of that room in no time!

45. Holiday Icebreakers

Holiday themed ice breakers can have everyone getting in the holiday spirit! From wrapping presents or decorating, everyone will be happy and in the holiday spirit. 

46. Laugh Out Loud

Laughter On Call helps your guests try out their best stand up routine! Your guests can be given prompts to kickstart the creation of their jokes.

47. Instagram Icebreaker

Encourage your guests to go through their Instagram and choose their favorite photo. They can explain the photo and why it’s their favorite.

48. Conflict Resolution

You can create a conflict and your guests need to find a solution to that conflict. They can work together to create a solution and it can translate into how they solve problems in the real world.

49. Start Happy Hour Early

You can start happy hour early by encouraging your guests to grab a drink during your meeting! Everyone can drink whatever they like, and it can be a topic of conversation.

50. Whose Story Is It?

Have your guests write in a story of theirs, and the meeting hosts can read the stories out loud. The rest of the guests can guess whose story it is!

Use Icebreakers to Boost Your Webinar Engagement

Incorporating icebreaker games into your marketing webinars can significantly enhance attendee engagement and create a memorable experience. With interactive features and customizable options, platforms like Hubilo can help seamlessly integrate these activities, encouraging active participation and interaction.

Consider using icebreakers at your next webinar to see their positive impact on engagement and attendee satisfaction.

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