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January 26, 2021

COVID-19 forced Kovai.co to transition their annual conference from live to online. Hubilo made the switch easy

Kovai.co is a proudly boot-strapped, privately premier enterprise software company offering multiple products at scale, both in the Enterprise arena and in the B2B SaaS space. They offer a wide range of business software products, from robust enterprise software for Microsoft BizTalk and Azure Serverless platforms to Knowledge Management SaaS.

With Hubilo, Kovai.co turned attendance worry into an attendee win, allowing them to bring together more professionals than ever before

For a number of years, Kovai.co has hosted their annual conference in London where they received speakers and attendees from all over the world, with the number of attendees reaching 500 on average. However, due to COVID, they were forced to take their conference online. But what initially seemed like a set back, turned out to be a set up.
β€œThe Hubilo platform really does allow an event or a conference to be so much more than just a bunch of webinars as there are plenty of options for people to interact with each other. Although this was our first experience with an online conference of this size, we managed to have many more attendees than we could accommodate with a live event. The full three days of the event happened without a single hitch.”
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