How to Write an Event Description That Drives Attendance?

Grace Carter
October 17, 2018

A good event description is crucial to getting people out to your event. You need to give them a good reason why they should spend their money and time with you. It starts with getting their attention with a catchy title. You also need to know what your audience is interested in. Write a description that is organized, readable, and visual.

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Here are six tips to write an awesome event description.

1. Give Your Event a Good Name

Event titles are hugely important. Often, if your name doesn’t interest the reader they will stop reading before they even get into your description. A title is about more than just describing your event; it’s about describing the event in an intriguing and engaging manner. 

Make your title short, catchy, and descriptive in a way that highlights the unique value of your event. Think about how your event name will look on various promotional materials.

 “Keep in mind that your event name should be easy for your potential attendees to remember. The idea is to grab attention, give a bit of information, and make the reader interested in continuing on to learn more,” writes Doug Carpenter, content manager at Do My Assignment.

2.Know What Your Attendees Want

How do you get people excited for an upcoming event? You make it relevant to them and about topics they’re interested in. Get to know your attendees so you’ll be well-positioned to plan events they’ll be interested in. Knowing your audience is also important in terms of allowing you to strike the right tone in your description. 

event description

Different groups of people appreciate being addressed differently. You wouldn’t write for a demographic of heavy metal music fans in their twenties the same way you would for grandmothers who enjoy scrapbooking. 

Get in the habit of sending out surveys to people who have attended your events. See what people are saying and watch for trends that appear. Learn from this data and use it to make your next event better.

3. Make it Organized and Easily Readable

“Nobody online wants to read a giant block of text. Divide your description into logical categories and provide headers so people can jump to the section they are interested in,” suggests April Cannon, event writer at EliteAssignmentHelp

Keep things organized so people can find what they’re looking for and get on with buying a ticket. 

event description

A good strategy is, to begin with, an outline that includes everything you want to communicate. Bullet points can help make your description easier to read. Remember that people almost never read something online from beginning to end; make your piece easy to skim.

4. Images Help Create Interest

No event description is complete without at least one really good visual. Humans are visual creatures, and a picture says a thousand words. Some good ideas for an image are people having fun at a past event, activity attendees will participate in, or a speaker who will be featured at the event. 

These kinds of images give people a much better idea of what they’re signing up for and whether they’ll enjoy themselves or not. A link to a YouTube video of last year’s event is even better if you’ve got it. Include testimonials from people who have enjoyed and benefited from one of your events.

5.Improve Your Writing Skills

Writing a great event description begins with making sure your writing skills are up to the task. Writing, editing, and proofreading all need to be learned and practiced. Here are some good tools that will help you write a proper event description:

1) ViaWriting and SimpleGrad — These are grammar resources you will find useful. Grammar isn’t easy and it’s a common thing for writers to get wrong, so let the experts help you with it.

2) Write My Paper and UKWritings — It’s very easy to miss a typo or two when you’re proofreading, and that reflects poorly on the event you’re promoting. These online proofreading tools have been suggested in Academized review and work very well.

3) StateofWriting and MyWritingWay — Read these writing blogs so you can learn and improve your writing. There are posts on all kinds of writing-related topics.

4) Essayroo and Boomessays — Use these editing tools, reviewed by AustralianReviewer, to check over your description for errors.

5) WritingPopulist and LetsGoandLearn — These writing guides are the perfect tool to guide you through every step in the writing process. Each step is important in creating a solid event description.

6.Include an FAQ Section

Including an FAQ section will save your customer service team a great deal of time and resources. If people have pressing questions that aren’t addressed in an FAQ often times they will just not attend, rather than bothering to call or email your support team. 

event description

In order to create a comprehensive FAQ section, base it on emails you receive from attendees so that you’re able to cover the most common questions and concerns. One important matter you should cover in this section is your refund policy. 

People care a lot about what your refund policy is, and nobody likes finding out once it’s too late that they won’t be getting their money back. The most important thing with this policy is making it clear and easy to understand.


There is an art to writing an effective event description. There is a lot you need to sum up, and you only get a handful of sentences to do it. Knowing your audience and what makes them tick is key, and so is getting and maintaining their interest. Follow these six tips to write an awesome event description.

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Grace Carter

Grace Carter is a content writer and manager at <a href=""> Assignment Help </a> and <a href=""> Paper Fellows </a> services. She curates writing processes and works with HR department on new talent acquisition. Also, Grace teaches business writing at <a href=""> OX Essays </a> educational website.

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