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60 Engaging Questions for Webinar Guest Speakers: Spark Meaningful Conversations and Captivate Your Audience!

Empower your webinar with our comprehensive collection of 60 Engaging Questions for Guest Speakers! Designed to spark meaningful conversations and captivate your audience, these thought-provoking queries cover a range of topics from icebreakers to career insights. Elevate your webinar experience, navigate discussions seamlessly, and maximize audience engagement.
May 13, 2024

Guest speakers are a great addition to any webinar. A survey by EventMB found that 45% of respondents said that a high-profile speaker would be the biggest factor in convincing them to attend a webinar.

When chatting with an expert in your field of interest, the range of topics can feel overwhelming. But fear not! We've got you covered. We've put together 60 questions designed to spark meaningful conversations with your guest speakers, ranging from icebreakers to thought-provoking questions. Prepare a selection of these questions to ensure your next webinar is a resounding success! 

What questions can I pose to a guest speaker during a webinar?

The most effective questions to ask a guest speaker during a webinar are those that offer valuable insights into the topic or the speaker themselves. Prior to the event, take the time to familiarize yourself with the speaker to craft questions that will yield insightful information. Learn about their interests and professional achievements, and during the webinar, actively listen to their responses to enhance the experience for all participants.

As per insights from Corporate Communication Experts, the average audience attention span lasts merely 8 to 10 minutes. To keep your webinar captivating, infuse it with various interactive elements! Opt for a platform that enables live polls to gauge audience opinions on the speaker's topics. Alternatively, encourage viewers to submit questions to guest speakers using a designated social media hashtag.

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Icebreaker Questions:

    • Who inspires you and serves as your mentor?
    • Share a recent surprising or shocking moment and what caused it.
    • Revealing something unknown about yourself to our audience.
    • If you could invite anyone to your dream dinner party, who would it be?
    • Who is a professional figure you greatly admire?
    • If you could time-travel, which era would you like to explore firsthand?

Career and Work Experience Questions:

    • What significant decisions have you made in the past year?
    • How has your role evolved in the last 12 months?
    • What are your predictions for the industry's development in the next five years?
    • What are common misconceptions about your profession?
    • What sets you apart from others in your field?
    • What aspects of your job do you find most exhilarating?
    • What are the major opportunities currently present in the industry?
    • What was your first “win” that made you confident that you were doing the right thing?
    • What did you do at work yesterday? (This is a spin on the “what is a typical day” question that will yield more specific, informative answers.)

Questions for Guest Speakers on Leadership:

    • Is leadership attainable for everyone?
    • Describe the characteristics of effective leadership.
    • What obstacles arise when leaders collaborate?
    • Identify the most crucial trait for effective leadership.
    • How do you strive for continuous improvement in leadership?
    • What strategies do you employ to address team conflicts?
    • What methods do you use to drive organizational change?
    • How do you foster innovation within a team?
    • Share your approach to cultivating a robust team culture.
    • Reflect on past mistakes and lessons learned in leadership.

Questions to Get Advice From a Guest Speaker:

    • How did you differentiate yourself from other candidates vying for the same position?
    • What is the most valuable career guidance you've ever been given?
    • If you could advise your younger self at the outset of your career, what would you say?
    • What qualities impress you most when evaluating potential hires?
    • How does your team or company define success?
    • What hurdles do you encounter in pursuit of that success?

Follow-Up Questions for Guest Speakers:

    • Can you discuss initial obstacles that ultimately became advantageous?
    • How has your past shaped your approach to decision-making?
    • Besides personal experience, what else informs your decision-making process?
    • Which strategies have been most instrumental in your achievements?
    • How do you manage work-life balance amidst your endeavors?
    • Reflecting on hindsight, would you repeat past decisions?
    • Share the most significant lesson gleaned from your experiences.
    • What could have made a difference to how things worked out?
    • How much has luck played a part?

Light-hearted Questions for Guest Speakers:

    • If stranded on a desert island, which app would you miss the most?
    • What fuels your passion for your work?
    • Recall the most peculiar question you've been asked in an interview.
    • What advice would you impart to your younger self a decade ago?
    • Describe your ideal evening following a hectic week.
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What questions to NOT ask a guest speaker during a webinar

During a webinar, it's important to steer clear of certain topics or questions when engaging with guest speakers. It's generally best to avoid discussing politics or religion, as well as any sensitive subjects. 

To ensure a respectful and positive experience for everyone involved, consider asking your guest speaker in advance if there are any topics they prefer not to address.

The aim is to simply create a supportive environment where guest speakers can be confidently shared their insights. By being mindful of the topics discussed, our guest speakers can be helped to feel empowered and enthusiastic about their participation in the webinar, without the fear of unintentionally crossing boundaries or saying something they may regret.

During your webinar, a key tactic you want to incorporate is engagement with your viewers. Since it is virtual and not in-person, it’s important that you prioritize which hosting platform you use. Many webinar platforms include engagement features such as polls, gamification, live chats and more. 

FAQs on Questions for Guest Speakers:

  • How can questions be prepared for guest speakers during a webinar?

To prepare for questioning guest speakers during a webinar, their background, expertise, and topic should be researched in advance. A list of relevant and engaging questions should be formulated to captivate both the speakers and the audience.

  • What are some good general questions for guest speakers during a webinar?

Some good general questions to be posed to guest speakers during a webinar include inquiries about their background and expertise, sources of inspiration and motivation, viewpoints on the industry or topic, and advice for the audience.

  • How many questions should be asked of guest speakers during a virtual event?

The number of questions posed to guest speakers during a webinar is contingent upon various factors, such as the event's duration, the number of speakers, and the audience's level of engagement. Nonetheless, it is generally advisable to include a combination of pre-prepared and spontaneous questions and to prioritize quality over quantity.

Takeaways about questions to ask guest speakers

With the right questions, you can ensure that your guest speakers' segment steals the show at your upcoming webinar! Regardless of your industry, there are numerous avenues to discover outstanding guest speakers. 

Conduct some research within your personal network, including friends, family, and current or former colleagues. Explore your wider network of connections, or if you're eyeing someone with significant expertise in a relevant field, consider reaching out to them or their team.

Regardless of your choice, prioritize individuals with a strong reputation who resonate with your industry audience. Remember, the guest speaker represents your business, and with over 80% of marketers reaching larger audiences through webinars, this choice is crucial.

Moreover, the platform you select to host your event significantly impacts its success. A webinar platform like Hubilo can assist you in creating a stellar virtual event complete with engaging interactions and customizable branding features. Schedule a demo today to learn more!


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