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January 26, 2021

City REIA/Thrivemind Media wanted to find a way to answer the question, “How do we maintain community and share resources in this post-Corona world?”

City REIA/Thrivemind Media is a real estate investor event software platform, powered by Hubilo. They specialize in offering a dynamic membership that combines events, networking, education, resources, and coaching to provide a robust online community for real estate investors. But how did they become, “powered by Hubilo”?

Hubilo provided the answer

Like many companies, City REIA/ Thrivemind Media founders Jason LiCavoli and Chris Berghege pondered how to flourish in a world that now requires us to be distant, in order to stay safe. After reviewing dozens of other companies in the virtual event space, they finally honed in on Hubilo.
“I’m really blown away at the customer service; we joke and say that, ‘that platform is the Lamborghini of software,’ just sleek, simplistic lines, very fast and very reliable and that’s what we’re looking for in a solution and we found it in Hubilo.”
Jason LiCavoli
REIA/ Thrivemind Co-Founder


St Louis, MO, USA


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