January 26, 2021

Global crisis made Tessarakt Experiential shift how they offered experiences

As a company in the business of events, Tessarakt Experiential is focused on “cultivating culture that enables curious minds to craft breakthrough solutions,” serving as a bridge between brands and their communities. But what happens when your key method for being a bridge shifts from an in-person model to one that must be remote because of global health concerns?

Hubilo’s virtual events platform specializes in cultivating experience

Because of coronavirus, Tessarakt Experiential found themselves at an impasse: the pandemic meant the in-person experience that they were known for curating so well, was no longer an option. Thankfully, the leadership of Tessarakt pivoted quickly, tapping Hubilo and making sure that the show went on– just virtually
“Hubilo offers something for everybody and makes everything so easy and user-friendly.”
Rahil Mehdi
Tessarakt Experiential Founder


Bengaluru, India


Event Production


Storytelling, Brand Development, and Event Planning

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