Creative sales meeting ideas

26 Effective Sales Meeting Ideas to Motivate Your Remote Team

Motivate remote employees at your next sales meeting with one (or a few!) of these sales meeting ideas to boost morale and increase sales.
March 16, 2023

The format of remote work has taken over the corporate world, making it easier for teams to connect far and wide. For some industries, however, this can be more of a challenge. With industries like sales being primarily an in-person role, it can be difficult to connect with employees and colleagues in person - but it doesn’t have to be! Learn how to make sales meetings exciting and beneficial for everyone with our effective and engaging sales meeting ideas.

Why spicing up sales meetings are a good idea 

Turning a traditionally uninteresting sales meeting into a fun and interactive gathering is a great way to boost team morale.  By turning your sales meeting into a fun event, your team will be excited to attend and look forward to it as they go about their work week. Spicing up your next sales meeting will not only make everyone more motivated, but it also allows everyone to consistently share their progress and sales experiences. 

26 creative sales meeting ideas for teams

No matter what kind of industry your company falls under, the elements that comprise an effective sales meeting remain constant. However, it doesn’t mean meetings can’t be fun! Take your sales meeting to the next level with these unique and effective ideas. 

1. Watch a video together

With the help of video-sharing platforms like Youtube, there are a number of free videos you can present at your sales meeting that relate to any topic! Choose a motivational video to stir up enthusiasm or one that presents a new sales idea to keep your team innovative. Watching a video can be more effective than if the same content was presented through a speech or through text, so spend time researching different videos and selecting one you think would be best! 

2. Play games

Nothing brings teams together like some friendly competition! Select a game that engages your entire sales team and one that relates to your industry or to sales. Games and friendly competitions are great for helping teams stay focused and engaged, so adding one to your meeting can reap many benefits. Some fun sales-related games include a timed pitch contest, cold-calling contests, or trivia. 

Game ideas for your next sales meeting

3. Role-play pitches

Sharpen your entire team’s presentation  skills in a fun but effective game of role-playing. Create pretend pitches and evaluate how your team presents them by giving tips on how to perfect their strategies even more. Split everyone into small teams, with one person being the seller and the other one as the customer.

4. Share experiences and stories

Have a segment in your sales meeting dedicated to sharing and teaching all the top strategies and stories of previous sales  right from your best sellers. Everyone will be able to learn something that increases sales while building relationships with each other. 

5. Invite an expert

Encourage and educate your team with experts in your industry to share all of their invaluable insights. These can be executives, product leaders, or founders that can share new perspectives on all aspects of your business that relate to selling. 

6. Simulate obstacles

The best way to prepare your team members for any tough challenges they could face during their sales experience is by acting them out. This could be perfecting answers to tough client questions or how to handle strong pushback from clients as they’re closing an important deal. Spending time with your sales team to navigate these scenarios will boost confidence and lead them to successful results. 

7. Relocate

A great idea to mix up your next sales meeting to increase effectiveness is to change your meeting location. It can make the ordinary meeting a little more exciting, and change everyone’s perspectives by adding something new! 

8. Have a lunch and learn session

Lunch and learn sessions have been a staple in the corporate world for a reason! Discussing sales strategies and new ideas while sharing food will boost everyone’s satisfaction- and maybe even increase attendance! Host this session during lunchtime  to not take time away from people’s workday and either provide catering or host it at a local restaurant. Your team members will enjoy the break from their workday to share ideas over delicious food! 

Lunch and Learn sales meeting ideas

9. Individual skills planning

Increase your entire team’s experience of working together by touching base with everyone on how they can grow individually. Meet with each member and devise a plan that will help sharpen their skills and hit new goals based on  their skill sets. Have them develop brief action plans for each goal and meet them once your goal deadline arrives. 

10. Team building exercises

There’s no better way to get your sales team motivated and enthusiastic about their work than engaging in team building exercises. It can help your team feel more connected  and is a great way to boost the feeling of comradery. Before your meeting, create a detailed agenda with your team exercises built out so you have an idea of how it will go. 

11. Run contests

Excite your team by surprising them with a fun contest! Create one that relates to everyone’s everyday tasks; for example, challenge team members to create a pitch and have everyone decide on who’s pitch was best. It can motivate the entire team to work harder in hopes to win while improving their overall sales strategies. 

