December 9, 2022

Hubilo powers The Vision X Global Art Conference to bring together artists for meaningful connections

Sentient Academy partnered with Hubilo virtual event platform to host The Vision X Global Art Conference - created seamless virtual networking and session experience.
Session Attendance


Organizing the annual The Vision X Global Art Conference, Sentient Academy’s goal is to deliver inspiration, learning, and community support to creative individuals. With a collective vision for equity, education, community, and career, Sentient Academy was founded by artists with compelling experiences of struggle they wish to help creators of the future overcome with the help of knowledge, guidance, and resources. 

The annual conference brings together artists from all over the world and features engaging keynotes, demos, and career-focused live interactions. With this conference, Sentient Academy aims to enable up-and-coming artists so they can learn from people who have figured it out before them. The roster of speakers feature artists from production powerhouses like Marvel Studios and the Avatar sequel team.


When planning for their three day virtual conference, Sentient Academy prioritized what they would need from a virtual event platform around their goal of delivering a hands-on experience for all attendees.

Managing access to multiple concurrent sessions

From their past experience of working with platforms like Zoom, the organizers for the Vision X Global Art Conference knew how challenging it is for attendees to transition between sessions occurring at the same time. The conference agenda features multiple content options each hour and ease of use was of utmost priority.

“We had over 100 sessions in three days. It was really challenging for people to hop in and out, especially when it is back to back to back.”
- Keith Huang, founder & CEO of Sentient Academy. 

Offering meaningful networking

Deep engagement and the ability to create lasting interactions between artists is key to the success of the conference. Attendees participate to meet like minded artists, make friends, and grow their network.

Providing easy to access video replays

Recording sessions in one software platform is usually very cumbersome, after which each session must typically be downloaded and hosted on another platform for people to rewatch. The Sentient Academy team wanted to capture the session recordings and have them ready as soon as possible after the end of each live session. By providing video on demand (VOD), they planned to monetize their content by providing ‘replay passes’.

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Sentinel hosts 20k+ sessions for Vision X Art Event


After researching prospective virtual event platforms, the Sentient Academy team—under the leadership of Keith Huang (Founder and CEO)—zeroed in on Hubilo to meet the event requirements

Easy access and navigation 

The Sentient Academy team leveraged Hubilo’s easy user interface to deliver short video guides that helped attendees and speakers navigate the complex agenda. On average each person attended about 30 to 40 sessions over the three days, which was a win for the event. Hubilo’s platform also provided the ability to customize crucial visual touchpoints throughout the event. The Vision X branding was consistently delivered end to end, from the landing page to each session's unique experience. 

“Once they logged in, they knew exactly where to go. They loved it. Some of them even thought that it is better than in-person, because in in-person events, one has to go find someone who helps to find your seat. ”

New networks resulted in lasting ROI 

Meaningful networking at Vision X Global Art Conference was such a hit that many of their sponsors showed immediate interest to get the highest sponsorship tier for next year, even before the team could pitch them. The high customization of exhibitor booths ensures the ability to add videos, pictures, brochures, or calls to action.

The event’s sponsors loved how they were able to dive deep into analytics about booth visitors and the products they checked out.

Effortless session recording 

Initially the conference team was nervous about setting up session recording since they had never used it before, but their concerns turned into cheers of triumph.  The team managed the recordings exactly as they had hoped for monetization and attendee access after the event had closed. 

“The stability of the platform and the quality of the streaming is top notch. Hubilo is the perfect platform for our conference and helped us expand additional revenue streams”

1K Artists gather online for training, sharing, and networking on Hubilo


Producing a successful event is an art form unto itself, which is why Hubilo’s event tech and customer support proved to be the perfect match for the artists and experts of Sentient Academy. Thanks to this event’s success, rising artists around the globe face a brighter future with no limit to where their talent can take them. 

Keith Huang


Founder & CEO
Sentient Academy

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