February 27, 2023

Teamwork's virtual summit, Bandwidth, brings in-person excitement into the virtual world using Hubilo

Teamwork's focus on creating truly curated experiences for their attendees and translating that into a virtual atmosphere demanded an event tech platform that enables customizations and branding.
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Teamwork is a popular task management and team collaboration software provider for agencies worldwide. They are committed to making client teams more efficient, organized, profitable, and delighted. Their passion, determination, and critical market understanding set them apart. A popular choice of brands like Disney, Spotify, and HP, Teamwork helps streamline client operations for over 2.4 million users from over 370,000 organizations globally. 

Organizing the annual virtual summit, Bandwidth, Teamwork's goal was to deliver expert insights on how agencies can get back the bandwidth their team desperately needs to grow. The one-day event offered attendees the opportunity to hear firsthand and connect with fellow agency owners, operation experts, and project management pros about changes they can make to take control of their resource planning and get profitable post-pandemic. Teamwork joined forces with renowned speakers such as New York Times bestselling author and personal development expert Gary John Bishop to augment Bandwidth's value proposition.


Event tech with branding capabilities 

A true cross-functional collaboration, Teamwork's PR, marketing, sales, product, and customer experience team wanted to ensure that the virtual summit would mimic the in-person experience since this was their first virtual summit. They needed a comprehensive event hosting platform that delivers a superior experience and can replicate Teamwork's branding and customization. Rather than just hosting their event, the event tech should align with the goal of providing a truly curated experience.

Engage attendees with multiple concurrent sessions

As part of Teamwork's event, it was crucial to create an active forum where agency leaders could communicate and strengthen their network during and across various sessions.

Additionally, they needed a solution that would track these interactions and provide the right insights to their sales team.

Data and analytics

With so much resource planning and investment, it was essential to dig into the data to analyze what actually worked or didn't. They wanted to have the data and ensure it could be integrated with the CRM to ensure they had the right information. They also needed to pinpoint the sessions and topics that really resonated with the audience. 

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After researching prospective virtual event platforms, Teamwork zeroed in on Hubilo to meet the event requirements.

Advanced branding capabilities

Hubilo enabled an outstanding branding experience to help Teamwork leave a lasting impression. 

"We didn't want it just to look like some other company was hosting our event. One of the things that drew us to Hubilo was the robust customization. We could change all the colors and fonts and upload backgrounds that made it feel like the experience we really wanted."

Amplified audience engagement

Cutting-edge features such as real-time chats, Q&A, polls, and more, enabled Teamwork to captivate their audience. Agency leaders could browse through the sessions seamlessly and communicate with each other about common pain points, solutions, and events sessions. The fact that each session recorded nearly 200 messages on average clearly showed that Teamwork efforts were translating into positive results. 

"In a session with Steph Hermanson, Chief Revenue Officer at Atomic Revenue, she talked about profitability and knowing your numbers and how important that is for the agency. Many agency leaders in the chat talked about the exact problem. This is exactly what we aim to figure out in our business to grow, scale, and become more profitable. So I think that session at that moment just felt like we hit the nail on the head in a few different ways."

Teamwork masterfully combined a real-time interactive platform and compelling speakers to activate their community. 

Real-time data collection and tracking

Everyone wants to host successful events with off-chart engagement. Hubilo's data analytics allowed Teamwork to do just that. The easy-to-use dashboard gave detailed insights into interactions between the agency leaders and discussions about the sessions that helped them reaffirm their faith in the content they were delivering. Even after the event, they could dig into the data about the captured leads or their prospects to schedule further touchpoints.


Event planning and execution can be daunting, especially if you move from one format to another. With Hubilo as a choice as a virtual event platform, Teamwork's strong team emerged stronger by taking the guesswork out of all the processes. 

"On-demand availability of Hubilo to help us experiment with what Teamwork tried to deliver, and commendable customer success helped deliver an epic event experience."

Teamwork's aspiration to make Bandwidth a great success and reach exceptional engagement across the entire event met the perfect match with Hubilo. A customized event environment enabled Teamwork to communicate its brand philosophy more prominently. With 60% of the registrants at key ICPs, content resonated with them and encouraged real-time participation. Each session recorded phenomenal 200+ messages with agency leaders communicating their pain points and how Bandwidth effectively addressed them. The best part is over 40% of the attendees stayed post-event for a brief product demo showing how Bandwidth made an impact that Teamwork wanted to deliver.  

I'm a brand leader, and I love that gut feeling. I love saying it went really well, but data helps you back it up.

Jenny Coppola


Head of Brand and Communications

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