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Easy formula for higher event registration page conversions

Lead generation is a top priority for every marketer out there. With the right event tech, marketers can build attractive landing pages, promotional emails, and engagement to increase event registrations.
March 30, 2023

Let's get one thing straight. Event lead generation is kind of a big deal! 75% of B2B firms feel experiential marketing is one of the most successful marketing strategies. 

Events are an effective way to generate more workable leads, translating into a healther sales pipeline. Apart from generating leads, data-driven event personalization creates a differentiated experience for audiences. Happy and satisfied attendees also translate into more viable relationships with your target audience. 

Here is the good news. The right event landing page and promotional campaign can make it rain leads for everyone. We are going to let you in on a formula to plan that ‘Wow' event and make those profitable leads come to you. 

How to increase event registrations with Hubilo?

1) Generate awareness with targeted email campaigns 

First impressions matter! Your event promotional emails may be one of the first interactions your audiences have with your brand. It's critical to make your brand stand out and make the message personalized. You can bring more visitors to your event registration page with targeted email campaigns. Branded and customized emails are a powerful tool to drive targeted registrants, but it requires thoughtful touches of personalization. To scale personalized messages, segment your target audiences based on their goals, buying stage, or intent data. You can personalize and automate all your event-related communication without depending on a large tech team. Editable email templates with advanced reporting capabilities allow you to run the whole campaign quickly without any coding. Timely confirmation emails and transaction emails enhance user experience and increase event attendance. Watch a video of Hubilo's Email Marketing Engine here

Pro-tip: The average promotion time for most successful events is around 46 days. Plan your promotional campaigns in advance. Send timely reminders. Track your campaign metrics in real-time to see which versions of the email invite and subject lines get the most open rates and CTRs.

Increase event attendance with personalized emails

2) Spark interest with branding and customization

80% of B2B marketers feel that a website is the most effective channel for virtual event promotion. Scaling a flawless registration process and event journey is hard work. You need to keep your target audience in mind. Consider their user journey as well as the tech they may be using. When your event page is easily recognizable and the user experience is seamless, visitors are more likely to convert. You don’t have to be a UX designer or coder to create a beautiful, branded UI. 

Creating a stunning, clear UI is doable with the right tools, like a landing page builder. With customizable UI templates, custom themes, and custom URLs, you can create branded, visually appealing event registration pages. Pre-built templates enable event marketers to create and customize mobile-friendly, high-converting landing pages in minutes without writing a single line of code! You can reduce text and experiment with attractive elements such as widgets, countdown timers, and lead magnets such as downloadable assets to spark interest. In addition to using actionable language, you can highlight your main CTA to guide visitors to custom lead-generation forms. Watch a video of Hubilo's Landing page builder here. 

Pro-tip: A/B test different versions of your landing page to find what your audience likes the most. Track metrics such as page visits and CTRs to identify areas that lead to drop-offs and factors that lead to form-fills.

Attract leads with a beautifully designed landing page

3) Use every opportunity to personalize

It’s no secret - personalization drives better outcomes. Over 70% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions. Targeting the right message to the right audience at the right time can drive more conversions. 

An event tech platform like Hubilo empowers marketers to create landing pages and run personalized registration campaigns quickly. You can connect your event landing pages with popular CRM and marketing tools like Salesforce, Marketo, and Hubspot to create personalized user journeys. With actionable insights, you can continuously improve your ABM marketing efforts and email campaigns. You can also use tracking pixels on Hubilo landing page to run personalized campaigns from your Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, or Outbrain accounts to get more leads. 

Embed specific event sections, such as showcase sessions and speakers, to 3rd party websites to promote your event

Run data-driven marketing campaigns

Pro-tip: You can use your pre-event analytics to make your event more personalized and engaging. Use interactive elements like polls and Q&As during the event to capture more behavioral data. More interactions create more user data. More data translates to better personalization. You can easily optimize your new strategies using this data. You can also measure outcomes against past event marketing performance. Watch a video of Hubilo's Polls, Chats, and Q&A. 

4) Make action easy

Your audience wants to know what your event is all about and the value of attending it. They want this information in under 15 seconds. You have to make it easy for visitors to understand the benefit and sign up quickly. 

Better UX design can increase website conversion rates by up to 200%. For a seamless experience, highlight the main benefits in bullet format on your landing page. Emphasize only one main call-to-action (CTA) that leads to a branded registration form. Collect only information that is absolutely essential from visitors and let them know how this data will be used for greater transparency. 


With the right elements and event tech in place, you can formulate a scalable way to generate leads and get strong ROI from your events. 

These are the best ways to have a strong start and generate maximum leads from your events. You, too, can host epic events or webinars with the right event tech platform and make it rain! 🙂

Formula for successful Sales and Marketing Teams

{ Awareness x Interest x Desire x Action } =  Happy Attendees  

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