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Host Full-HD Sessions With Real-Time Engagement On The Updated Hubilo Broadcasting Studio

Your attendees deserve the best live streaming experience at your events. Learn how you can create the most immersive and interactive HD videos with Hubilo Broadcasting Studio.
May 29, 2023

Studies reveal that viewers will abandon poor-quality streams in 90 seconds or less. Some of the major challenges that impact stream quality during events include latency that hinders real-time interactions, sub-par video resolution, poor backstage coordination among speakers that causes confusion and impacts session flow, and lack of quality branding that impacts the overall viewing experience. Live streaming is only possible with the right tools that offer high-quality video broadcasting capabilities.  

Limited customizations and streaming options can make event setup challenging. Most video streaming tools offer little control over branding and the backstage environment. As an event organizer, you need full control over your event and stream quality. What you need is a platform that supports HD streaming, powers real-time audience interactions, facilitates speaker coordination, and highlights your brand like never before. 

Having high-resolution streaming options and full controls lets you offer your audience a more entertaining format to keep them engaged in your content for longer. Give your audience the most immersive and interactive video experience with the new Hubilo Broadcasting Studio.

The new Hubilo Broadcasting Studio is a powerful video production software to host interactive HD videos in 1080p, manage multiple speakers, customize branding, monitor video quality, and meet all your streaming requirements in one single place. We offer a cutting-edge broadcasting studio and live streaming capabilities for superior sessions that drive engagement.

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Here is how Hubilo can take your event success to the next level!

Deliver a Superior Live Streaming Experience with Hubilo Broadcasting Studio

1. Manage multiple speakers in the Green Room 

Whether it is a live or pre-recorded session, your hosts and moderators need complete control over the stream content to deliver their sessions confidently without glitches. Panelists and hosts also need a seamless way to communicate and coordinate amongst themselves to manage the session flows. Any inefficiencies lead to a poor experience for your VIP speakers, which isn’t something any of us want. 

With Hubilo Broadcasting Studio, you can effortlessly onboard and manage multiple speakers (you can add up to 12 speakers at a time). Your hosts get full control over streaming and decide when to go live or who can share their screen. 

With dedicated Green Rooms and Backstage Chats, they can mute/unmute panelists in the backstage chat or even mute themselves to focus on the stream. 

Speakers have full admin control to manage all features like Group Portraits, themes, and video uploads in one place. Hosts can also monitor the panelist(s) stream quality in real-time.

Speaker experience on Hubilo Broadcasting Studio
Manage multiple speakers with backstage controls and green room

2. Stand out with Deep Branding Capabilities

Branded content goes a long way in building your credibility with the audience and improving brand recall rates. 

Customize your sessions with HBS by adding brand logos, background images, and videos. By creating a branded backstage environment with custom WCAG-compliant themes for panelists, the visual accessibility of the event can also be enhanced. Hubilo also enables custom virtual backgrounds for speakers. This opens up new branding and sponsorship opportunities for organizers while offering more customization and control for speakers. 

Deeply brand your sessions with Hubilo
Branding capabilities on Hubilo Broadcasting Studio

3. Keep audiences hooked with Real-time Engagement

If you're looking for a way to really engage with your audience during live events, Hubilo Broadcasting Studio has got you covered. With our low latency live streaming capabilities, hosts can interact with their audience in real-time, creating a truly immersive experience for everyone involved.

A resizable mainstage, a dedicated side panel for interactions, and a "Show on stream” functionality enable attendees to actively and instantly participate during the live streams without losing focus of the main stage. 

We've also got a range of features designed to amp up audience engagement even further. Real-time chats, polls, Q&A sessions, and more are all at your fingertips, so you can get your audience involved and keep them engaged throughout your event.

Panelists can use emoji reactions to keep the energy high, while mentions in chats and live feeds make it easy for audience members to tag each other or direct messages to specific people. And if someone wants to join the conversation in person, they can even raise their hand to join the stage and ask their questions directly.

Drive engagement with an Enhanced Session Layout
Drive engagement with an Enhanced Session Layout

4. Host full-HD high-quality Live Streams in 1080p 

With almost 90% of people wanting to see more videos from brands; you need to ensure your live stream is high-quality—especially if you want viewers to stay tuned for the duration. You can host broadcast-quality live streams with Hubilo with just a few clicks. 

With minimal streaming latency, your audience can enjoy lag-free, HD video streaming in 1080p. Hubilo also offers a bigger mainstage that allows audiences to engage with the interactive elements without distraction. With actual timeliness in sessions, Speakers and audiences get to engage with each other almost instantaneously without any delay in communication, resulting in an experiential event experience. 

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5. Simulcast to reach a larger audience 

Looking to boost your online views and reach a wider audience? Live-streaming your sessions on popular social platforms could be the way to go! With Hubilo, you can take your online presence to the next level with various streaming features.

For starters, our closed captioning, real-time translation, and RTMP streaming capabilities make it easy to engage with viewers in real time, no matter where they are in the world. Plus, our in-depth engagement and session analytics give valuable insights into your audience and help you integrate your data with CRM and marketing automation tools for even greater success.

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Create memorable brand experiences with Hubilo

Be it a live session or a recorded session, bring a wave of professionalism and quality to every session with Hubilo. Organizations worldwide trust Hubilo to power their virtual, in-person, and hybrid events. With Hubilo Broadcasting Studio’s extensive branding capabilities, compelling engagement features, and analytics, you'll realize new success with every event. Get in touch with us to learn how you can use Hubilo to host inspiring events that keep audiences hooked and generate revenue. Create epic live streams with Hubilo Broadcasting Studio today!

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