Real-Time Insights with Revenue Impact Dashboard

Killing the Attribution Issue, Once and for All

Take webinar reporting to the next level with our cutting-edge Revenue Impact Dashboard. Track attendee engagement, conversion rates, and pipeline acceleration in real-time. Enjoy hassle-free data integration and comparisons with other marketing programs for better decision-making and optimized results.
Vaibhav Jain
July 26, 2023

The webinar reporting process used to drive me crazy. Our teams would spend hours, days or sometimes even weeks (!!!) pulling together data and working with various teams across marketing to ensure we had some view of the funnel. And just when you thought the report was correct, you’d find that everyone was taking credit for the same MQLs. We weren’t able to see accurate results, everyone was frustrated, and teams were left looking incompetent more than anything else. It made us want to give up on webinars, but in today’s digitally-enabled world, how can you give up on such a fundamental martech solution? 

We used ourselves as the best case study and put our teams on the problem. We even brought in advisors from the top B2B SaaS companies to ensure every inch of the issue was covered. Just a few months later, I couldn’t be more thrilled to unveil our awesome Revenue Impact Dashboard. Allow me to run through the highlights: 

Real-Time Insights: The Superpower You've Been Waiting For

Our Revenue Impact Dashboard delivers a complete view of the full funnel right away. We track attendee engagement, lead generation, conversion rates, pipeline acceleration, and so, so much more. No more second-guessing or twiddling thumbs—it's all right there, ready to be acted upon. 

Sync, Flow, Repeat: Integration Magic!

Now, here's the best part. Our Revenue Impact Dashboard doesn't just stop at being cool and instant. It works seamlessly with CRM systems, ensuring that data flows through your martech stack. No more manual madness, no more finger-crossing while waiting for data to sync, no more waiting for the marketing ops team to have bandwidth to help. It's a harmonious data dance. And don’t worry, we push as well as pull data, meaning all of your systems are clean and up-to-date.

Comparisons: What’s Working? 

Okay, you probably didn’t see this coming - we even automatically import info from your other marketing programs so you can easily evaluate what’s working best. Where should we double-down? What needs more finessing? Don’t wait for an MBR to dive deep - your teams now have this information at their fingertips every single day. 

We now can all (finally) start truly appreciating webinars for the value they add. Get ready to rock your webinars, make informed decisions, and laugh in the face of delayed results. The future of webinar reporting has arrived.

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Vaibhav Jain

Vaibhav is the CEO and Founder of the leading global event technology company, Hubilo. Under his leadership, Hubilo pivoted from $0 to a million-dollar company in less than a year and raised over $150M of funding from renowned global venture capitalists. Vaibhav is a computer graduate from Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology (DA- IICT), with ten years of marketing, operations, finance, and sales expertise in the Information Technology sector.

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