February 28, 2023

Global brand doubles attendance and pipeline opportunities using Hubilo

With this event, the global brand wanted to spotlight its experts, offering them a platform to share fresh industry insights and create resourceful content beyond the event.
attendance rate
higher attendance than previous event
258 sessions
Shareable live & pre-recorded content
2 weeks
Production time reduced


With this event, the global brand wanted to spotlight its experts, offering them a platform to share fresh industry insights and create resourceful content beyond the event.


The global digital customer experience company empowers the world's leading brands to connect with their customers at scale and succeed in the digital era. With this event, the marketing team's goal was to take their employee branding to the next level by giving the podium to their team where they could connect and share their expertise and insights. Acting as a credibility booster, this event also helped the company position itself as a true expert.

The event comprised a small group of employees and over 120 clients, making the virtual event more epic than its past events. 

The requirements

Higher attendance rate 

One of the main success factors for the event organizers was the attendance rate. Although optional, they wanted employees to represent their brand. Teams with diverse expertise, from technical skills and knowledge to mental well-being, were encouraged to share the spotlight and make an impactful impression on their key global clients who were also in attendance. 

Engage attendees throughout sessions

Virtual events miss the human factor compared to in-person events. However, the organizers did not want the missing in-person element to be a barrier to engagement. They aimed to add the fun quotient to the event to engage the audience across all the sessions. 

Content with that goes further

A lot goes into creating content for the events, across their lifecycle and stages, including pre, during, and post-event. Organizers wanted to leverage the content from the event itself. They needed branded high-quality production for all their sessions to be easily re-usable with minimal post-production edits. It was essential for them that the content is also available on-demand and shareable.

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With the pressure to capture more audiences virtually, the CEO, CMO, Marketing, and Events team challenged themselves to find the right platform to achieve their goals and found their perfect match in Hubilo. The feature-rich event-hosting platform took organizer's ideas to the next level and delivered its promise of creating a cherishable event experience. 

Successful event marketing translated into an excellent attendance rate.

The event was an epic success, comprising 12 events and 258 sessions, executed effortlessly. With a 56% turnout percentage, 80% of the invited clients showed up to connect with the experts and live the dynamic experience. 

"It was important for us to have our clients join us for the event, and I'm thrilled that this time we had doubled our client attendance rate." - Event organizer, Global Events & Marketing Creative Specialist

Amplified audience engagement across sessions.

Organizers gained access to an all-branded platform with limitless options to engage with Hubilo. 

"Hubilo's fun factor helped us differentiate ourselves from the competition who invest in similar events. When you fly your attendees for an in-person event, it looks boring and corporate, even when you're flying them to the theme park or doing recreational activities. With Hubilo, we got many options to boost the engagement within sessions and ensure we create meaningful experiences for our attendees."

Hubilo's lounges, rooms, polls, real-time chat features, and more helped create a lively and interconnected atmosphere. Not only did the organizers cultivate deeper connections with their key accounts,', but they were also able to leverage the element of fun, authenticity, balance of industry topics & relevant human stories to stand out in a sea of typical conferences.

"Everything I looked at in comparison is very corporate-looking," the organizer said about alternative event platforms. "Hubilo's UX is very good and visually more playful."

On-demand video with content that resonates with the audience.

While organizers are thrilled they could develop content that appeals to their attendees, Hubilo's Broadcasting Studio (HBS) helped them reduce the time to edit and deliver value faster. They could generate high-quality, reusable content from all the sessions - accelerating their time to put the content to work! 

"Earlier, the event videos were available, but the production and editing time took all the fun out. But it's instant now. Internally we've had 80% of the people joining the event, but we are more excited about each talk being viewed more often. That's simply because we have the view on-demand accessibility, which allows people to watch it on their own time and even share it with people they want to."

With this event, organizers could create content for the pipeline for as long as six months, and the ability to share it across various channels is the cherry on top. 


The event organizers are happy they chose Hubilo as their virtual event platform. From attracting the right audience, creating a memorable experience for them, and helping organizers achieve their goal with the event, Hubilo was the answer to obstacles organizers needed to surpass. 

They phenomenally doubled the past attendance! The easy-to-use interface made it easier for the attendees to engage across 12 events, including 258 sessions. Not only this, high-quality on-demand content produced with HBS substantially decreased the time-to-start nurture by two weeks.


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