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September 14, 2021

With Hubilo, IABM saw member engagement soar

IABM, the International Trade Association for the Broadcast & Media Industry, provides networking and interaction opportunities for the broadcast and media technology industry, including through numerous in-person events. Since so much of what IABM does involves live events, their switch to virtual required an engaging platform with plenty of features.

IABM leveraged Hubilo to offer members more engagement opportunities than ever before.

IABM found that Hubilo was their ideal solution for their first BaM Live! event. The engagement and interaction opportunities on the Hubilo platform meant that members had a far richer virtual experience than simply watching a speaker on a screen. In fact, BaM Live! went so well that IABM decided they could leverage the Hubilo platform for more content and engagement opportunities for members than they’d ever had before. Hear what they had to say.
"It ticked all the boxes for us. We wanted our delegates to be able to engage with each other and engage with the content…Hubilo took it to a completely different level, which was really good."
Ben Dales
Head of Digital at IABM


United Kingdom


Nonprofit Association


Broadcast Media

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