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June 2024

EQS exceeds lead goals: 1500+ registrations; Hubilo integration enhances user experience

About EQS:

EQS Group, founded in Munich in 2000, is a global cloud provider for corporate compliance, investor relations, and ESG. With around 600 employees, EQS operates in major financial centers worldwide and supports over 8000 companies.

Goals for Virtual Events

Exceeded lead generation goals:

  • Successfully surpassed expected registrations with approximately 1500 attendees for the EQS Academy event series.
  • All registrants were treated as leads, categorized, and scored within HubSpot, seamlessly integrated with Hubilo.
Enhanced User Experience:

  • Hubilo's design and user-friendly interface received positive feedback from attendees.
  • Comprehensive feature set facilitated smooth event management, including easy slide uploads.

Benefits of Using Hubilo

Hubilo's user experience and design received high praise from attendees for its attractive layout and intuitive interface. The platform's slide upload functionality simplified the management of presentations, enhancing the overall event experience. Additionally, EQS found Hubilo's feature set to be comprehensive and robust, meeting the majority of their requirements. When compared to previous platforms, Hubilo emerged as a standout choice due to its exceptional design and user experience. Attendees consistently provided positive feedback on the platform's appearance, making it their preferred option over competitors with similar offerings.

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