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Turbocharge Post-Webinar Engagement with AI-Generated Videos across Social Media

Learn how Video Shorts can supercharge your webinars and boost engagement and conversion rates. Discover how Hubilo's Snackable Content Hub simplifies your content creation process.
January 29, 2024

Let's talk about the undeniable power of videos. They're a whopping 12 times more effective than other forms of content, surpassing the engagement rates of text and images combined.  That’s what makes webinars such a treasure trove of content. You can pinpoint which moments the audience loved the most, and create highlights for old and new audiences alike, significantly expanding your reach. 

Forbes revealed that 64% of customers are more inclined to make a purchase after watching a video. What if, then, you found a way to turbocharge your content creation from webinars? Snackable Content Hub does just that- all shortly after your webinar.

With Snackable Content Hub’s Video Shorts, you have a library of ready-to-share video clips that highlight the best moments of your webinar that you can use in post-webinar campaigns, sales meetings, and on social media. These videos are editable, and brandable 1-minute clips that enable you to by-pass the traditional video production process.

And what’s more, not only can you create and edit these videos from within Hubilo’s Snackable Content Hub, but you can also post these videos to LinkedIn, and analyze the analytics, all from within Snackable Content Hub.

Let us take a deeper dive into our release.

Unlock video content that drives conversions- faster

Prospects are 60 times more likely to convert when a webinar includes marketing materials afterward. With Video Shorts, you're arming your teams with content that's primed and ready to roll, precisely when your audience is most engaged. Video Shorts are incredibly versatile, and they serve as powerful assets to build on the momentum generated by your webinar. Use them in your post-webinar campaigns, during sales meetings, and across various social media platforms, or your website. What’s more, watch analytics from the embedded videos on your website flows seamlessly into Hubilo, making analyzing the reach a breeze.

Hubilo's Video Shorts

Simplify your workflow: Create content using a single tool

Traditionally your video teams would create these in-house using tools such as Adobe Premier Pro, Apple Final Cut etc or outsource them to agencies. However, in both these cases, you'd end up spending anywhere from a few days to a few weeks in video creation, and it would cost up to $3k for each video. While using Snackable Content Hub, you don’t need to use these additional tools to brand these videos, or outsource video creation. Whether you want to trim the AI-generated shorts or craft brand-new ones from scratch, it's all doable right within the Hubilo webinar platform. You can add logos, text, backgrounds - all within the Hubilo webinar platform itself. Customize your videos, blogs, and posts to get your brand just right. Even adjust the aspect ratios of your video edits for seamless sharing across different social media platforms. Snackable Content Hub also generates LinkedIn focused videos, with captions to ensure continued audience engagement.

Amplify your content in just a few clicks- Create, Post, and Analyze in one place

No more tedious download/upload routines. Share your webinar’s video shorts directly on LinkedIn with ease, all from the convenience of Hubilo’s Snackable Content Hub.

Furthermore, dive into detailed insights for your LinkedIn videos, posts, and polls, all within Hubilo. Forget about searching for data in different places; monitor video analytics for embedded On Demand Recording & Hubilo Shorts within the Snackable Content Hub. It's a one-stop-shop for creating, posting, and analyzing content.

Ready to rev up your video production capabilities with Hubilo's Snackable Content Hub? Reach out to us today, and let's kickstart this exciting journey together.

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