12. Celebrate wins, both big and small

It’s important that as a team, you take the time to celebrate every form of success for everyone. When you take the time to recognize everything your team has done, it makes them feel like a valued and appreciated part of the team. Have everyone write down at least one win since the last time you met that they can share and celebrate with the rest of the group. 

13. Share challenges

One way to build comradery among your sales team is to share all the challenges and struggles everyone is having. Sharing the problems one team member is having makes it okay for others to share their challenges, as well. Other team members can offer solutions based on their sales experiences and give valuable insight to your team. 

14. Have a career-goal-setting discussion

Talk with your team about the goals they’d like to set both individually and as a team. According to Frontiers, over 1,000 studies have shown that setting high and specific goals are linked to increased task performance, persistance, and motivation. This is a great sales meeting idea and motivator for everyone to reach for bigger goals and accomplish them as a team. 

15. Brainstorm new prospective strategies 

Using your sales meeting as a way to brainstorm new sales strategies will be beneficial for everyone on your team. Hold this kind of meeting quarterly or yearly and have everyone bring different ideas and strategies to share with each other. 

16. Invite other team members to join

To spark inspiration and motivation among your sales team, invite members from other departments to join your meeting. Hearing different perspectives about your strategies from other parts of your company can give everyone a refreshing outlook once they leave the meeting. Team members from your marketing department, for example, can bring numbers and data they’ve received about your sales to the meeting which can help improve sales strategies going forward. 

17. Check in on pipelines

Have a meeting where you solely focus on the pipelines of all your team members. This will give you a clear status of everyone’s sales at the moment and can be a space where members help each other if they’re stuck. 

18. Rehearse the script

Every sales team should abide by a company-wide script when they’re going through the sales process. Sales meetings are the perfect chance for everyone to practice how they present their script to customers. Team members can share any feedback or tips on how to make scripts sound even better when they perform them for each other. 

19. Talk about financial goals

A great idea for your next sales meeting is to cover what financial goals you have planned for the future. Reminding your team of the money they could be making will keep them motivated even when times are tough!

20. Uncover customer insights

While it’s important to talk about the challenges your team faces during their workday in sales, it’s almost just as important to celebrate positive customer insights! In a study by Salesforce, it was shown that 66% of customers expect companies to understand their needs and expectations. Have your team members collect positive feedback that customers have sent them as a way to remind your team of why their roles are so impactful and how to continue providing excellent service to their customers. 

21. Use a sales dashboard

A sales dashboard is a great way to incorporate sales data into your strategies. Using the data available, you can review what parts of the sales process are working and which ones are not to come up with plans as a team to improve. 

Creating a sales dashboard

22. Share your agenda beforehand 

Get your team ready to come to your meeting prepared to tackle anything by sharing your meeting agenda beforehand. Agendas are a great way for your team to see what will be covered and can help you with meeting time management. 

23. Discuss recent industry trends 

New industry trends are always occurring, so as a sales team it’s important that you keep up with them and prepare ways you can handle them. As a team, you should cover everything from product trends to trends occurring within your target market, and economic trends. 

24. Open the floor

Your sales meetings are perfect opportunities to open up discussions with your team! Allow team members to speak up on anything they’re having trouble with, and make sure to not take over the conversation. 

25. Determine the meeting frequency

Anyone in the sales profession knows how chaotic their schedule can be, so it’s important that you find a date and time that works for everyone. A study from Zippia states that the average worker spends about 3 hours per week in meetings. Check your team's calendars and plan your meeting far enough in advance that everyone can make it. 

26. Schedule meetings during normal work hours

To ensure everyone can attend your meeting, schedule it during normal work hours! Although your team is a group of busy sales professionals, you shouldn’t make them attend a meeting after work hours. 

Inspire Your team with unique sales meeting ideas 

With the sales meeting ideas we’ve mentioned above, meetings can be an event that your team looks forward to! For remote teams, it’s important that you choose a platform that can hold all of your team members and allows your team to have certain functions during the meeting. Platforms like Hubilo allow your team members to relay any extra information in chat features and have screen-sharing capabilities. With the right hosting platform combined with creative sales meeting ideas, your team will be on their way to making record sales! Request a demo right away to find out more!


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