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January 26, 2021

Analytics India Magazine took a leap into something new: their very first virtual conference

Focused on a readership of engaged Machine Learning Developers and Data Scientists, Analytics India Magazine curates powerful narratives around Artificial Intelligence and data science. With 2 million monthly views and a daily publication schedule that keeps their fingers on the pulse of data science intelligence, Analytics India Magazine believes in quality over quantity, honesty over spin. Their mission is to, “make technology a greater force for good by bringing about better-informed, more conscious technology decisions through authoritative, influential, and trustworthy journalism.”

Hubilo was their safety net

In 2020, AIM decided it was time to take the leap and host their first ever virtual conference. To prepare, they explored many hosting platforms, but when it came to Hubilo, the experience was, “simply amazing.”
“The platform is so easy to handle. As an organizer, we obviously want the platform to be easy so our attendees don’t get confused and leave the conference because it’s too complicated. But it was all taken care of by Hubilo.”
Leemarose Nadar
Analytics India Magazine Event Coordinator/Executive Assistant


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